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CyberNews, Issue #8, Reviews, news and interviews! We look at Microsoft Office and Activision 2600 Game Pack! .

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CyberNews, Issue #8, Weekly News, Reviews
and Interviews. Includes the cool Web Site
and FTP File of the week! A must reading!
Nintendo stumbles in the market, Activision
brings the old into the new and read
all about a man wrongfully charged in
Cyberspace! A must read!

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CyberNews, Issue #8, Reviews, news and interviews! We look at Microsoft Office and Activision 2600 Game Pack! .
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5/7/95 CyberNews Issue #8
Patrick Grote, Publisher and Editor
CyberNews is a weekly publication available through an email
distribution list and many fine online networks!
We feature reviews, interviews and commentary concerning the PC industry.

NOTE FROM PATRICK: Help! CyberNews is a name already in use by a
publication on the net! Imagine my surprise when I went to start a home
page! I need ideas on new names! Send them to me at
[email protected] The winner will receive a software package.
All ideas become property of Patrick Grote. We will select the new name
next Saturday. Use your imagination!

This Week's Contents:
-=> Nintendo Not Ready for Next Generation <=-
-=> Free Software for Money Planning <=-
-=> Microsoft Office Professional with BookShelf <=-
-=> Atari 2600 Action Pack for Windows <=-
-=> The NHL Player's Association <=-
-=> WinPrint the Total Windows Printing Solution <=-
-=> Lorne Shantz - Law Enforcement Gone Stupid <=-

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NEWS OF THE WEEK| This section is dedicated to verified news . . .
All News (C)opyright Respective Owner - Will Only Reprint
-=> Nintendo Gives Up <=-

SEATTLE, May 5 (Reuter) - Nintendo of America Inc. said Friday that
the launch of its powerful new Ultra 64 video game system, originally
set for this year's Christmas season, will be delayed until next April.
``We have made a conscious decision not to rush Nintendo Ultra 64 to
market,'' Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln said in a
The delay could put Nintendo at a disadvantage in the crucial
holiday season, when archrival Sega Enterprises Ltd and new market
entrant Sony Corp. are expected to have advanced new game players on the
But industry analysts said Nintendo, with its huge installed base of
players and a $3 billion cash hoard, is well positioned to withstand the
delay despite the growing competition.
``If anyone is geared to weathering a delay, it's Nintendo,'' said
Bishop Cheen of Paul Kagan Associates.
He pointed out that Nintendo is still spinning out hits for its
current generation 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System, including
last year's Donkey Kong Country, which ultimately could bring in $400
million in revenues.
Nintendo said it plans to concentrate for the upcoming holiday
season on new games for Super NES and for its hand-held Gameboy device.
Nintendo also mentioned its new Virtual Boy three-dimensional game
system, to be launched this summer.
But Nintendo's bets for the future rest on Ultra 64, which with
64-bits of computing power promises to give players faster action, more
colorful graphics and better sound effects.
Tom Kalinske, chief executive of Sega, said he was not surprised by
the Nintendo delay.
``We never really thought they'd manage to get Ultra64 out in time
(for Christmas) anyway,'' he said. Kalinske said, however, he was
surprised Nintendo would risk allowing Sega to beat it to market for a
second time.
Sega came out of nowhere to snap up nearly half the video game
market by launching its 16-bit Genesis system in 1989, a year ahead of
Nintendo's comparable Super NES.
He also said Nintendo's Ultra 64 would not be competitive unless the
company adds a CD-ROM player to it.
While Sega, Sony and upstart video game makers like 3DO Corp. are
moving to CD-ROM games, Nintendo is sticking doggedly to the cartridge
format that it popularized with the original 8-bit NES system.
Nintendo says cartridges provide the best game performance,
especially when combined with the microprocessor being developed for the
Ultra 64 system by Silicon Graphics Inc., best known for developing
powerful computers used by scientists and engineers.
Analysts said Nintendo has a potential trump card: the promised
retail price of $250 or less for its Ultra 64 player, which would be
well below the price of Sega's upcoming Saturn machine or Sony's
``There's nothing written in stone in this very overcrowded market
that says you've got to be first -- it's more important to get it
right,'' said Cheen.
Steve Eskenazi of Alex. Brown & Sons agreed, and said it was too
early to tell how Nintendo's delay would affect Christmas sales.
``I think what it means is the transition to the next-generation
platforms is going to take much longer and be more prolonged than people
think,'' he said.

-=> Free Software <=-

BOSTON, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- John Hancock Financial Services is
offering a free interactive computer diskette designed to help families
plan funding for their children's college education. The diskette can
be ordered by calling 800-633-1809, extension 108.
The software shows what it will cost for tuition, room and board,
computed according to the year the user's child will begin attending
The program is a user-friendly guided tour through the alien
territory of college expenses, providing specific information on costs
at more than 1,700 U.S. public and private colleges and universities.
"It is a useful tool to help parents or grandparents start an
uncomplicated, step-by-step approach to planning for their kids' future
education," says Dan Ouellette, John Hancock vice president.
The diskette is available in IBM-compatible and Mac formats. The
package, which includes additional background on Hancock's College
Savings Plus program, can be ordered, without charge or obligation, by
calling the 800-number.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK! | This section is devoted to a cool WebSite . . .
The National Hockey League Players' Association announced its
official Internet World Wide Web site today on the eve of the 1995 NHL
The Official Web Site from the Members of the National Hockey League
Players' Association is an interactive, informative program designed to
appeal to sports fans around the world while serving as a resource tool
for hockey followers and the corporate community as well as the print
and electronic media. Medius Communications Inc. pooled its creative
talents with the NHLPA to produce the Web pages.
Interactive areas include a weekly trivia challenge which offers
prizes to the winners in a random selection process. A question-and-
answer section which allows fans to speak - via the 'Net' - with the
players of the National Hockey League. Current and former players are
featured in interviews and there is also a selection of features from
the NHLPA's Be A Player Magazine. There is also a section with press
releases from the Players' Association and a history of the 28-year-old
Hockey fans on the Internet can subscribe to the new Be A Player
Club, which is sponsored by Roots Canada. There are also Web pages
featuring the Be A Player clothing line with photographs of hockey stars
such as Doug Gilmour, Paul Coffey, Brendan Shanahan and Keith Tkachuk
modeling NHLPA off-ice apparel.
Monies raised from the association's Be A Player marketing program
go to the Former Players' Fund.
"Joining the Internet will allow our members to interact with hockey
fans everywhere," said NHLPA President Mike Gartner. "We believe we've
put together a package that's both entertaining and educational, and
most importantly, fun. The Internet will also allow us to profile both
our current and Alumni members, which will appeal to fans of all ages."
The official NHLPA World Wide Web address is

COOL FTP FILE OF THE WEEK | You may need this file . . .
WinPtr is an icon based set of printer control functions. Major
functions are available via hotkeys from anywhere in any Windows
application (provided that application doesn't kill a hotkey).
WinPtr allows capture of the screen, current window or its client
area, or a user delimited rectangle to the printer, a fax, the clipboard
or a file. Additionally, the user can print a picture or text file;
load the clipboard from such a file; print the clipboard contents
whether picture or text; and store those contents in a file.
Miscellaneous functions trigger a page eject; clear or view the
clipboard; allow changing the default printer; identifying the fax
driver; and accessing the Windows printer setup dialog or the Control
Panel printer applet.
The tasteful WinPtr pelican icon (pel-icon) shows the default
printer orientation (P=portrait, L=landscape) on its body and the
current default printer's name in its title.

You can find this as WPRT103.ZIP on the following FTP site:


REVIEWS OF THE WEEK | Interesting software/hardware you may need . . .
Microsoft Office Professional & Bookshelf
Reviewed by Patrick Grote

Microsoft has only recently come to dominate the software market.
Not too many moons ago you had over eight choices in word processors, at
least six in databases and five of the spreadsheet flavor.
Today you can choose primarily between three companies offering
applications, Microsoft, Lotus and Novell. Each has their own suite of
applications typically consisting of a word processor, spreadsheet and
database program.
Microsoft's best offer in this field is the Microsoft Office
Professional & Bookshelf (MOPB) on CDROM. This package of two CDROMs
combines all the elements of a solid application suite, with the full
power of a university library reference desk without the snooty

MOPB includes the following applications: Word for Windows, (word
processor), Excel for Windows (spreadsheet), Access (database),
PowerPoint (presentation graphics) and Microsoft Mail (client code). In
addition, the Bookshelf portion includes The American Heritage
Dictionary, The Original Roget's Thesaurus, The World Almanac and Book of
Facts 1994, The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, The Columbia Dictionary
of Quotations, The People's Chronology and Hammond Intermediate World
Atlas. Whew!

Each of these applications is pretty powerful in its own respect.
Take Word for Windows for instance. Word is a very powerful word
processor, but features such as AutoCorrect, AutoFormat and AutoText
make controlling this power a breeze for any user.
AutoCorrect corrects common typos as you type. No proofreading
necessary. The easiest mistake we make when typing is getting letters in
the wrong order. Take the word 'the' for instance. If I were to type
teh, Word would automatically correct the problem for me. The correction
is made when my computer has enough time to make the correction, so my
typing flow is not interrupted. If you don't like having the computer
watch what you type, go ahead and turn AutoCorrect off.
AutoFormat is almost like having Desktop Publishing Professional
built-in. Word will take the document you created then apply the styles
of a style sheet to it. You have complete control over what changes are
AutoText allows you to store often used text by keyword. When you
insert that keyword Word automatically inserts that text. This is super
for boiler plate text and its functions!
As you use Word daily you'll notice it functions as the perfect tool
for Office. Everything you need to access is just a click away. One of
the downsides of using Word is the resource usage. It is truly a
monster, but one that can be tamed.

Excel is the ultimate spreadsheet. If you have ever worked for
someone who constantly asks you to try to show data in various forms,
Excel should be a logical choice. In addition to all the normal
spreadsheet functionality you would expect, Excel allows you to view
your data through many different glasses. The most popular is the form
function where you data is taken and placed into a form for easy data
entry and editing. The most powerful viewing capability can be found in
the pivot table. This allows you to view your data without the common 2
dimensional cell constraints in other packages. Super!
The different aspects don't stop there, Excel also offers support
for using Visual Basic as a macro language. Imagine that! No longer are
you limited to the macro language of Excel, but you can now incorporate
routines and features that are compatible with Visual Basic.
The main issue I had with Excel was the lack of comfortability I
could control. There was no easy way of programming a simple key macro
nor was there a method for quickly storing a template.

Access is a graphical database program. The thought of allowing
someone to work in a graphical environment with a database is exciting,
because you loose the typical constraints of having to program a routine
or report to see data as you would like. In a graphical environment it
should be as simple as point and click. Unfortunately, Access isn't
quite there yet.
The power of Access is immense. You can do anything you can in a DOS
based database package, but with a graphical interface. This power is
where Access looses some of the friendliness it should have.
When you first start to use Access you can be guided by the familiar
Microsoft Wizard. This guy is so busy he should be getting close to
retirement age! The problem with Access is that after the wizard cuts
you loose it isn't very apparent how to make changes to the form,
database, etc. you have created. Unlike other applications like Approach
where modifications are easy to understand and complete, Access seems to
make them difficult. Once you get the swing of things in Access you'll
enjoy using it more, but remember, you'll get very used to hitting F1
for help!

Where Access is difficult to use after the Wizard quits for the day,
Powerpoint is brilliantly easy to use and modify. Microsoft has finally
understood where 90% of their user base is coming from: people who want
to impress the boss 15 minutes before the meeting!
OK, so maybe not 90% of the user base does that, but Microsoft has
made a product that is that easy to use! Anyone with minimal Windows
experience can sit down and use Powerpoint to create a professional
looking presentation in minutes.
To facilitate the presentation process, Powerpoint allows you to
import data for the show from many sources. You can literally take an
existing Microsoft Word document and create a presentation from it.
Microsoft has also added cue cards in addition to the Wizards. These
cue cards coach you through each of the steps you need to complete on
your own after the Wizard quits. In case you don't need them, you can
turn the cue cards off.
The POWER in Powerpoint is shown when you start to add advanced
effects to the presentation. Again, these advanced effects are easy to
add and manipulate.
Powerpoint is probably one of the easiest software packages you will
ever use without loosing power!

There's not much to say about the mail client. Unless you have a
current Microsoft Mail network installed it won't do you any good. This
is a curious addition to a suite. Wouldn't a personal information
manager been a better choice?

The CD containing the reference material must be available in your
PC if you would like to use it. There are no provisions for copying the
data onto your hard drive or network server. Blech!
With that out of the way, I have no more negative comments about the
suite. After using it for two months I cannot imagine my work life
without it. Whether I am in Office you using another program, they are
As you may recall from the top of the review, the reference CD
contains the following items: the Bookshelf portion includes The
American Heritage Dictionary, The Original Roget's Thesaurus, The World
Almanac and Book of Facts 1994, The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, The
Columbia Dictionary of Quotations, The People's Chronology and Hammond
Intermediate World Atlas. Whew! Each of these really shine in finding
information and then moving the information to your document.
Each book uses the same interface. This interface lets you search a
collapsible outline by typing the characters of your search target in
sequential order. So, to find GROTE you would type G then R then O then
T and you should be there! Another neat aspect of the interface is that
you can search all the books at the same time! You can actually see what
each book has on the disease MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY if you wanted.
Probably the best feature of all is the ability to click on a word
in the text and instantly receive a definition!

Microsoft Office Professional and Bookshelf is the ideal software
suite for almost anyone. The price of the suite gets you reference
material that some people could argue is worth the price of the suite
Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure you can move data
between applications and the bookshelf easily, which makes this a safe
choice for newer computers users!

Atari 2600 Action Pack for Windows
Reviewed by Patrick Grote

If you are like me and a member of the so called Generation X, you
were raised on computers and video games. For many of us, the first
electronic game we played was the Atari 2600. Remember the block
graphics, quirky sound and expensive cartridges? Their back . . . .
Activision has converted and boxed 15 of their original 2600 games
for Windows. In doing so, they've brought back memories of going to
friend's houses in sixth grade and trying to prove myself by winning a
round of Kaboom on the hardest setting or wiping out the most bad guys
in Chopper Command. Of course, the reflexes weren't always there, but
the fun of the game kept us coming back and back.
Now, the old Atari games come no where near the real life feeling of
a Doom or Rise of the Triad. These guys who created these games only had
4k to work with! Realizing this, it is amazing they were able to
accomplish so much. (BTW, the old 4k games now weigh in at 60k or more .
. .)
Activision brings you Boxing, Chopper Command, Cosmic Commuter,
Crackpots, Fishing Derby, Freeway, Frostbite, Grand Prix, H.E.R.O.,
Kaboom!, Pitfall!, River Raid, Seaquest, Sky Jinks and Spider Fighter.
Each of the games are exactly like the originals even down to the music
they blast!
What enables this slice of history to come to life is the 2600
emulator. The emulator was created by Michael Livesay and it is really
hot! Not only do you get the Atari 2600 sound and graphic experience,
but you get the ability to control the sound and input devices for all
the games. You don't have to go into Pitfall and tell it to use a mouse,
then load River Raid and tell it the same thing. The emulator can make
it consistent throughout the games. The emulator also handles the high
score logging and other game aspects.
The play os terrific for an Atari 2600 game. I found these games to
be very playable and enjoyable as a break from the normal drudgery. They
especially came in handy in two circumstances -- 1) When I was stumped
for ideas on a project and 2) When I was in danger of falling asleep at
the keyboard. The games swooped in and rescued me!
There was only one bug I came across while playing the games and
that was related to sound. When I was bouncing from game to game I
noticed that sometimes the games wouldn't recognize that I had a sound
card installed. I later figured out this was because the previous game
hadn't finished using the sound card before the new game attempted to.
The games also include some unusually cool features like a boss
screen that pops up a spreadsheet and the sounds of your mother every so
often yelling at you to go outside and play, sit back from the TV or
dinner is ready. Ah, the memories . . .
Atari 2600 Action Pack for Windows is a CDROM you shouldn't be
without! Even if you aren't the normal game player type, there are so
many challenging games to choose from you can't go wrong.

11601 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 473-9200

INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK | Interesting people you should know about . . .
Here is a letter from our interviewee today:

An Open Letter to Computer Users:

I hate sending this. All my life I have worked hard to have the
freedom to make my own choices and to live my own life. When I married
Jennifer last year, I assumed that we could maintain our independence as
a couple and, eventually, as a family. But all that has changed
drastically in the past few months. You see, I enjoy the Internet. I
enjoy communicating with people all over the world. Over the past five
years, I expanded my interests and opened the Wish Book BBS in Phoenix,
Arizona. But recently my life was changed unexpectedly.
Some of you know by now that the Maricopa County Attorney has
charged me with a series of crimes because I was the Sysop for the Wish
Book BBS. He's wrong. I'm not guilty of anything. In fact, not only am I
not guilty, but I have spent my adult life trying to protect other
people, not hurt them. I have been an Arizona Police Officer for 17
years with a clean record. But because the County Attorney is running
for reelection and because he thinks he can destroy my life with little
problem and make a bigger name for himself, my life has been turned
inside out.
I've been charged with distributing images of minors engaged in
sexual activity and with distributing obscenity. Nothing could be
further from the truth. I'm a Christian, a family man, and a police
officer. My computers were a hobby and public service, one where I was
extremely careful to make sure children couldn't get into the wrong
files and to keep the bulletin board clean by removing offensive and
obscene and offensive material. But there were over 400,000 files on
that bulletin board, some that other people put there and that everyone
You all know how it works with BBS's. What you don't know is how
vulnerable we all seem to be right now to the whims of big corporations.
In July, 1993, Microsoft security personnel out of California informed
officials in Maricopa County that I was making obscene materials
available and they sent tapes and files to Phoenix. In order for
Microsoft to again access to such files on the BBS, they would have had
to send in false identification and made false statements to be granted
access. If that wasn't the case then someone gave them codes to gain
access under someone elses name. In fact, they were doing key word
searches for obscene sounding files. Why they were doing this is beyond
anyone's understanding. Supposedly they were looking for pirate
commercial software - but why were they looking in the adult BBS
sections? Why were they invading my privacy and yours?
They'll use Hundreds of thousands of dollars to make an example of
me, scare people away from their computers, and destroy my family and
Jennifer and I have emptied our savings, sold many of our
belongings, and borrowed what money we can. But the system works against
you and tries to break you instead of just trying to prove you guilty.
So, before I even have a trial, the Department of Public Safety fired me
after 15 years of hard and unblemished work. Unless we have help, we'll
go broke trying to defend these charges. The County Attorney is counting
on us going broke and having to accept some plea bargain.
It is going to cost 5,000 dollars for a retainer just to attempt to
regain my job. Criminal defense attorneys do not work cheaply and they
want their money up front. Peter Balkan has been wonderful so far in
handling the criminal side of my case. But I need help to pay him
$30,000 and it will probably cost another $20,000 in expert fees,
filings, duplication, and other expenses during the preparation and
Some people ask me why I don't just plead guilty to some lesser
crime and get it over with. Well, the County Attorney has made that
offer. But I spent my life building my name and reputation. When
Jennifer and I have children, I don't want their name and their future
sullied because I took the easy way out. Without honor, there isn't much
No one else has been charged in this case. Not the Co-Sysops, not
the commercial firms that sold the CDROMs, not the post office that
delivered the CDROMs, not Microsoft - no one else. The Wish Book BBS was
a general interest bulletin board maintained as a hobby and community
service for everyone. Fellow police officers, even Lieutenants and
Majors in the Arizona Department of Public Saftey utilized the Wish Book
services. There were many officers from other agencies as well. (under
their own names)
The users of the Wish Book BBS are innocent. I'm innocent. I didn't
knowingly do anything wrong. I will not allow the County Attorney to
destroy me and my family without a major fight. But I need your help. We
need your love and your support, but we also need your money. That's why
I hate sending this letter. I've never asked anyone else to take on my
burdens, but I can't do this alone.
Our family has set up a defense fund called the "Lorne Shantz
Defense Fund." The address is c/o Jeff Adcock, P.O. Box 273, Litchfield
Park, Az. 85340, or call my brother-in-law Jeff Adcock at 602-877-9638.
We accept money, checks, credit cards, anything. Please, I need your
help and I need your support. (if you choose to use a credit card, you
will need to go through the credit card door at the BBS numbers listed
I can't tell you how much this rips my guts out to ask for help. But
I've got to think of my family, about what's right, and about surviving
this attack on my integrity. I can't do this alone.
Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help.


Lorne Shantz
Internet: [email protected]
Rime: ->1032

BBS # 1-602-758-7113 (node4)
BBS # 1-602-252-4472 (Node1)


PG: Assuming you have some free time with this situation, what do you
do to relax?
LS: Right now we are so incredibly stressed out by all this there is no
relaxing. Many sleepless nights and I've lost 20 pounds. I've put on
quite a few gray hairs as well.

PG: Do the words Pearl Jam mean anything to you? What type of music are
you in to?
LS: Huh? I think it is a music group. I listen to the older rock
stations here in the valley like KSLX or KOOl.

PG: What is your favorite software package? Why?
LS: Hmm, that is a tough one. I would have to say Pcboard by Clark
development simply because that is what I use the most. I don't have
time to play games anymore or much experimentation with shareware.

PG: Define the Information Superhighway in your own words.
LS: A collection of computers linked together with the primary operating
system being Unix that is growing at such an incredible rate as to be
breath taking. It allows users like ourselves to send and receive E-mail
from anywhere in the world within minutes to name just one feature.

PG: What's the neatest thing about the city you live in?
LS: That is a tough question Patrick. Diversity? There is a lot to do in
the valley and it looks like it is going to be the new silicon valley.
California is chasing away industry and they are flocking here in

PG: What exactly did the law enforcement officials find on your PC?
Graphic image?
PG: Yes, GIF's depicting alleged obscene materials. The files were on
CDROM disks. The percentage of allegedly obscene files was one in 10's
of thousands. We had approximately 109,000 files not including the files
inside the zip files. There are apparently 70 or so files they have
determined were on these CDROM's that they are alleging are obscene.

PG: What sort of notice did you have that law enforcement officials were
investigating you? Did you have any warning before they took your
LS: I had no notice what so ever. I had no idea there was an alleged
problem. I was in total shock. I had about 30 minutes notice that my
house was about to be raided and I was at police headquarters at the

PG: How long was it before you got your equipment back? Was it in good
LS: They seized the equipment on 11-29-94 and returned it somewhere
around 1-11-95 or so, we received the majority of the equipment back.
There was some minor damage. All in all they really did an outstanding
job on taking care to not do much damage and leave things as they were.

PG: You are sort of a newlywed. How has this impacted your marriage?
Strengthened it? Weakened it? Give an example . . .
LS: This has been a very difficult struggle. I'm not sure to be honest
how it has affected us. We had only been married a little over 6 months
when this all happened. I think any time something of this magnitude
happens it strains a relationship. You see major situations happening
all the time where it destroys a relationship. I don't think this will
happen to us because we lean on each other, but it is very very
difficult. Jennifer is the best thing that has happened to me, but to be
honest I would never have put her through this if I had any idea what
was about to happen to me. It isn't fair to her.

PG: When you are found innocent of this crime, do you have any recourse
to go after Microsoft for damages?
LS: At this point, I have no idea. Right now, my only concern is to
prove that I'm an innocent man and hopefully get on with my life.


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