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DOSFONT v2.0 - Fonts for DOS! - requires VGA.
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DOSFONT v2.0 – Fonts for DOS! – requires VGA.
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Contents of the DOSFONT.DOC file


-= v2.0 =-
Custom Font Driver for VGA systems.

By having DOSFONT in your possesion, you, the user, are responsible for
any ill effects DOSFONT may have on your system. However, I must say,
I have tested this program on several different systems to prove
it's integrity, and I hope I've pegged all the bugs. It seems you
never get the last bug until AFTER you've released something.

What it is:
To put it simply, DOSFONT changes the way your DOS text looks. Instead
of the normal font in ROM being displayed, DOSFONT takes over this task
and displays the font you load when you run it. DOSFONT only deals with
text mode applications. If you are a Windows (tm) user, you must load
DOSFONT _BEFORE_ starting windows. When you open a text based DOS app
via point-and-grunt, DOSFONT will get the message to reload, and your
DOS app will use the font table provided by DOSFONT. Incidentally, this
was a major re-code complete with asprin, and it _should_ be fixed now.

How to use it:
*You MUST have a VGA video system to use DOSFONT. If you are unsure of
your video setup, just run DOSFONT without loading any font file.
DOSFONT will determine your video system via ROM BIOS memory areas, and
report what it found.

There are two font files included with DOSFONT v2.0:

SKINNY.DF2 - a block style, single dot font.
FUNKY .DF2 - a characterized computer-ish looking font.

These are font files to load DOSFONT with. The command line syntax
for DOSFONT is as follows:


FontFile: One of the aforementioned files ( don't include the '<>' ).

switches: (they must be in lower case)

-r instruct DOSFONT to go resident with the selected font.

Without any switches, DOSFONT will load the selected
font, but not remain resident. The normal ROM BIOS
font table will be reloaded when the video mode is
reset by another application.

-m Do not Reload font when switched to Monochrome mode 7.

if you use a dual monitor setup, and one is a "real"
monochrome monitor, you will need to use this switch.

If you use a VGA Monochrome monitor, DO NOT use this
switch. Although this works in theory, I haven't found
a VGA mono system to test this on yet.

An example command line for a single monitor VGA system would be:

DOSFONT skinny.df2 -r

For a VGA main system with a Monochrome tag-along, the command line:

DOSFONT skinny.df2 -r -m

To unload DOSFONT from memory, just run DOSFONT again, and it will
attempt to terminate.

The best way to use DOSFONT is to load it and forget it. It can
be loaded into upper, or lower memory, or from your AUTOEXEC.BAT.
The important thing to remember is: If you load another TSR after
DOSFONT, don't try to unload DOSFONT. This may work, but it could
leave the system unstable. Oh, yeah -DOSFONT takes up less than
5k of memory when resident.

The pitch:
DOSFONT v2.0 is shareware. If you decide to register, you will get
all the fonts I have developed. So far there are 9 total, but more
are upcoming.

CREEPY - Characterized letters, Brings Transylvania to mind.
ELITE - small thin block style, with normal symbol-characters.
MIXED - Larger Upper case, smaller lower case. Easy to see.
COURIER - Looks like a typewriter.
SMALL - smaller version of the ROM BIOS font.
ICE - Characterized font, all chars have icicles (brrrr.. )
OFFSET - One side wide, the other side narrow.

If you like DOSFONT, and want more fonts, just register.
The cost of registration is $10.00 U.S. this covers the cost of
shipping, handling and floppy disk. You could Lame and stick with
skinny and funky, but they aren't the best fonts in the collection.

The address to send your registration to is:

T. Blader
N9033 Hwy CX
Portage, WI 53901


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