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Help prepare for real estate exam.
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Help prepare for real estate exam.
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Contents of the REAL.TXT file

Now there is help for those who wish to score well on the
state real estate exam. Phil Hardwick, Instructor of Real Estate
at Millsaps College and former Administrator of the MS Real
Estate Commission, has helped hundreds of applicants pass the
state real estate exam. He has been involved in real estate
regulation, education and test development since 1977.

Your course includes a review of the principles of real estate, a
glossary of terms and definitions, practice examinations and a
real estate math section. You can study the material many times
without repeating the same questions. The review is entirely at
the learner's own pace.

The computer course is user friendly. No previous computer
experience is necessary. Menus and function keys allow for easy
access to all areas of the program.

The course costs $49.95 and may be obtained from:

CrossKeys, Inc.
1936 Petit Bois
Jackson, MS 39211.
Tel. (601) 981-7412.

Operators are on duty 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CST. Dealer
agreements are available.

Or printout the fill called MAILER and mail to the above address.

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