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Worlds Chat client. Virtual reality style multi-user chat on internet. You need a TCP/IP connection, and windows in 256 color mode.
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Worlds Chat client. Virtual reality style multi-user chat on internet. You need a TCP/IP connection, and windows in 256 color mode.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1$NTTTTUVSystem Requirements

This software will not work on all computers at this time. It currently ONLY RUNS ON WINDOWS and you will need to have a 486/50 or higher processor PC (we will have Mac software soon!). You will also need a TCP/IP connection (some major online service providers such as Prodigy do not offer this feature yet) to connect to our servers and use Worlds Chat with other people. You will also need to be in 256 color mode. Additionally, this program is designed for computers with a 16 bit sound card, if you have an 8 bit sound card, you may experience some performance lapses (Worlds Chat gives you the option of deactivating sound if the 8 bit card is causing problems).

Installing Worlds Chat

To get to this point, you have already downloaded Worlds Chat. To install the program simply double click on the file, setup.exe. You will be asked if you want a standard installation or a custom installation. The standard installation will install Microsoft's WinG high performance graphics libraries on your machine. We recommend this, as it is necessary to achieve peak performance from our software. You may, however, not want this program installed as it may reconfigure your system (nothing permanent though!). If you do not want WinG installed, choose the custom installation.

How to Log on to Worlds Chat

In order to use Worlds Chat as a multi-user application, you must have an active direct Internet connection. After you have chosen an avatar (described below), the software will attempt to connect you to our servers. If you do not have an active connection or our servers are completely full (REMEMBER WE ARE NOT CHARGING ANYTHING FOR THIS SERVICE AND MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH SERVERS TO SATISFY DEMAND AT ALL TIMES), you will not be able to connect and will only be able to use Worlds Chat in a single user mode.

Choosing an Avatar and Entering the Space Station

The first thing you will be asked to do is choose your Digital Actor (or avatar) that will represent you in cyberspace. You can walk around the Avatar Gallery and see portraits of the avatars from which you can choose. To view an avatar, click on the mouse once to get a cursor, and then click on the avatar you want to view. You will then see its rotating 3-D representation. You will then be asked if you want to choose this avatar.
Once you have found the avatar that you want to be, you will proceed to the Profile Screen. You will be asked to choose a user name for your visit. This name can only be 12 characters long, and we ask that you not use vulgar language. You will also have the option of deactivating sound and/or music. If you have an 8 bit sound card and are experiencing difficulties with the software, you should try deactivating these features.
Once you have completed the Profile Screen, the software will attempt to connect you to our server. If the user name that you have chosen is already in use, you will be asked to choose a new name (subsequent versions of Worlds Chat will enable you to keep the same user name from session to session without having to worry about someone else taking it.). You will then be connected to the worlds first 3-D multi-user environment.
Again, if you were not able to log on because our server is full or you do not have an Internet connection, you will only be in single user mode.

Navigating Around Worlds Chat

You will be traveling around the Space Station in the first person perspective. You will not see yourself as you navigate (kind of like the real world). You can pull up a picture of your avatar on the control panel by clicking on the Help button and asking what you look like!
You can move around the Space Station using either your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard. Up and down will move you forward and backwards and left and right will TURN YOUR AVATAR. You are also able to teleport to the various sectors of the Space Station by clicking on the area you want to go to on the map of the space station, which is located on the lower right of your control panel (it kind of looks like an atom).
When you click on various portions of the screen (either to teleport or to use some of the functions described below) mouse navigation is suspended. To reactivate it, you must click on the walk icon that will be on the bottom right of the main screen.
Navigation is an area we are very interested in improving and would appreciate feedback on.

Communicating With Other Users

The revolutionary aspect of Worlds products is the ability to communicate with other people. You will be able to see other peoples avatars an communicate with them via text chat (subsequent Worlds products will enable voice communications). To chat with your fellow users, type what you want to say, which will appear on the bottom of the screen, and press return when you are ready to transmit.
You will be able to chat with the closest 6 avatars in the space. As this is a new medium we are still refining our algorithms for this and you may experience a few glitches that disrupt your communications with others. Please send us feedback on this so that we can improve this critical component of our products.

How to Get Help

You can get help in using Worlds Chat in two ways. There is a help button in the upper right hand corner of the control panel which has answers to the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will be able to address any problems that you have.
If your problem is not covered, you can send us an e-mail at [email protected] We will respond within 24 hours. Unfortunately, since we are not charging for this product, we cannot provide phone assistance at this time.

Understanding the Control Panel

The control panel is divided into 4 key areas:
Main screen. Your first person perspective of the space. When mouse navigation is suspended, the walk icon to reactivate navigation appears on the bottom right of this space.
Text Box. For communicating with other users.
Help, Who and Quit buttons. Help is described above. Who lets you know who can hear you at a given time (look for enhanced Who features in future releases). Quit ends your visit to Worlds Chat.
Map. A diagram of the space station that you can use to teleport to different sectors.

How to Give Feedback

As this is a cutting edge application, there are going to be some areas which will need to be improved upon in subsequent versions. We really need your help to do this. Please take the time to forward any thought, comments, problems or suggestions via E-MAIL TO [email protected] We will respond to each e-mail within 48 hours.
We are particularly interested in feedback on how well crowd control works and in suggestions for improving navigation.

Downloading Future Versions of Worlds Chat

As we utilize your feedback to enhance Worlds Chat, we will be putting improved versions of the software on the Net for you to download. These downloads will not take as long as the original download. If you try to log on using an outdated version of our software, you may be unable to connect and be asked to get the latest version.

Maintenance and Upgrades

We will periodically updating our server and our clients. When we do upgrade the server it will involve closing down access to Worlds Chat for several minutes. When this happens it will be at Midnight PST. If you encounter problems getting into the server at this time please be patient and try again in a few minutes. Outages should be short.

Compatibility Notes

We have attempted to test Worlds Chat with a representative range of hardware and software. If you run into problems with your configuration we'd appreciate your letting us know.

TCP/IP stacks tested:PPP providers tested:
Microsoft TCP/IP - 32Interramp (PSI)
FTP Software PC/TCPInterserv (InterNet in a Box)
Network Telesystems TCP Pro
Internet in a box

Known Problems

1. Problems have been encountered using ATI mach 64 based video cards. The best solution to these problems is to use the SVGA drivers that come with windows.
2. Once in a while when wondering around the station you will find yourself out in space. If this happens just move a little more and you will be returned to your room.
3. When the crowds get heavy the keyboard will sometimes become less responsive. At this point use the mouse to move.
4. There are minor graphics glitches from avatar motion.

Last Minute Info

1. A feature was added where if you hold the shift key down and move the mouse from side to side you will slide to the side rather then turning.
2. Have fun.

Contact Information

Main San Francisco Office
510 Third Street
Suite 530
San Francisco, CA 94107
fax# (415) 284-9483

Seattle Development Center
101 Stewart St
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101
fax#(206) 443-0240
[email protected]

All contents Copyright 1995 Worlds Inc. Reproduction for personal use is permitted. All other uses are prohibited without the formal authorization of Worlds Inc. Worlds Inc. is a registered trademark of Worlds Incorporated. All other trademarked products are th eexclusive property of their respective holders.
will be able to address any problems that you have.
If your w9sTokgc_

f#nloading Future Versions of Worlds Chat

As we utilize your feedback to enhance Worlds Chat, we Arialing improved versions of the software on the Net for you to download. These downloads will not take as long as the

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