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This folder contains a series of "PowerToys"-- UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users.
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This folder contains a series of “PowerToys”– UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


This folder contains a series of "PowerToys"-- UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users-- that can be easily installed on any recent build of Windows 95.

These enhancements were developed by members of the Microsoft Win95 team, and are now being made available to Win95 users at no cost. Note.. these are not part of any shipping retail product at this point in time, and therefore are not supported through any official support channels. Use "at your own risk".

The contents of this folder will be updated over time as we make enhancements to the utilities you see here now, and as we add new utilities for people to try out. Stop back every now and then and see what's changed.

Here's what's available now:


This utility adds an "Any Folder" entry to your win95 "Send To" menu. You can then right-click on any file or directory, choose "Send To> Any Folder" and type an MS-DOS path to move or copy the file into. High-end users who miss the File Manager's Move and Copy dialogs will love Send To Any Folder.


With this handy-dandy context-menu extension, you can hold down the SHIFT key whenever you right-click on any folder, and you'll get a cascade menu that shows you all the contents of that folder, one-level deep. It works on shortcuts-to-folders, too.


Quick CD is a taskbar notification icon that makes controlling audio CDs a breeze. When an audio CD is in your drive, Quick CD gives you convenient single-click play/pause control, a tooltip that tells you which track and time you're on, and a right-click menu that provides commands for starting, stopping, and moving around the tracks on your CD.


You know those *.CAB files that you'll find on the Win95 CD and floppies? (These are files containing one or more compressed files.) Well, with the CABFILE Viewer shell extension, you can browse right into a CAB file and see all of its contents, and perform normal shell operations like drag/drop, etc. on the files inside.


This version of CLOCK.EXE takes advantage of win95's region windows, so your analog clock will be round, just like a real clock would. (Note.. you just need to copy this EXE to use the clock. No setup file is provided.)

Installation of any of these is easy. First, copy down the contents of this directory. Then, right-click on the Setup Information file (INF file.. these look like a text file with a little gear on them) for the extension you'd like to install, and choose the INSTALL command. When you're done installing the extensions you want, you can delete the folder you copied down. It's that easy.

To send us your comments or feedback, please post a message on Section 2 "Shell & UI", of the WINBTU forum. We're up there listening.

- the Win95 shell team

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