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This is a basic programming project, not a finished file. Ref thread Lurking vs Activity posts in the Basic msg area.
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This is a basic programming project, not a finished file. Ref thread Lurking vs Activity posts in the Basic msg area.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

I have just about finished the full screen editor. There is also a
procedure for saving and loading a file. The file name is hardcoded
into the program for right now, until some code is written to give the
user the ability to select a file name. The hardcoded file is called
TempFile. The Save As menu option does not work yet.

I decided to keep track of the field positions (left and right columns)
in an array. This allows the programmer to change the field positions
in only one place. This is something that is going to be necessary,
since my column headings and my columns do not line up yet. There are
other ways to store these positions, but an array sounded like a good
idea at the time I thought of it.

You can see in the programming, where I have started to wander a bit.
One place is the sub NewPage and the parameters passed to it. When I
first wrote the NewPage sub, it had two lines of code assigning the
cursor row to line 6 and making ActiveRecord record 1. I found some
reason to update the page, but not to change pages. In this case, I did
not want the cursor row to change. I decided I could use use the NewPage
sub for this, but I would have to pass the cursor row to the sub instead
of hard coding it in. So, I changed the sub a bit. Later I found that I
also needed the active record to remain the same after calling sub
NewPage. However, instead of rewriting the sub so as to pass the
active record as a parameter, I just saved the active record before
calling the sub, then assigned this saved number to the active record
after returning from the sub.

I also noticed that my cursors, insert and overwrite, are the reverse of
what QuickBasic uses. I guess the block cursor is used for overwriting
instead of insert. So, what's the big deal? I noticed it, so I can
change it, right? That's right. I can correct the mistakes that I
notice, but there are undoubtably others that slip by.


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