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Race advantage enhancer for VGA PLANETS.

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For VGA Planets 3.0 / 3.5
Using Host 3.2

Copyright ( 1995 Dave Killingsworth - All Rights Reserved

SHAREWARE v1.0 (regular release)

The RacePlus is an add-on utility for VGA Planets 3.0 /
3.5 that takes advantage of the AUXHOST features found in
HOST 3.20. This add-on provides all eleven races with new
racial and ship abilities. This add-on allows for abilities
ranging from a modest native government modification ability
to the ability for a ship to generate a massive gravity well.
The abilities provided to the races are many and varied.

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Race advantage enhancer for VGA PLANETS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUXHOST1.BAT 42 29 deflated
AUXHOST2.BAT 42 29 deflated
BMPS.EXE 75800 74837 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 712 362 deflated
I.BAT 1720 402 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 150004 96732 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 1741 760 deflated
ORDERFRM.ZIP 6024 5865 deflated
RACEPLUS.DOC 31446 10661 deflated
RACEPLUS.EXE 71405 66554 deflated
RPCONFIG.EXE 188524 116868 deflated

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Contents of the INSTALL.TXT file

Dan & Dave's Install Program
Version 1.00


To run the install program, use the Change Drive (CD)
command to set the floppy drive that the install program is
located on as the default drive.


Now type INSTALL to run the install program.

Use your mouse to click on the Add-on programs that you are
going to install. If the box has an 'X' in it then it is
selected for installation.


[X] Jump Gate {selected}
[ ] Asteroid {not selected}
[X] Tachyon {selected}
[X] RacePlus {selected}

In the Path To Host text box, type in the DOS path that has
the VGA Planets host files in it.


You are now ready to proceed with the installation. Click
on the OK button to proceed. If for some reason you do not
want to proceed with the installation, click on the CANCEL

After you click on the OK button, the program will try to
locate HOST.EXE in the DOS path that was entered in the Path
To Host test box. If it cannot find it, a message box will
appear informing you that it was unable to locate HOST.EXE
and ask you if you wish to install anyway. If you do, press
YES, otherwise press NO and you will stop the installation.
If HOST.EXE is located, the installation will continue with
a few messages letting you know what is happening. When the
installation is complete, a message box will appear
indicating that the installation has finished. Click on OK
and you are ready to use your new add-ons.

Be sure to run the configuration programs before running

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