Dec 052017
Yoda language strings for WWIV.
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Yoda language strings for WWIV.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBS.STR 142688 15842 deflated
MENU0.ANS 4096 967 deflated
MENU3.ANS 3183 791 deflated
MENUS.MSG 13426 3986 deflated
MENUSANS.MSG 15361 4058 deflated
README.TXT 479 293 deflated
SYSOPLOG.STR 11803 1438 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

To all WWIV sysops.
I wrote this file mostly to see if I could do it. I don't claim that it is
well written, but it should work on your WWIV BBS. If it works out well for
you, I request a $1.00 donation. This is voluntary and I do not honestly
believe that I will get it.
My address, in case I do, is:
Robert Coeyman
929 Long Cove Road
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Thank you for your time.

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