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TIMELESS - colorful screen saver for WINDOWS by Tran.

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Tran & Data Connection Software
TIMELESS for WINDOWS 3.1, v1.0

WINDOWS 3.1! The screensaver's display
is an experience and a journey within
itself! Witness the full potential of
your 386+ computer and protect your
VGA monitor at the same time. Do not
miss this incredible display of
graphics! We know you will enjoy it!


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TIMELESS – colorful screen saver for WINDOWS by Tran.
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Contents of the TIMELESS.TXT file

TIMELESS.TXT - Timeless for Windows 1.0 Documentation File

Timeless for Windows 1.0, The MOST ADVANCED screensaver for Windows!
Copyright (C) 1994 by Thomas Pytel, All rights reserved.

Documentation by Ryan Cramer.
Timeless for Windows published by Data Connection Software.

Title and Contents ................................ 1
Introduction ...................................... 2
History ........................................... 2
Requirements ...................................... 2
Installing Timeless for Windows ................... 3
Copyright ......................................... 4
Liability ......................................... 4
Some Important Notes About Timeless ............... 4
Contact Information ............................... 5
Registration Information .......................... 5


Congratulations! You have just gotten a copy of the most incredible
screensaver you will ever see! It would be difficult to describe Timeless
in a document such as this, it must be experienced to be believed! But be
careful, some people have been known to watch this screensaver's display
for hours on end!

Included in this archive is the TRIAL version of Timeless for Windows. This
version will give you short sampling of its capabilities, but it will
eventually blank out completely in about four minutes. The registered FULL
version will run continuously until you interrupt it by hitting the
keyboard or moving the mouse. The TRIAL version should give you a good idea
of the incredible graphics that Timeless can generate

Timeless for Windows was originally written as a commercial software and
was going to be sold in stores. However, because Timeless is an extremely
complex software, we cannot guarantee that it will run on every single
system. Timeless will only run on 100% compatible (register) VGA video
cards because of the complex video routines that it uses. We feel that
shareware is a great way to distribute this product since you can have the
opportunity to make sure it works on your system before purchasing it.
Needless to say, Timeless should run on the majority of systems with no

Timeless has been completely produced, coded, and designed by an
experienced programmer in the demo and game world - Thomas Pytel, also
known as Tran. His other work includes such productions as the hit games:
Zone 66, and Kaeon, and the highly rated demos: Amnesia and Hell. Tran is
also known by assembly language programmers for his advanced 32 bit
protected mode interface library. In addition, he is the author of
Composer 669 which was the first eight channel composing software
available for the IBM PC, and CDFM which for the first time combined FM
and digital sound with tracked music. Tran is also an experienced graphics
artist and musician. Needless to say, Timeless for Windows is really
something special!

Timeless was originally designed as a demo designed to show people just
what kind of things were possible to do with a PC. Timeless received an
overwhelming response from people who loved its "surrealistic" feel.
People also commented on how they wished there was a screensaver such as
this. After some time, the program was modified and additions were made to
it so that it could be run as a Windows screensaver. In addition, Timeless
has improved a lot since that time with new graphics and new operating
modes so that it is even more impressive than the original!

Timeless requires the following to operate correctly:

1. A 386 or faster computer.
2. Windows 3.1 (you may also execute it from DOS).
3. A 100% register compatible VGA video card.


To install Timeless, follow these simple instructions:

1. Unzip the Timeless archive into a temporary directory somewhere on your
harddrive. I suggest unzipping it to "C:\TEMP\".

There are a couple of things that you will want to avoid when unzipping

1. Do *not* unzip it into the Windows directory.
2. Do *not* unzip it into \WINDOWS\TIMELESS\ since this is the
directory that Timeless will create automatically when its
install program executes.

2. Next (you should be in Windows), go into the PROGRAM MANAGER and choose
RUN from the FILE menu.

It will prompt you which program to execute, you will want to type in
the directory that you just unzipped Timeless into followed by the
program INSTALL.EXE. As an example, lets say that you unzipped Timeless
to "C:\TEMP\", you would type:


After you have typed that in, click on OK.

3. You should now get a prompt from the Timeless install program. It should
be prompting you where you want to install Timeless to. I suggest using
the default directory that is already displayed there, but you may
specify a different directory if you want to.

After you have decided on the directory to install to, click on CONTINUE.

Timeless Install should now display that it is copying files.

4. After Timeless has installed, it will show you this documentation file.
You may want to read through it if you missed anything from before.

5. Next, go to CONTROL PANEL, and then to DESKTOP.

Once you are there, click on SCREENSAVER and highlight Timeless. Now
Timeless is your default screensaver.

You may want to modify the way that Timeless works, so click on SETUP.
I would suggest letting Timeless run with the defaults for the first
time so that you can see what it does, and then later go back and modify
it as you like.

Once your done, click on OK.

6. Timeless is now installed! Be prepared to witness the most incredible
screensaver you will ever see!

NOTE: If you want Timeless to discontinue at the move of the mouse (like
most Windows screensavers) you must have a mousedriver loaded (from DOS).
Otherwise, you will have to hit a key on the keyboard to make the
screensaver deactivate.


Timeless for Windows (Version 1.0) is distributed under the Shareware
concept. You are granted a limited license to use and share it under the
following conditions:

o Timeless is not distributed in a modified form.
o No fee is charged for Timeless itself.
o All references to the copyright and author are retained.

There is a registration fee for this program. Please see the file
REGISTER.FRM for more information.

You may use Timeless for a trial period of 30 days. After this time,
you must decide to either register Timeless or discontinue using it. It is
illegal to continue using it after the 30 day trial period.

This program and ALL FILES included in the archive are:

Copyright (C) 1994, Thomas Pytel, All Rights Reserved.
Published by Data Connection Software (Ryan Cramer).

The author makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including
without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness
for a particular purpose. The author will not be liable for any damages,
whether direct, indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure
of this program to operate in the manner desired by the user. The author
will not be liable for any damage to data or property which may be caused
directly or indirectly by use of the program.

When trying new software, always backup any and all important files on
your system.

Because of Timeless's complexity, it requires a 100% register compatible
VGA card to operate correctly.

Timeless is actually a DOS application. Many of the things that it does
would just not be possible in Windows directly. What this means is that:

1. Timeless CAN be executed from DOS if you want to use it in that way.

2. Timeless is exclusive. This means that if any background Windows
processes are running, Timeless will interrupt them when it executes and
they will continue when Timeless discontinues.

3. Timeless must have a DOS mouse driver loaded in order to respond to
mouse movement or clicks. Otherwise, you must hit a key to deactivate


With some video cards, you may see a screen flicker when Timeless executes
or when it discontinues execution. Do not worry, this is totally natural,
this is just the video card switching modes and resolution.

If you want to create an icon to run Timeless from Windows, or if you just
want to run Timeless directly from Windows (not as a screensaver). Just go
to the program manager "file" menu, then choose "run". You would want to

Ryan Cramer can be contacted at the following places, if you have any
questions, comments, or need help with anything, feel free to contact me.
A technical support conference for Timeless is provided on Data Connection

Data Connection BBS, Node 1: (703) 506-8598 16.8k HST DS
Data Connection BBS, Node 2: (703) 847-0861 21.6k HST DS

Internet email: [email protected]

If you would like to get in contact with the author of Timeless (Thomas
Pytel), please contact Ryan Cramer for further information.

For further information on registering Timeless for Windows, please see the
file REGISTER.FRM which will give you complete instructions.

Thanks and hope you enjoy Timeless for Windows!


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