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File list generater for wildcat bbs's.

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SYSOP utility for WC4.01 wcCODE program that
will make a listing of all your file areas.
Shows the file area number, name and path.
Option to print to screen or file. Will
create a Frontdoor compatible "List.txt" for
file requests (saves a lot of time).
R.J. Chalupka

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File list generater for wildcat bbs’s.
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Contents of the FILELIST.TXT file

File Area Lister
WC 4.01
Randy Chalupka
1 November 1994

1. What is it?

File Area Lister does just what is says. It will
make a listing of all your file areas showing the file area
number, the file area name (in Makewild) along with the
file area path. It has the option to either send the list
to the screen or to a file. If you select to send the list
to a file, it will create:
FILELIST.LST which is the listing described above
FDLIST.TXT file path listing in Frontdoor format

It is meant to be used by the SYSOP to get a quick list
of all the file areas.

2. How do I use it?

a. Easy, just put FILELIST.WCX wherever you want it.
b. Use Makemenu to add a "run wcCODE program" option
to one of your menus (I use the SYSOP menu) and use
F2 to find FILELIST.WCX.
c. Save and your finished.
d. Log on and run it.

3. If you select to write the listing to a file, just print out
FILELIST.LST to have a record of all your file areas. To use
the FDLIST.TXT for Frontdoor, rename the file to LIST.TXT and
move it to your Frontdoor directory.

**WARNING** The FDLIST will have ALL your file paths in it, to
include ADULT areas. You may have to edit this file before using

4. Also look for CONFLIST.WCX which will do the same thing for
your conference areas (- the Frontdoor file).

5. That's it. Hope you find this utility useful. If you want
to contact me, my current FIDONET address is 1:3632/64.
Please verify this address in the current nodelist.

6. If you do find this utility useful and would like to make a
contribution (gives me a reason to write some more) please mail
your contribution to:

Randy Chalupka
POB 42
Oxford, MA 01540

7. Guarantee/Warranty: This utility will take up space on
whichever storage medium you decide to put it on.
Use at your own risk.

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