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A logging program for your computer.
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A logging program for your computer.
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Contents of the KSLOG22.DOC file



This Software is as is. I am not responsible for the use or misuse of it.


You are licenced to spread this program without altercation to the ZIP
contents or the files there in. and you may not charge but you may add
your own ZIP comment

This Software is CopyRight of KevinSoft Software Inc. and all breech of the
licence will be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Using it...

It is user friendly and very self explanitory.

Just don't attach files that are longer that 10k to an entry.
It can cause errors or slow down retrival time.

Also due to the way that this program stores your entries It may after some use
take some tile to retrieve one. This program searches for the date and time
that you selected line by line in the entry so Be patient.

Registering it...

To Register this software Send $15 in cash, check*, or money order along with
a printed and completed REGISTER.FRM to .....

KevinSoft Attn Kslog
2228 Southorn Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21220

Because checks bounce sometimes you must wait 14 days before I will send the
software to you. If the check bounces I will not send the software to you I
will send you the check though.

The check must be made out to...

Kevin Stone

oh by the way If you bounce 3 checks I won't accept anymore from you........

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