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Good program for learning the game of Chess.

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K-CHESS 2.0 - an instructional Chess program
which shows its calculations as it works.
It features various types of hints and help
such as showing the best line of attack for
several moves ahead. One-player, two-player
and autoplay modes. Move undo and redo.
Fully keyboard or mouse controlled. Games
can be printed and saved to disk.

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Good program for learning the game of Chess.
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Contents of the KCHESS.TXT file

K-Chess for Dos

Copyright (c) 1992-95 by ARK ANGLES
All Rights Reserved


K-Chess is a simple, informative and enjoyable Chess program.

K-Chess actually lets you see what it is doing, and so helps you to
learn to play better. The computer will help you in several ways, such
as showing where a piece can move, what pieces are threatening a particular
square, and give a suggested next move or even play your move for you.
Best lines of attack are displayed for both players for several moves
ahead. Multi level undo and redo is also available so that moves may be
reviewed and/or replayed at any time, right back to the start of the game.

The game can be played between two players, one player and the computer,
or the computer against itself in Auto Play mode. There is full keyboard
and mouse control, and context-sensitive help. Games may be printed, and
saved to disk and reloaded at any time.

The game is customisable, allowing various restrictions on playing time
by game or by move, tailoring of different hinting levels, and changing
of any colours that are displayed.


K-Chess runs on most Personal Computers with an 8086 or higher processor
(eg XT, AT etc) and 512KB of memory. It may be run from diskette or hard
disk. Any colour or monochrome screen should work fine, as there is no
requirement for graphics.

K-Chess requires MS-DOS version 3 or a compatible operating system.


K-Chess may be run directly from the Installation Disk, or may be copied to
another diskette or hard disk. To install onto another disk:

1. Put the Installation Disk in drive A: or B:.

2. Go to a DOS command line.

3. Enter "x:INSTALL" where "x" is A or B indicating the drive with the
Installation Disk.

4. Press to begin installation. When requested, enter the drive
and/or directory to install the program to, or just press to
accept the default.

5. Press to exit from the Install utility, and then enter "KCHESS"
to run the program. The program can also be run from within the
Install utility by pressing "R".

Note: K-Chess is installed by K-Install for Dos, also available as a
separate product from ARK ANGLES. K-Install has an extensive range of
powerful features for software developers and publishers, and is very
easy to set up. See the ARK ANGLES catalogue for details.


K-Chess version 2.0 can now print games, and includes check and mate
indicators on the game list on screen, printer, and in saved games.
To accomodate this the format of saved games has now changed, and a new
file extension ".KCH" is used. Games saved under previous versions of
K-Chess are not compatible with this version.

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