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This is ANSI utility that converts [2;3H-type code to [2B[A [A type code.

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--. .Convert ANSI. .-
Convert's from x,y coords
to up/down codes.. reduces
size too.. By : p
--- --

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This is ANSI utility that converts [2;3H-type code to [2B[A [A type code.
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Contents of the CONVANS.DOC file

Convans v1.00

Okay, this is just a little ANSI utility which converts from the ESC [c;rH
(goto column c, row r) ANSI code to the [xA (go up x times) code. This will
probably increase the size of an ANSI somewhat, but no more than necessary.
It will also take ANSIs that have extra code in them and trim the extra code.


convans [.ANS] [output filename]

input filename - self explanatory. Doesn't need to include
the extension if it is .ANS

output filename - defaults to input filename with a .REL

Convans was made using Turbo Pascal 7.0, by James Finnigan - AKA p

To reach me, call:

The Hole BBS (410) 489-7547
Programmers Corner (410) 995-6873

or E-mail me at [email protected]
This file was written on recycled photons.

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