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Door for Falken BBS. Cryptogram - Players are given 6 words that have been scrambled. They must figure out the words by replacing letters.
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Door for Falken BBS. Cryptogram – Players are given 6 words that have been scrambled. They must figure out the words by replacing letters.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRYPGRAM.ANS 681 190 deflated
CRYPGRAM.ASC 681 190 deflated
CRYPGRAM.BAK 4787 1978 deflated
CRYPGRAM.EXE 105574 39252 deflated
CRYPGRAM.INI 38 38 stored
CRYPGRAM.TXT 4866 2021 deflated
WORDLIST.WRD 1154335 245649 deflated

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Contents of the CRYPGRAM.TXT file

Falken CryptoGram v2.00

Falken CryptoGram should contain the following files:

CRYPGRAM.EXE - The main CryptoGram executable
CRYPGRAM.ANS - ANSI Title screen
CRYPGRAM.INI - The initialization file
CRYPGRAM.TXT - This file
WORDLIST.WRD - The main word file for all SkunkWurks WordGames programs

CryptoGram will also create the following files:

CRYPGRAM.SCR - File containing the players scores
CRYPGRAM.HGH - File containing the highscores

To install Falken CryptoGram on your system, create a directory on your
hard drive and copy all the files into it. This directory may reside anywhere
on your system. The only file that needs to go in your FALKEN directory is the
.INI file, which contains the path to the directory where the rest of the files
are located.
Once the files are on your drive, create a menu option in Falken
according to your Falken Operator's Manuel.

Currently all SkunkWurks WordGames programs use a flat ASCII word file.
Adding or deleting words from the file is as simple as editing the WORDLIST.WRD
file. Each word takes one line, and is terminated by a line feed. The current
WORDFILE.WRD contains some 140,000 words of varying length. This file is
checked each time that the program is run to ensure that it does not contain
any word to big for the program to handle.
Some speed may be gained during initialization by decreasing the number
of words in the file.

After the title screen is displayed, the user will see the main play
screen. There will be six words presented for the user to decrypt. All the
words are encrypted with the same key, so solving letters in one word may help
the user determine the other words.
Letters are solved by typing in the letter, an equals sign, and the
letter that it should represent. For example, E=D will set all the letter 'E's
in the clues to a 'D' in the solutions. Individual letters may be reset by
typing the letter and an equal sign with no solution letter. For example, E=
would reset all the clue letters for E. Play continues until all the words are
decrypted, the player requests a new set of words, or the player leaves the

The following commands are supported in the current version:
help - brings up the help screen
about - gives information about SkunkWurks, Inc and ordering information
hint - helps the player by displaying 1-6 letters from the clues along with
their solutions. These letters are automatically substituted in the
clear - resets all the solutions back to the beginning so that play can begin
new - gives the user a new set of clues with a new encryption key
best - displays the top 20 users
refresh - redraws the play screen (for ANSI screens)
sysop - displays the special commands available for sysops

The following sysop commands are supported in the current version:
killfile - deletes the old score files resetting all the scores to 0

The INI file is used to set system variable that are needed for the
program to work. This file can be eddited with any text editor. The format
for any system variable in the inifile is 'name=variable' with the 'name' of
the variable at the start of the line, and no spaces between it, the '=', or
the variable. The following options may be set in the INI file

PATH This variable is used to tell Falken where to find all the files
needed for game play. If you wish to have the files in a directory
other than the main Falken directory, you need to specify that
directory here.
KEY When you register your version of CryptoGram with SkunkWurks, Inc. you
need to place the registration key here. This will allow you to use
the full version of CryptoGram.

SkunkWurks, Inc would like to thank the following people for their help
in making the current version of CryptoGram possible.

DeAnna Baldwin - For inspiration and support in my life, as well as in my code.

Eric Zarnosky - Without whose contributions, long nights of coding could not
have been made possible.

The interface routines used for this program to allow it to work with Falken
BBS are based on the DOORUTIL functions written by Herb Rose.

The registration routines used in this program are based on code by Brian
Pirie. This code has been made publically available, and is used with his

1.5 - First full public release of CryptoGram
1.6 - Fixed bug to free up display of 'unselected' letters
2.0 - Totally rewrote the wordlist function. File access is now ALOT faster.

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