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Floppy disk catalog system stores up to 2000 files.
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Floppy disk catalog system stores up to 2000 files.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

License and distribution information:

Disk Master is shareware. It is not public domain or free software. An order form
is enclosed in the file named ORDER.FRM. After trying it out for 30 days, if
you like it and want to continue using Disk Master, please register by sending the
registration fee (located in ORDER.FRM) with your name and address along with
any comments or questions to the address listed.

You may NOT alter the code nor may you sell this program or any of its
associated data files for any price. You may charge a reasonable copy
fee of not more than US$10 when distributing it to others as long as you
clearly stipulate that Disk Master must be registered with its author
if it is used beyond the trial period. Every copy of the ZIP distribution
file must contain all of the files .

You may (and are encouraged to) distribute the shareware version of Disk Master.
Under no circumstances may you distribute a registered version of Disk Master
to others.


The author makes no claims or guarantees about the use of Disk Master and will
not be held responsible for any loss of data or profits due its use or misuse.


There is no guarantee that Disk Master has been tested on your specific printer,
but I believe it should work on all of the following printers or printers
compatible with the following: Panasonic KX-P1124, All Epson dot matrix 9
and 24 pin printers (LQ series, FX series, etc.), HP laser printers, HP
DeskJet printer, IBM Proprinter X24, and NEC P2200XE. Please let me know if
you can not get Disk Master to work on one of the above listed printers. I'm
sure there are others that Disk Master will work with. Try it! Many dot matrix
printers are compatible with one of the above

That's it for the legal stuff.


Since Disk Master is a floppy disk catalog program, it is suggested that it be installed to a hard disk. Simply unzip it to your hard-drive, Disk Master will unzip to a directory named Cat_demo. If you wish to use a different directory you should change the catalog.pif to point to the new working and start-up directory. The name of the directory does not matter, BUT all files must be in the same directory. Disk Master will run in DOS or WINDOWS. Once installed, simple type Catalog at the dos prompt or run from file-manager (or add to a program group).


When you run Disk Master for the first time, the program will search your hard-drive for the necessary decompression files it uses (PKUNZIP,ARJ,LHA) , create a configuration file for itself, and create the first catalog database. The setup program defaults to drive A:\ as a working drive. You can change this from within the main program at any time. From then on the program will go to the options screen. If for some reson you wish to re-setup the program, delete "config.dat" from the working directory. WARNING -- if you delete this file, save your catalogs in another directory or disk and copy them back after setup has re-run as the setup program will re-write MASTER0.CAT


The program accepts mouse or keyboard input. Some applications are faster by using keyboard, others using mouse. This program creates a couple of temporary files while running, so you should always exit the program with the built in escapes. If for some reason you must shut down without exitting properly, you will need to manually delete the files FILES.TMP & FILE_ID.DIZ from the working directory.

Detailed Descriptions


automatically searches for decompression files PKUNZIP.EXE , ARJ.EXE, and LHA.EXE and stores paths to these files in config.dat. The program will display where it found these files and current working directory and give you an option to accept them or to change them. Simply click on the correct button or press the corresponding function key. If you wish to change either the paths to the decompression files or the working drive or if you wish to exit Disk Master without setting up, press F2 or click on change, otherwise F1 or accept.


Change working catalog:

This option is not available in the demo version of Disk Master. Registered versions will support up to 10 different catalog databases.

Create new catalog:

This option is not available in the demo version of Disk Master. In the registered version, this option will create the next catalog database. The catalogs are numbered 0 to 9. If you delete a catalog, this option will create a database at the first available slot. Each catalog can store 10 disks of 20 files each for a total possable 2000 files.

Rename current catalog:

This option will allow you to assign a definative name to your catalogs (i.e. Misc disks, Printer disks etc)

View current catalog:

This option will display the disk labels stored in the working catalog and give you the option to view the contents of each disk on screen or print them to printer.

Change working drive:

This option allows you to move back and forth between floppy drives.

Work with disk:

This option does the acutual disk work. It gives you the options to rename the volume label, decompress a file to the directory of your choice,add a selected file to the working catalog, or add all the files on the disk to the catalog.


When printing to printer, you will be given the option to set the number of lines to print. Since different printers use different control codes to do a form feed, this seemed the simplest way to insure that the printed files and descriptions break cleanly. If when you print a disk label contents to printer, the description over-runs to another page, try adjusting this line number.

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