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Latest Fax send and receive program for os//2.
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Latest Fax send and receive program for os//2.
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FAX.ICO 4950 886 deflated
FAXVIEW.EXE 41487 18390 deflated
FREC.CFG 8484 3476 deflated
FREC.DOC 22936 8696 deflated
FREC1.CFG 4289 1978 deflated
FREC20.CFG 8975 3704 deflated
FREC3.EXE 131597 63349 deflated
FSEND.CFG 10268 4420 deflated
FSEND.EXE 118285 53926 deflated
FSEND1.CFG 9160 4046 deflated
FSEND20.CFG 10586 4669 deflated
HUFFMAN.DLL 17047 8225 deflated
READ.ME 1976 979 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Important notice to users, sysops and fileecho administrators:

FREC and FSEND are absolutly FREE programs!

There is no limitation in any way of distributing these programs!


If you have gotten this package from elsewhere, DO NOT repack it!

If you upload this package to a mailbox or put it in a file echo, than keep
in mind: further user have nearly no chance to get support from the autor
because old and obsolate versions will circulate round the world, with no
influence to reject or replace them!

I can not force YOU to support the program in cases YOU had uploaded it
elsewhere, but in fact, I CAN NOT support such users of obsolate versions!

The original package is in the form FAXnnn.LZH which contains FREC and FSEND.

The part 'nnn' is an incremental number, changing evertime FREC and/or FSEND
have changes in version number.

Normaly, support from the autor can be assumed under the condition, the
package was obtained directly from the autor (FIDO 2:313/9.59) or from a person
who has gotten the package from the autor.

There is only limited support, if somebody has gotten the package from a
mailbox or fileecho, because it may be possible, that these was an old,
obsolate version!

Because of the difficult kind of program, there will never be a
'final release'!

The mainpurpose of these fax programs is to satisfy the needs of the autor
himself. But everyone can participate on these needs. Bugreports (only senseful
if a LOG-file is enclosed) are wellcome and in fact the purpose for changing
the version very rapid.

Version upgrades may take place twice or more the week or (in case there are
no reports of bugs or no time to do the work) in longer intervals.

If you have detected a bug, please contact the autor, but take in mind, that
your actuell version may be an OLD one and YOUR bug is already fixed!

If you have any ideas, how to do things better, please tell me.

Harald Pollack

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