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An instrument panel using G.P.S.'s as input. DOS Graphics.
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An instrument panel using G.P.S.’s as input. DOS Graphics.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Registration Form for GPSDASH Ver 1.10

Name _____________________________________________________________












Upon Registering you will receive a fully functional copy of GPSDASH and a
printed manual.
You will be notified of all updates.

Please Send Registration form and $30.00 to

Cole Enterprises
614 Cedar Hill RD NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

Contains manual for GPSDASH

GPSDASHver 1.10 1/28/95
by David H. Cole

Cole Enterprises
614 Cedar Hill RD NE
Albuquerque NM 87122
Sales (505) 856-7402
GPSDASH Tech support (505) 892-4194
FAX (505) 856-7446

Registration fee for GPSDASH is $30.00


GPSDASH is designed to receive data transmitted by a GPS over a serial port and
use it to derive,
Speed, Max Speed (Bar graph and numeric)
Altitude, Max Altitude
Trip and Total Distance
Latitude and Longitude
Heading (Compass dial and numeric)
Number of Satellites used and D.O.P.

Other information displayed in GPSDASH but not derived from the GPS is,
Elapsed Time
Current Time
Remaining memory
Log file name , size and divider rate.

Distances will be retained from exit of program to re-entry of progarm so that
long time logging can be maintained.
GPS's used should transmit NEMA 0183 ver 2.0, although earlier versions can be
used but will not contain all of the data. Data rates handled are 4900bps and
This program can be run stand alone or as an auxiliary screen from "GPM_PRO"
mapping software also available from Cole Enterprises.


To install GPSDASH, create a directory, typically called GPSDASH, by typing MD
GPSDASH. Once this directory is created then transfer all of the files on the
distribution disk supplied. Do this by typing COPY A:*.* C:\GPSDASH. This is
if the disk is in the A: drive, otherwise substitute A for the appropriate drive
being used.
The following is a list of the files contained on the distribution disk,

README.TXT (This file)


The RS-232 output from the GPS needs to be connected to an available port on the
host computer. Ports 1 through 4 are currently supported. Only transmit, receive
and ground lines are used on the serial port. The GPS in use needs to be setup
to output NEMA 0183 sentences at either 4800 or 9600 baud. The following is a
list of GPS's tested with this progarm although many other GPS's should work if
the NEMA 0183 output is available.
Garmin GPS45, GPS75, GPS85, GPS95, GPS100, GPS10 and GPS20.
PC requirements are DOS ver 3.3 or greater with 640k RAM and either a VGA or CGA
graphics adapter.

Once this connection is made GPSDASH.EXE is executed with the following command
line parameters. Typically a batch file is created with the command line parameters
to simplify start-up.

type GPSDASH followed by

First parameter should be comm port"REQUIRED"
1 = COM 1 2 = COM 2 etc...

Second parameter is baud rate "REQUIRED"
4800 = baud of 4800 9600 = baud of 9600

Third parameter is color mode "OPTIONAL"
c = color b = Black and White , default is color

Fourth parameter is video adapter "OPTIONAL"
c = CGA v = VGA , default is autodetect

NOTE: Above optional parameters become required if any of the parameters below
are used.

Fifth parameter is Log File name "OPTIONAL"
This log file is a record of Lat and Longs which record the trip. This file can
be used in "GPM-PRO" to retrace the trip.

Sixth parameter is log file startup "REQUIRED only if log file supplied"
n = newfile a = append old if it exists

Seventh parameter is log file divider "REQUIRED only if log file supplied"
Enter 1 - 99 for divider rate

gpsdash 1 4800 c v current.gps a 2
Above is on COM 1 at 4800 baud in color VGA mode, Logging to an appended file called current.gps with a divider of 2.

Example of minimum command line parameters
gpsdash 1 4800
Above is for COM 1 at 4800 baud, autodetect video.
GDASH.BAT is an example batch file which contains the above minimum command
line parameters.

If GPSDASH is run as an auxiliary page of "GPM-PRO" then all of the necessary
information is supplied by "GPM-PRO".


Help for these commands can be displayed when running GPSDASH by hitting the 'F1' key.

Toggle Sound
Hit the 'B' key to toggle between sound enabled and disabled.

Reset Max Speed
Hit the 'M' key to reset the maximum recorded speed.

Reset Max Altitude
Hit the 'A' key to reset the maximum recorded altitude.

Reset Elapsed time
Hit the 'E' key to reset the elapsed time. Elapsed time starts when GPSDASH is

Change Font for different contrast
Hit the 'C' key to step through the different fonts which will change the
contrast. This can be especially helpful in high light situations or small
computer displays such as palmtops.

Hit the 'P' key to pause the program. After the program is paused any key can
be hit to resume operation.
This command is very important if using a computer which is going to be turned
off and has an auto resume type feature. Always hit PAUSE first when turning
off such a computer otherwise the serial port could malfunction upon power-up.

Enter Waypoint
Hit the 'W' key to enter a way point. A list of categories will appear from a
category file. If one of these categories is desired hit the appropriate key
otherwise a generic entry can be entered by hitting the '0' key.
More category files can be created by the user and can be also be selected in
this mode. When creating a category file use the form of the default category
file "A-GIS.LST" which is supplied. Always use the extension .LST when naming
the new file. The supplied file "DEFAULT.LST" contains the name of the default
category file which appears when entering a waypoint. If desired a different
default category file can be used by editing this file.

Quick Waypoint
Hit the 'F10' key to enter a quick waypoint. This waypoint will be entered in
the file with no further key strokes and will be labeled QWPn, where n is number
of quick waypoint entered since start of program.

Reset Interval distance
Hit the 'F2' key to reset the interval distance.

NOTE: the following commands are applicable only when running GPSDASH stand

Start log file
Hit the 'F' key to start a log file. you will be asked to name this file and
if it exists you will be asked to overwrite, append or cancel this operation.
Once this is done you will be asked to select a divider rate. A rate of 1-99
can be typed in or use the up and down arrows to increment or decrement the
displayed rate by 1. The PGUP and PGDN keys can also be used to increment or
decrement the displayed rate by 10. This divider rate is used to determine how
often the log file is written to with a 1 being as often as the GPS sends data,
which is typically 1 to 2 seconds. If logging is going to be on for a long
trip this number should be larger such as 5 to 8 to reduce the log file size
unless maximum resolution is required. This log file is a record of Lat and Longs
which record the trip. This file can be used in "GPM-PRO" to retrace the trip.

NOTE: Once a log file is started, hit the 'F' key again to close the log file.

Reset Total distance
Hit the 'F3' key to reset the total distance.

Exit program
Hit the 'ESC' key to exit the program, once you hit the 'ESC' key you will be
asked for confirmation of exit, this will prevent accidental exiting.

NOTE: the following commands are applicable only when running GPSDASH as an
auxiliary page from "GPM-PRO".

Toggle to Map Mode
Hit the 'ALT F10' keys to toggle back to map mode of "GPM-PRO".

Toggle to Satellite View Mode
Hit the 'ALT F9' keys to toggle to the Satellite View mode of "GPM-PRO".

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