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Makes the wormhole.txt file for VGA PLANETS wormhole utilities.

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MAKEWORM v1.2B (c) 1994
James Balentine
A utility to make wormholes
for use with WORM.exe
Add-on for VGA Planets.

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Makes the wormhole.txt file for VGA PLANETS wormhole utilities.
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Contents of the MAKEWORM.DOC file

Version 1.2beta
Copywrite 1994 By James Balentine

This is a really simple program to use. It was written in Turbo
Pascal, and compiled using Borland TP version 7. I wrote it because I wanted
to create random wormholes without having to make the numbers up myself.
This is a freeware utility. You do not have to send any money, but if you
find it really useful, you can send a donation. $1 or $2 would make me
really happy. Plus... I will continue to work on this program to make it
much more user friendly. The main reason I am distributing it now, is
because there is a demand now. So use this program and have fun playing

Donations can be sent to:

James Balentine
101 Harts Landing Lane
Shreveport, La. 71115

If you have problems making this program work. You can send me mail on
AOL. My user name is MaxusJB. You can also send mail via the internet
at address [email protected]

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage real or imagined caused by
this program. You are using it at your own risk.

Directions: It's easy. Copy makeworm.exe into your planets directory
then type...

makeworm game1

Thank You


1.0 beta-
The original Wormhole generator.

1.1 beta-
Fixed the editor so that line numbers greater than 10 may be edited.

1.2 beta-
Fixed the editor so that when no line numbers were modified,
WORMHOLE.TXT file was not emptied out.

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