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Unicorn Library Of C Functions Ver4.0 2/2.
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Unicorn Library Of C Functions Ver4.0 2/2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BORDER.H 1680 430 deflated
DEMOIBM.C 19266 4557 deflated
DEMOTDY.C 21187 5153 deflated
DOSLIB.H 112 81 deflated
EQUIP.H 1110 266 deflated
KEYDEF.H 5595 1342 deflated
LABEL.C 1442 464 deflated
LABEL.PRJ 23 23 stored
READ.ME 1344 653 deflated
TESTDX.C 1962 593 deflated
TESTEQP.C 479 262 deflated
TESTGRPR.C 1540 494 deflated
TESTSND.C 833 302 deflated
UC.H 1770 595 deflated
UCBIOS.H 1641 503 deflated
UCTURBO.LIB 59904 20777 deflated
UCTUR_TD.LIB 60928 21150 deflated
UCVIDEO.H 4239 1260 deflated
WINDOW.H 3246 897 deflated
WTEST.C 1566 576 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Unicorn Library

Latest information as of 24 May 1987.

This library contains over 200 functions written in C and assembler. There
are a wide variety of graphics functions along with general purpose functions
and functions to control the graphics dot matrix and a daisy wheel printer.

The manual supplied is fairly current however, it was hoped to add a few new
functions to the library prior to the release of Turbo C. There are about
8 functions listed in the manual that are not yet implemented. There are
also over 30 more that will be added in the next update (sometime in June
or July 1987). Those who register this version will automatically receive
the next update with no additional fees.

This library is placed in the public domain subject to the restrictions
listed in the manual. The manual has been designed to be printed on the
graphics printer and uses standard Epson control codes for form feed, bold
print etc. It also contains a registration form for this version of the
library. The source code ( over 600K ) will be supplied to all who register
the library. It provides a reference on C DOS calls, assembler code
interfacing and general C techniques along with all the graphics functions
which may be used with other languages by a knowledgeble user.

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