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The Internet Red Address Book is an online Yellow Pages and more.
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The Internet Red Address Book is an online Yellow Pages and more.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Internet Red Address Book - Version 1.2D.1(SHAREWARE VERSION)

Point Systems, Inc.CIS ID: 102370,3655
PO Box 76255 Internet: [email protected]
St. Petersburg, FL 33734 AOE: PointSysIn
Fax 813-528-0217
(Support is via Email)

The Internet Red Address book is an online Yellow Pages and more.

1. It lets you select sites based on catagories (eg. Movies) and
site types (eg. http). You may use combinations of criteria and
wild cards.

2. You can cut and paste the results of searches directly into
your Internet browser, ftp, Email software (eg. 'Go To:' field
in Netscape).

3. No more typing those long non-english site addresses!

4. Contains numorous hot sites (over a 1000 of the very best),
and the Registered version comes with even more.

5. You can add comments and notes to the Red Address Book site
records (64k per site record) Registered Version.

6. You can add NEW site records to the Red Address Book (your
own discoveries) Registered Version.

7. You can merge your Red Address Book with upgrades, load text
site lists, or share with friends using the Merge Books feature
Registered Version.

8. The Red Address Book uses the latest release of a state of
the art Relational Database for speed and integrity.

9. Contains a full interactive tutorial in the Help Menu Options
and many more features.

The files:

The diskettes contains a file called INET1.ZIP, INET1.EXE
(SHAREWARE) INET2.ZIP or INET2.EXE. Shareware disk doesn't use the
Access database engine, so your update abilities are non-existant.

For Shareware, you will need PKUNZIP ver 2.04g or higher to unzip
files and VBRUN300.DLL in the Windows System directory. You can
download these files where you downloaded this program.

Once the files are extracted, you must run the SETUP.EXE program
from the Windows Program Manager (or double click from within
the File Manager window). Follow the on screen instructions to

See the FILES.TXT document for a list of the files on 1 or 2
disks (different versions).

Have fun and REGISTER YOUR SOFTWARE if you are using one of the
shareware versions. Send your comments to the AOE E-mail
listed in the About of the program.


The Uploaded version 1.2B did not include the file MSAJT112.DLL.
Oops. Version 1.2C is identical to 1.2B except it includes the
file MSAJT112.DLL. The uploads INETDLL.ZIP or INET112.ZIP
contained the missing file. Version 1.2C was the same as 1.2B
but contained the missing file.

Note. Version 1.2D and above no longer use the relational
database engine and are therefore much smaller downloads. Only
the Registered versions ship with the database engine. The
Shareware versions are therefore much slower and less robust,
but download size warrents the change.

Also reported with version 1.2B, was that the CMDIALOG.DLL may
not get loaded if the file already existed in your Windows
directory. But the program asked for it anyway. A work around
is to copy the file CMDIALOG.DL_ from the distribution disk
to your Windows System directory and expand it manually:

cd c:\windows\system
expand [enter]
asked for path and source file name
[ a:\cmdialog.dl_ ]
asked for path and destination file name
[ c:\windows\system\cmdialog.dll ]
You may obiously use the file Manager to execute the expand
command, but it will open a DOS window for the input perameters.

Also a few (4 people) have reported error 3050. I have not recreated
this error but it seems related to bad data files in ver1.2a,b,c.

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