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ProoMak 2.00. Makes C/C++ prototypes from source with many options.

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ProtoMak 2.00. Generates "prototype" files
from C and C++ source files. This offering
from Cactus Software Systems can save much
time when developing C/C++ programs. Many
options are provided for processing.

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ProoMak 2.00. Makes C/C++ prototypes from source with many options.
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Contents of the CACTLIST.DOC file

Please see cactprod.doc for details on individual products pricing.

As of Jan 8, 1995 the product list included:

1. ProtoMak - Builds prototypes for C/C++ source.
- Offers built in prevention of multiple includes.
- Supports C and CPP style comments. Nesting also.
- Creats or appends protoype include file.
- Automatically date stamps each prototype generation.
- Displays source file line number of each prototype.

2. SetCom - Display/set comm ports from DOS.
-good for troubleshooting comm ports.

3. CactMake - A powerful well documented 'make" for DOS.
- Built in help and diagnostic system.
- Includes DoMake and MakMaker makefile builders.

4. CaTouch - Set Date/Time of file(s).

5. C2Pas - Helps convert C source to Pascal source.
- Changes most keywords.
- Preserves comments.
- Saves much time for the conversion process.
- Inserts conversion comments.

6. CactGrep - Search for text in text/binary files.
- Searches through all types of files for text.

7. MamMoth - A full featured BBS system thats truly fast!
- Supports 9000 files and 2000 current users.
- Most SYSOP features available local and remote.
- Multi-protocol support.
- Unique file and message system.
- Very easy for users to navigate.
- Ultra fast ANSI color.

8. WXModem - A very fast version of the WXModem file transfer protocol.
- Superb easy to use WXModem driver.

9. NMODEM - A high speed file transfer protocol.
- Maximum thruput file protocol.
- NOTE: On hold pending update/review.

10. EdHex - An excellent editor for binary(.com,.exe,.sys,.bin,etc).
- Easy and effective editing.

11. NewDir - Change drive/directory without '\' or full pathname.
- Saves much time moving around the hard drive(s).

12. DiskSort - Sorts and processes DOS directories.
- Recovers lost space.
- Speeds up DOS file searches.
- Adds security by killing erased files.

13. FileAtr - Utility to change attributes(flags) of DOS files
- Easy use with simple option structure.

14. FileComp - Compares files for differences.
- Options: start, end and/or number of bytes to search.

15. FindFile - Search for files on current drive.
- Will optionally look in arc,lzh,pak,zip and/or zoo
- Supports wild searchs i.e. *xy*.c, *zr*.*

16. CactMove - Moves files on same drive without a copy operation.
- For drive moves, a super verified copy is made.

17. CactDir - Displays the designated directory with options for sorts.

18. UnTab - removes tabs from text files.

19. CactEdJr - Editor for up to 60k text files. (BETA)

20. Cact_Ed - Editor for large files up to 400k+. (BETA)
- Offers kolumn editing, block move and other items
usefull to programmers.
21. CGrepJR - Searches text files for strings.
- Displays line number in file where text found.

22. FindfJR - Streamlined version of FindFile.
- Less overhead for fast and dirty searches for files.

23. DirComp - Compares contents of two directories.

24. UltrGrep - Searches multiple directories for strings in file(s).

NOTE: Please refer to the documentation of the particular program
for details on uses, operation and licensing.

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