Dec 082017
Terminate 2.00 file 4/4.

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--=< TERMINATE 2.00 Epsilon, file 4 of 4 >=--
Terminate is the most *comprehensive* comms.
program available anywhere but this file adds
a variety of complementary 3rd party programs
SAM'ed, the SQUISH(tm) compatible Fido Tosser
/Scanner/Reader included for free use by kind
consent of QWK'em's author. BO$WELCH.TXT and
LIAR_WOO.DS give background to "Project CAIN"
FREE upgrade for Telix owners. Last optional
archive to complete Terminate's installation.

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Terminate 2.00 file 4/4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
0200TER4._XE 535514 534182 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 468 345 deflated
READ_ME.1ST 171 67 deflated
VENDINFO.DIZ 13359 6741 deflated

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