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DMP 4.00, a nice DOS based mod player.

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*-- Dual Module Player v4.00 --*
New major update. Revised sound
drivers, new sound setup, handy
module selector etc.
Includes both DMP and DMP32.

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DMP 4.00, a nice DOS based mod player.
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Contents of the README file

*-- Dual Module Player v4.00 --*
New major update. Revised sound
drivers, new sound setup, handy
module selector etc.
Includes both DMP and DMP32.
| |
| ---=== D S M I ===--- |
| |
| ---=== Digital Sound & Music Interface ===--- |
| |
| ---=== (C) 1993,1995 Otto Chrons ===--- |
| |

DSMI is a sound interface for PC compatible computers. It
provides programmers with a variety of functions to play music
and sound effects in their programs.

Here are some of DSMI's capabilities:

* Supports following sound sources:
- Sound Blaster 1.0 - 2.0
- Sound Blaster Pro (stereo)
- Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (16-bit, stereo)
- Sound Blaster 16 (16-bit, stereo)
- Aria based sound cards (16-bit, stereo)
- Windows Sound System (16-bit, stereo)
- AudioTrix Pro (16-bit, stereo)
- Gravis Ultrasound (16-bit, stereo)
- Gravis Ultrasound MAX (16-bit, stereo)
* Up to 32 simultaneous channels lets you play sound effects
simultaneously with music!
* Plays MODs, STMs, S3Ms, 669s, MTMs, FARs and other formats
* Very easy sound card setup
* Special 16-bit support, which means GREAT sound quality on
16-bit cards
* Very extensive programming interface that lets YOU decide what
to do
* Modular structure means easier upgrades (e.g. new sound cards)
* Dynamically loadable sound drivers -> saves memory and makes
upgrades very easy.
* Printed manual
* On-line hypertext reference guide! (over 130kB)
* Example programs
* Utilizes 386 instruction mix to reach maximum performance,
286 NOT supported
* Free 'Timer Service'-pack for easy timer handling
* Free 'EMS heap manager' for accessing EMS memory
* Support for both realmode and protected mode
* Practically FREE upgrades!
And you can upgrade as many times as you wish
- via Internet, totally free
- via mail: you send me two 3.5" disks and I send one back with
new DSMI code.

And last but not the least:

WHAT'S IN DSMI------------------------------------------------------------

| |
| C version |
| |

- Made with Watcom C/C++ 10.0 and Borland C++ 3.1, but should also
work fine with other compilers
- Comes with DSMI/32, a 32-bit protected mode version of DSMI which
works with 32-bit C compilers. Have been tested on Watcom C/C++
- Compiled OBJ files for all files are included
- Some of the source code is included for making changes into the
- A library (DSMI.LIB, DSMIEMS.LIB and DSMI32.LIB) is provided for
easy linking
- Following parts are written in assembly language:
* Sound mixing routines
* Module player engine
* Timer Service
* Some miscellaneous functions
- C source is compiled with BC++/Watcom C/C++ and uses
386 instruction set
- If your C compiler is very old, make sure it can link with
assembler code using 386 instructions

HOW TO BUY DSMI--------------------------------------------------------

Files LICENSE.DSM and ORDER.DSM should come with this README
file. You need to print them, sign the License Agreement and
fill out the order form. Then just mail them to me and pay the
price. See ORDER.DSM for detailed information.

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