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WWIV Conference editor.

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A Conference Editor for WWIV v4.23+
This program is distributed by WWIV Software Services.
It allows editing of conferences and allows you to
place subs or dirs within a conference in any order
that you wish. The program will operate with a mouse
although a mouse is not required to use it. Docs
are included.

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WWIV Conference editor.
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Contents of the JE.DOC file

JE v1.00
WWIV 4.23+ Conference Editor
Copyright (C) 1994 by WWIV Software Services
All Rights Reserved

JE is licensed for use by anyone using WWIV BBS software. JE may be freely
distributed. No fee may be charged for it, except incidental costs for disks
and so forth, but never to exceed $5.00 U.S.

JE is shareware, not public domain software or freeware, and WWIV Software
Services retains all rights. However, JE requires no registration, and is
intended to be free for anyone using WWIV BBS software.

JE is a mouse-driven (though a mouse is optional) conference editor for WWIV
4.23 and greater, allowing easy organization or reorganization of sub and/or
dir conferences.

JE allows inserting subs/dirs in the order desired within a conference. In
addition, subs/dirs within a conference may be moved about to change the
ordering, and conference security settings may be freely edited.

Although not listed on the command listing line, the INS (insert) and DEL
(delete) keys may be used to insert or delete conference or subconferences,
in addition to 'I' and 'D'.

JE requires a fairly hefty amount of memory (primarily due to the mouse-
driven windowed interface), to the tune of about 320k or so. The amount
of memory required will vary according to how many subs and/or dirs are
on a specific BBS, as well as the number of conferences.

Note: It is definitely best to do conference-editing while all instances are
offline, so that the edited data is properly read into memory for all

Version changes:

1.01 Added ability to sort subconfs within a conference alphabetically
by name, which could be useful on large-scale systems with
hundreds of subs/dirs in a conference.
Minor bug fixes.

1.02 Had a problem with conferences above 'P'. This is now fixed.

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