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PGP Wave ver 1.21 for PGP Encryption Program.

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PGPWave v1.21a Gamma by John Stephenson
PGPWave is an interface to PGP using
simple, well thought out menus. Mainly
designed for use with offline readers.
PGPWave is the most advanced PGP shell
that is to be seen. It uses a exploding
windows interface similiar to BlueWave.
PGPWave is Freeware. It also has many
functions unrelated to PGP. Try it out!

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PGP Wave ver 1.21 for PGP Encryption Program.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

History file for PGPWave, by John Stephenson

Version 1.21a Gamma

I added the user prompt to be mandatory to PGPWave. I also added another
token (@U) which returns your username. Plus the tagline tokens [altlist]
and [comment] have been added, along with another command to load alternate
tagline files manually.

Fixed a tagline error. Added an extended ability to [altlist] which allows
real names instead of file names. Fixed 8086 support.. one library still
was using 80286 commands.. Linebar goes to message editor when after

I also added MONOCHROME support. Why in heck are people still using 'em?
(ack, it's HELL working in MonoChrome mode, I'm so glad I'm back to color,
it really makes you appreciate it!) I added a forcemono configuration
parameter in case PGPWave does not properly detect you to own a herc
video card, and also so I could more easily work with HERC support.

Added alternate keyfile support for PGP, and not just for key reading
in PGPWave. Parameter in file is not by default set, so it will use
the default ring (unless of course you change it online) Confused yet?
Okay.. this is the way it works. You have your default keyring. If it's
not the default keyring in CONFIG.TXT for PGP, then change the "specify
keyring" to yes in the setup. If you want to change it through PGP,
PGPWave will automatically detect you're not using the PGP default
ring. Note if you can change it temporarily via the main menu.

I also fixed PGPWave to append the signature *after* the spell check
with the signing.. plus I added PGP ring specification in the detailed
info screen. Fixed tagline bug. Fixed Alpha version bug with encrypting
list.. Tagline will now be added in the signature if the option of
adding the signature in the signed PGP area is choosen.

I also added sophisticated anti-debug routines. This will prevent
99.99% of hackers from attempting to debug this program, and
modify it for their own agenda, with the average end user's safety
in mind. Also implemented is a doubly checked CRC verification seal
on the EXE to prevent any virus from attaching to the EXE file and
going unnoticed.

Disabled blinking in PGPWave, in return for bright backgrounds. (VGA

Version 1.20a Gamma

Improved the strip quotes procedure. Added "?" support for each UserId
prompt. Simply hit "?" and you'll get a listing of the Public key (PGP's
view ring command (-kv searchstring), type "?searchstring" where
"searchstring" is a search string to search the public key. This
greatly improves the ability to find the exact spelling of a key. I also
changed the version from freeware to a form of freeware where
NONCOMMERCIAL (please note that the capital use of noncommercial
simply means I'm talking about the same noncommercial as defined in
PGPWAVE.DOC, and not because I'm trying to scare you!) is free, and
COMMERCIAL use is not. The commercial version differs only in that it
clearly says it's commercial in the PGPWave info box at start up,
and in the "Alt-I" information, plus the @P token will return
"PGPWave/commercial" instead of "PGPWave". To register, go into the
setup area, and choose register. It will then ask for your username,
and the registration code I have assigned you after I have received the
filled out and printed ORDER.FRM.

I moved the Post Keys to the key management menu. Note that I'm running
low on space for options, and you'll more likely be seeing more scrolling
menus - so get used to them or go to 50 column mode. ๐Ÿ™‚

I remodified the input routines in the setup menu so that ESC now
just quits the input field, not quit and erase. I added token support
to the signature file, and to the taglines. See doc for more information.
I added the feature to add a signature before you sign with PGP
automajically. PW.BAT is now outdated.. I hope everyone will be setting
the PGP environmental variables and won't need PW.BAT's kludge! I also
fixed those flickering arrows that say if there's more above or below
what's visible in a menu. Group encrypt/sign and encrypt is added, this
simplfies MUCH to encrypting to multiple people. I suggest that those who
regularily encrypt to the same group use this, it simplfies a lot, and was
kind of a large feature for me to add. I also added the ability to have
PGPWave to automajically invoke the spell checker on exit, or before you
sign/encrypt/sign&encrypt/ascii armour etc (because it would be silly

Mostly fixed bug in screen modes that are not 80 column, 132x60, 132x50,
132x25, 43x43, and 90x25 are more common examples. I have an untracable
bug that seems to reset the mode to 80x25.. maybe this is just with my
Compaq (132x60 VESA) laptop.. oh well. The great thing with 60 column
mode is you REALLY can see a lot of taglines on screen for your moneys
worth!!! Only thing I don't like is you REALLY have to squint it out, and
it's a tad slower (even though I have a 486 DX/33MHz.. go figure).. ๐Ÿ™

Since ShareSpell and other spell checkers routinely creates .BAK files
after spell checking, I've decided to have PGPWave erase them, really
they are useless, and a possible security violation to PGP's security.

I GREATLY improved the ? part in the userid prompts. Now when you hit
? it will bring up a menu that's part of the PGPWave's interface
which is very fine. Make use of it, it was a major task "decrypting"
the C code for the key management in PGP. WHY COULDN'T THEY COMMENT
IT FOR NOVICE C PROGRAMMERS LIKE ME?!?! Argh! Anyhow, it's a very
fine feature, I hope you folks in cyber land enjoy it. I sure do..
๐Ÿ™‚ Btw the list is even mouseable.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry about being to lazy to
decode the UNIX GMT timestamp.. it gets more involed reading in the
various timestamps, and going from there. (eg the TZ=EST5EDT, etc)
Plus not keeping a list of the signatories and AKAs, it's would
be just another linked list in a linked list, but I figured that
would be kinda difficult, instead I wrote it so that you can use
the keyword search on someones AKA as if it were the real name. It
works quite nicely.

I added the "?" support for the SECRING.PGP file (Confirm Private Key)..
geesh, at least the .PGP format is pretty much the same, or else I may
just have gone insane. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also added it saying if it's a public, or
a private key.

The ? mark support now returnsa maximum of 25 letters of the user name.
This could be a problem, what if two keys had the exact same first
25 letters? Hmm, I considered using the 0xZZZZZZZZ keyid notation, but
then when you look back at the say, the multiple encryption you couldn't
tell offhand which key it was! What confusion. Plus the 0x notation is
smaller, meaning you could pass -more- names to PGP (since of DOS's
128 character parameter limitation) If anyone wants this, tell me
and I'll add it, but for now I'll keep it this way, not that it's a
very hard switch, but just for the fact it's English not Hexidecimal.

I figured out that so-called video error. There is none. It was a result
of ShareSpell changing to a more compatible mode for itself, and not
reseting it back. I should have more confidence in my programming! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also added a date/time view function when looking at the key. The
great thing you can see is the time, which with PGP -KV you can not
do such a thing.

Version 1.10b Gamma

Small rewrite with a bug fix in the change a message filename, there was
a small bug in there. I also added a non-feature in the previous versions
to rename a file without an extension to a temporary extension, apparently
some message readers do use this. The reason for this is because the file
can not have no extension when PGP decrypts, or it will call it the same
filename, ie if you decrypt "TEST." it will create an output file of
"TEST.". I also did the same for the .ASC extensions (ie when PGP encrypts
it makes a .ASC file). PGPWave on exit will rename these files to their
original names, but in the detailed debug information, you will notice
that PGPWave will rename them temporarily to "TEST.TMP" (if we use the
last example).

I also added key management for the heck of it, I doubt many will use
it, but I find it's nice to have around if you want to sign a persons
key and return it without a quick shell to DOS. Note: Key management
colors are stored with the utility menu, since both really are utility
menus (rather than make add more colors, I'm not lazy, it's just that
most people would want them the same colours)

Also there is another support site added.

Version 1.10a Gamma

Completely NEW rewrite. I had to write the source code from scratch
after someone stole then erased the data contained on the hard drive I
was using.

Batch file support has been added, Alt D, and Alt J will globally
now work to shell to dos, plus Alt S, and Alt C will globally take
you to the setup configuration menu. Alt I will always bring up a detailed
information screen for debugging a problem, and helping me fix what's going
on. The screen saver is now a black screen. The setup program is now a bit
more intelligent. The configuration file is now a specially made binary
file, that should be backwards and forwards compatible to changes. An
option to turn the clock off was added. PGPWave now uses a wipe routine
when it uses temporary files. PGPWave now moves to the directory that your
editor, shell checker, and PGP are located on, instead of going to the
directory the file is in, or the current directory. PGPWave now saves the
directory when you shell to dos. PGPWave now has more error handling
routines. Also PGPWave is just more nifty than ever in just millions of
little ways, ie the new look of the clock, didn't notice that I added
the month in string format, or the lines separating the now scrolling
color configuration menu? ๐Ÿ™‚ Or the new verify feature? The utility
menu? You know can armour files into messages, armour messages, change
the file you're editing, and much much more!

Also in the look at the message feature, a search function has been
added. Use F4 to start a search, F5 to continue one. The same searching
system is also used in the tagline search features. Also I added
optionally automatic tagline support. Plus I threw in the feature
in the color configuration an option to change the background character.
I further added (optionally automatic) signature support. Check it out,
make your messages (more) interesting! It's great!

Notice: Any new features you can think of? Don't hesitate to netmail
me if you want them added in the next release!

Version 1.08a Gamma

Some mouse support added, ie in the main menu, and in the color choosing
menu. The mouse support may be unfamiliar to most people, but don't
despair, I eventually want to improve it 10 fold but I don't have the
time. You now can also configure the main menu colors, and yes! The
colour configuration routine even supports the mouse. This release
really is just a matenence release however, since I'm just updating
PGPWave with my new libraries I've written for other projects.

I also updated my public key.

Version 1.07a Gamma

Added a way to use multiple private keys. Fixed a bug with aborting and
deleting if there was a security discreptancy. Few clean-ups in the

Version 1.06a Gamma

Slightly new version numbering, being:

v1.06a Gamma

v is for version
1 is the major revision, eg re-writes of the entire sections of the code
. is the separator
0 is the minor revision, eg large features
6 is the itsy revision, eg small features, changes in the interface
a is the internal revision, eg bug fixes

Gamma means it's a Gamma (public) copy. Release types are: Alpha, Beta,
Wide Beta, Gamma.

Added linked lists for the taglines, now you can have a tagline file
as large as your free memory can take -- Conventional memory only!
Now tagline list will use end to go to bottom of screen (not file), and
home will go to top of screen (not file). Control Page Down, Control End
will both take it to the end of the file. Control Page Up, Control Home
will both take it to the beginning of the file. F2 will now rewrite the
tagline file. A word of caution: This will erase your comments in the
tagline file (comments are beginning with a ";")

Significantly speeded up Spawnos shelling by freeing the heap space that
is not needed, then swapping the memory that the program actually requires,
not the entire memory. Very fast!

Version 1.05a
Ability to change colours. Fixed a bug, and made that if you press a key
that is unavailable it will beep at you. Also I did a bit of work on other
features to make them faster and friendlier. Added a closing box implosion.

Version 1.04b
Fixed bug in multiple person encrypt & sign. Added a warning if you don't
encrypt to a encrypted post (safety measure for forgetful people!)

Version 1.04a
Added a way to quickly exit. Also I have PGPWave add an extra enter after
the tagline. Added hot key support. Added a way to "steal" a tagline.
Speeded up the main menu (not that it was slow, but I found a faster way
to do a fast thing) Add Control Y to the input driver routines to clear to
the end of line from the current cursor position. Also I put in a confirm
recipients for multiple person encrypt. And I added a good "a" to the end,
why? It's a internal revision. Eg, the new standard for all my programs
works like this:


v is for version
1 is the major revision, eg re-writes of the entire sections of the code
. is the separator
0 is the minor revision, eg large features
4 is the itsy revision, eg small features, changes in the interface
a is the internal revision, eg bug fixes

Version 1.03
Added screen saver. Fixed up PGPWave if you used a filename without an
extension. Took out a buggy routine that detects if the file size is 0,
and if so deletes it. Added message viewer that will highlight the quotes,
tagline, and normal text. Added a way to get extended information on current
product (eg who made it, current file, plus a way to check out the amount
of time until screensaver activation). Plus a way to add a tagline to the
message (if you're not already running from a program that does it) Also a
way to export the entire key king right to the message in a very simple way.
And also I threw in a nice screen saver that kicks butt. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also noticed
that the swapping routine I'm using is *still* keeping in 20k+ of the program
in memory, and I'm thinking about doing something about that, since 20k+ is
quite large. Also, note that a semicolon as the first character is used to
make a comment in the tagline file. Switched to SPAWNO by Ralf Brown. Memory
is almost nil when swapped (416 bytes).

Version 1.02
Speeded up the blow open windows to apx than 3 milliseconds per movement
on the opening one to increase speed going into PGPWave. When esc is hit
from the main menu it'll go down to exit. Also the line will "wrap" around
when you go past the last choice, or before the first. Two glitches in
the batch file are now fixed. (The batch file didn't specify the directory
the program was in, and also would try to edit the .cfg file if you didn't
specify a parameter!) Also I fixed a bug in the exploding windows unit to
properly move the shadowing (it would drag the text below it) Also allows
you to sign and encrypt, and just encrypt to multiple people. Fixes up a
bug in quoting, if you had "-=>" it would detect that as a quote, not
as a quote header, and hence put in the -=> as the quote. Now it will
auto detect whether it's a valid name or not. I also added a configurable
swapping, and significantly reduced the size of the .exe in memory.

Version 1.01

Adds a way to add a public key to a message without erasing the message.
I added a clock and the date at the top of the screen. Also I've added
shadowing in the boxes to accentuate certain boxes. A proper setup has
been added, so that PGPWave will not simply load an editor on the .cfg
file! Also there are
bug fixes fixes and spelling corrections that are trivial to mention. I
fixed up memory accolations to aid in my heap freeing routines. I plan
on implementing a swap function soon, since it's taking up over 50k of
memory and before I know it it may get up to 75k or so.

Version 1.00

Initial Release, contained exploding windows, a way of adding a public
key, some other features as well (signing, encrypting etc).

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