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Matrices multiplier via C++ w/source code.

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--==>Matrices v1.0 by Chris Bumgardner<==--

Here is a program I created in Borland C++
for use with Algebra II matrix problems.
It has an easy to use interface and the
source code (Borland C++) is included.
This program is freeware, so enjoy!

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Matrices multiplier via C++ w/source code.
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Contents of the MATRICES.DOC file

--==>Matrices v1.0 by Chris Bumgardner<==--

First of all, this program is freeware, meaning you don't pay. However,
it is not public domain, so I retain rights to the source code. Feel
free to modify the source code for your own enjoyment, but please
do not modify the program as your own.

I hope this program is pretty self explanatory. If you know anything
about matrices, this program should be easy to use. Just choose the
function you would like and enter the matrix. When entering a matrix,
just type a number (up to four digits including a negative sign) and
press enter. If you use all four digits, the program will automatically
go to the next number. When you are through, the answer will be shown
on the screen. It's just that easy .

What this program DOESN'T do
This program does NOT do matrix multiplying or adding, because of the
somewhat infinite possibilities of matrices that could be used in those
operations. Hey, maybe oneday...

If you are a programmer
If you are just learning programming (in C) this program might help you
out a little (although I don't document, sorry...) If you are a veteran
programmer, I wouldn't mind a little feedback.

If you are in Algebra II
I wouldn't suggest using these on your homework unless your teacher
doesn't check for work. Mine does, so these only let me check my

If you like this program
If you like this program (or if you don't) send me some E-mail. My address
is 73061,2467. Hope to hear from you!

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