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Beta update 2g for the VGA PLANETS windoes program.
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Beta update 2g for the VGA PLANETS windoes program.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Please note:

WINPLAN.EXE 3.5 Beta Test 2f requires the
VSVBX.VBX control in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

Copy the file VSVBX.VBX into your windows\system before
trying to run WINPLAN.EXE.

VSVBX.VBX Version 5.0 is included in this zip file.

WINPLAN.EXE 3.5 Beta Test 2f requires the
WPVCR.DLL control in your main winplan directory
(This is the same directory that WINPLAN.EXE is in)

WINPLAN Version 3.5 requires 9 megs of hard drive space and
a windows running in enhanced mode.

HOST Version 3.2 requires a 286 or better CPU and 400K of
free lower memory.

Also Note this is a just PATCH file for current
beta testers.

There is >>>NOT<<< a shareware version of VGA Planets
3.5 for Windows and there are no plans of one. To get a
REGISTERED perview version of Version 3.5 for MS Windows
you must send in this order form:

Order form for VGA Planets 3.5 for MS-Windows Beta Preview Version
Please Print:





Email Address:__________________________________________________________

Version of MS-Windows:__________________________________________________


[ ] VGA Planets Preview Version 3.5 for MS Windows $20.00
Plus the final release version

*** NOTE: This is a registered version. There is not a shareware version
of WINPLAN.EXE 3.5. Every player need their own copy of WINPLAN.EXE
to play in a WINPLAN.EXE 3.5 / HOST 3.2 game.

You will receive ONE beta test preview copy and the final release
version of VGA Planets 3.5 when it is completed.

Updates to WINPLAN 3.5 and HOST 3.20 will be posted to the Tim Continuum
BBS (209) 877-4921 for download as the bugs are fixed.

Mail this to me at:

Tim Wisseman
PO Box 204
North Fork
CA 93643

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