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CrazyCons Shareware Version! All new ICONS for Windows. Spice up Windows!.

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CrazyCons Shareware Version! All new Icons
for Windows! These DLL files will spice up
your Windows environment, and set you apart
from the rest. These Icons are of high
quality, and can be used in high quality
applications. Make your Desktop and Programs
look better than the rest!

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CrazyCons Shareware Version! All new ICONS for Windows. Spice up Windows!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRAZY.HLP 30103 9073 deflated
DESC.SDI 291 197 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 291 197 deflated
ILL-1-C.ICO 766 208 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 49152 21806 deflated
KEY-28C.ICO 766 236 deflated
NEWCIN1.BMP 280758 5487 deflated
ORDER.TXT 2288 802 deflated
SHARE1.DLL 39840 7181 deflated
SHARE2.DLL 42272 4211 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the ORDER.TXT file

---------------------------CrazyCons Order Form----------------------------

Make all payments payable to Cinsage Cintronics.

Send payment & this form to:

Cinsage Cintronics
2008 Greensburg Road
Buffalo, KY 42716-8113

Phone - (502)-325-3594
Internet - [email protected]


_____ Full Version(s) of CrazyCons $15.00 _______

_____ Full version for programers $25.00 _______
& more than 1 computer


_____ 5.25 _____ 3.50


Check _____ Money Order _____

NAME :_______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS :____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS :____________________________________________________________

CITY :______________________STATE :_________________ ZIP :___________

E-MAIL ADDRESSES :___________________________________________________

OTHER ELECTRONIC ADDRESSES : ________________________________________

NOTE - The full version of CrazyCons includes 340 total icons as of
November 7, 1994. Many more icons will be added to this
collection, and you will receive all the icons that Cinsage
Cintronics produces for the CrazyCons collection when you
register any version of CrazyCons!

$25.00 is all it costs for the programer's and network
licenses. Programers may use CrazyCons in any programs they
produce. Companies and other organizations with more than 1
computer may use CrazyCons on all computers as long as they are

all in the same building.

Be sure to include any E-Mail addresses with your order. We
will contact you through E-Mail from time to time, keeping you
up-to-date on all of our products!

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