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Here Kitty is Windows Screensaver. Before activation girl calls "Here Kitty". Animated kitten runs all over screen.
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Here Kitty is Windows Screensaver. Before activation girl calls “Here Kitty”. Animated kitten runs all over screen.
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Contents of the KITTY11.DOC file

Here Kitty 1.1
Windows Screen Saver
Copyright (c) 1994 by John Owen

Here Kitty 1.1 is a Windows screen saver with an adorable fully animated kitten
running across your screen. Just before the screen activates a young girl's
voice calls "Here Kitty" and as she calls once every two or three minutes the
kitten runs and runs on it's way home.

Here Kitty1.1 is a shareware product. If you use it for more that 30 days, you
MUST register. You are encouraged to try this shareware version and pass it
along, or make copies for friends. However, you are only granted the right to
use this Unregistered Version for 30 days.
To register please send $15.00 in US Funds to:

Owen Associates
4 Interstate Street
Suffern, NY 10901
Voice phone (914) 357 - 1943

Select the register button in setup (accessed from Desktop) to print an order

You can order with MC, Visa, Amex, or Discover from Public (software) Library by calling
800-2424-PsL or 713-524-6394 or by FAX to 713-524-6398 or by CIS Email to 71355,470. You
can also mail credit card orders to PsL at P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705. Refer to
product # 11725 Here Kitty (TM), and specify disk size (3 1/2 or 5 1/4).


Any questions about the status of the shipment of the order, refunds, registration options, product
details, technical support, volume discounts, dealer pricing, site licenses, etc, must be directed
to: Owen Associates at the above address or by Voice phone (914) 357 - 1943 or CIS Email to
John Owen 71613,3027

To insure that you get the latest version, PsL will notify us the day of your order and we will ship
the product directly to you.

You may also register via Compuserve at GO SWREG. Refer to product ID 4107.

To install Here Kitty select run in Program Manager and type A:\INSTALL or
B:\INSTALL if you are installing from a floppy. From a hard drive type the
full path to these files example C:\MYDIR\INSTALL.

Alternately, from File Manager you can select the drive and directory
containing these files, and doubleclick on INSTALL.EXE.

When installation is complete, you will receive the simple instructions for
setting up Here Kitty.

You should have received the following files.

KITTY11.SCR - Screen saver executable
KITTY1A.HLP - Help file
KITTY1B.HLP - Help file
INSTALL.EXE - Installation program
INSTALL.HLP - Help file
KITTY11.WRI - Introduction and instructions (Windows Write)
KITTY11.DOC - This file
VENDOR.DOC - Information file for vendors
ORDER.FRM - Order form

If any are missing please contact Owen Associates for a complete version.

I hope you enjoy it,
John Owen

WINDOWS is a trademark of MICROSOFT.

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