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FractInt version 19 The latest upgrade to the Stone Soup Group's freeware fractal generator adds deep zooms, random dot stereographs, new bailout parameters, and new fractal types. Awesome. Source code in FRASRC19.ZIP.
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FractInt version 19 The latest upgrade to the Stone Soup Group’s freeware fractal generator adds deep zooms, random dot stereographs, new bailout parameters, and new fractal types. Awesome. Source code in FRASRC19.ZIP.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADVANCED.KEY 1865 554 deflated
ALTERN.MAP 3393 587 deflated
BASIC.KEY 1273 538 deflated
BLUES.MAP 3369 537 deflated
CELLULAR.PAR 4487 665 deflated
CHROMA.MAP 4221 528 deflated
DEBUGFLA.DOC 3119 1412 deflated
DEFAULT.MAP 2794 644 deflated
DEMO.BAT 1421 417 deflated
DEMO.KEY 9520 2545 deflated
FIRESTRM.MAP 3372 1019 deflated
FRACT19.PAR 2940 1444 deflated
FRACTINT.CFG 13064 2517 deflated
FRACTINT.DOC 537 303 deflated
FRACTINT.EXE 1156953 475780 deflated
FRACTINT.FRM 37617 9845 deflated
FRACTINT.IFS 5863 1534 deflated
FRACTINT.L 11264 2690 deflated
FRACTINT.PAR 18560 7534 deflated
FROTH3.MAP 3328 254 deflated
FROTH316.MAP 208 61 deflated
FROTH6.MAP 3328 609 deflated
FROTH616.MAP 208 62 deflated
GAMMA1.MAP 3350 781 deflated
GAMMA2.MAP 3136 798 deflated
GLASSES1.MAP 3328 229 deflated
GLASSES2.MAP 3328 522 deflated
GOODEGA.MAP 3712 582 deflated
GREEN.MAP 3393 214 deflated
GREY.MAP 3060 789 deflated
GRID.MAP 3330 59 deflated
HEADACHE.MAP 3371 458 deflated
ICONS.PAR 12416 3113 deflated
LANDSCAP.MAP 2552 305 deflated
LYAPUNOV.MAP 3328 226 deflated
LYAPUNOV.PAR 2613 1144 deflated
NEON.MAP 3357 637 deflated
NEW19.KEY 2338 799 deflated
NEWPARM.PAR 4174 1274 deflated
PAINTJET.MAP 312 158 deflated
PENROSE.L 5453 1485 deflated
PHOENIX.PAR 539 246 deflated
ROYAL.MAP 3361 653 deflated
SIMPLGIF.EXE 14054 12783 deflated
SSCHOICE.EXE 576 94 deflated
TILING.L 3583 1144 deflated
TOPO.MAP 3411 583 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TPLUS.DAT 4864 1034 deflated
VOLCANO.MAP 3365 616 deflated

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Contents of the DEBUGFLA.DOC file

This list complete as of version 19.
None of these are necessarily supported in future.

Add one to any debug value to trigger writing benchmark values to
the file "bench". This gets stripped at startup; so all values
used for other purposes are even.

Example: "fractint debug=8088" forces Fractint to think you have an
8088/8086 CPU and ignore all of the tricky 186/286/386-specific stuff.
"Fractint 8089" does the same thing, but also turns on the benchmark

16video.asmpretend not a vga
22lorenz.cforce float for 3D perspective
50fractint.ccompare estored files
70fractint.cset fpu = 0
72fractint.cdon't use fast >= 287 fpu routines
90fractals.cforce "C" mandel & julia code (no calcmand or calmanfp)
90fractals.cforce generic code for fn+fn etc types
90 parser.cforce "C" parser code even if FPU >= 387
92 parser.cprint out list of FRM files searched
94 parsera.asm Use old buggy pwr()
94 mpmath_c.c Use old buggy pwr()
100calcmand.asmforce use of 'code32bit' logic
200fractint.ctime encoder
322parserfp.cdisable optimizer (FPU >= 387 only)
420diskvid.cdon't use extended/expanded mem (force disk)
420realdos.csame for screen save (force disk)
420editpal.csame for screen save (force disk)
420jiim.c same for screen save (force disk)
422diskvid.cdon't use expanded mem (force extended or disk)
422realdos.csame for screen save (force extended or disk)
450fractint.cabort in batch mode if savename exists
470calcfract.cdisable prevention of color 0 for BTM
472calcfract.cenable solid guessing at bottom and right
600printer.cpaintjet, no form feed
602printer.cpaintjet, flip image
7nn miscovl.cset getprec() digits variable to nn
750 miscovl.cprint out as many params digits as possible in PAR
870fractint.cset fpu to max 87
1010fractals.cforce fp for newton & newtbasin (no mpc math)
1234fractint.cforce larger integer arithmetic bitshift value
2222line3d.cshow amount of extra seg memory used
2224line3d.cold just-the-dots logic, probably a temporary thing
2870fractint.cset fpu to max 287 iit off
2872fractint.cset fpu to max 287 iit on
3000general.asm'~' goes to color play mode
3002realdos.cdon't show development in heading
3200 fracsubr.c disable auto switch back from arbitrary precision
3400 fracsubr.c disable auto switch from integer to float
3600 miscfrac.c pins the plasma corners to 1
3870fractint.cset fpu to max 387 iit off
3872fractint.cset fpu to max 387 iit on
4000miscres.cturn on math error message (off otherwise)
8088general.asmset cpu = 86, ie dont use 32 bit stuff
8088fractint.cset cpu = 86, (case in general.asm is redundant?)
9002-9100 fractint.creduce video_type to (debug-9000)/2 if init was higher
10000fractint.cdisplay cpu, fpu, and free memory at startup
10000fractint.c? (try extra hard for minimal startup memory?)

nonzero value, line3d.c, show "normal vector" errors instead of just fixing
nonzero value, prompts.c, show info if fullscreen_prompt2 array invalid

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