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Microsoft Windows 95 newsletter Volume 1 No 1 to 5.
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Microsoft Windows 95 newsletter Volume 1 No 1 to 5.
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Microsoft WinNews Electronic Newsletter,
Vol. 1, #1, July 13, 1994

Welcome to the first edition of the Microsoft WinNews
Electronic Newsletter. Despite the fact that this is the
first edition, you've probably already noticed something has
changed -- the name of our newsletter. We've renamed POSNEWS
to WINNEWS to stay consistent with all of our other Windows
news sources on Compuserve, the internet, AOL, and other
places. DON'T PANIC - you don't have to do anything. Our
friends at NorthWestNet have taken care of the behind the
scenes details of making sure that everyone who subscribed
to WinNews is transferred.

This issue covers five topics:

1. Special Invitation to 'Windows "Chicago" and the IS
2. News Release: Microsoft Selects DSP Group's TrueSpeech
for Windows Chicago
3. News Release: Industry Rallies Around OLE
4. Using the WinNews List Server
5. Where to get more information

We hope you find the information useful, and presented in an
easy to read format.By the time you receive your next issue
there should be a feedback mailbox in place for you to send
us your comments.


P.S. Check the date on the TrueSpeech press release...
can't get more up to the minute than that, can you?


Microsoft Corporation invites you to join us for an in-depth
look at Windows "Chicago's" features and benefits for the IS
manager. See how Chicago can help reduce end user support
burden, increase IS control over the desktop, and increase
end user productivity. Demonstrations will also showcase
Chicago's new user interface, multi-tasking capabilities,
great application support and critical features designed to
make life easier for the IS manager.

Windows "Chicago" and the IS Manager
Brad Chase, General Manager
Personal Operating Systems Division
Microsoft Corporation

Wednesday, July 27, 1994
9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Arie Crown Theatre at McCormick Place
2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Advanced registration for this special event is not
necessary. We encourage you to arrive early as space is
limited and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Editors' Note: This news release is issued jointly by
Microsoft Corp. and DSP Group, Inc.


Enables Quality Speech Compression in Next Generation
Personal Computers

Redmond, Wash. and SANTA CLARA, CALIF. -- July 14, 1994 --
DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:DSPG) and Microsoft Corporation
(NASDAQ:MSFT) today announced that Microsoft will use DSP
Group's TrueSpeech(r) speech compression technology in its
upcoming Windows 'Chicago' release. Quality speech
compression is a key to the successful convergence of
computers and telephony. TrueSpeech enables high quality and
efficient processing and transmission of speech essential
for business and consumer applications.

Quality speech compression is important for any
personal computer or personal communication device using
digitally compressed speech. The importance is apparent in
applications such as collaborative computing, voice mail,
PC-based training and development.

"Incorporating TrueSpeech into Chicago is evidence
of Microsoft's commitment to using leading edge technologies
to make Chicago the highest quality multimedia system for
developers and end-users," said Rogers Weed, Microsoft's
Windows product manager."

TrueSpeech speech compression greatly simplifies
sharing digitally processed speech between computing
devices. A single standard for speech compression means
computer systems can share digitally processed speech.
Without a single standard, it is like people speaking many
languages without any common ground.

Davidi Gilo, chairman of DSP Group, explained, "We
realized a few years ago that end-users would benefit
greatly from a digital speech compression technology which
is a standard. We are quite pleased with Microsoft's
acknowledgment of our technology. It takes us well along
toward the goal we envisioned."

TrueSpeech compression is a technology based on
complex mathematical algorithms which are derived from the
way airflow from our lungs is shaped by the throat, mouth,
and tongue when we speak. This shaping is what our ear
finally hears. TrueSpeech is 5 to 15 times more efficient
and effective than other methods of digital speech
compression. For example, a one minute long speech file
which uses other PC audio technology would consume as much
as 960 kilobytes. With TrueSpeech, the same file would be
just over 60 kilobytes. This reserves more valuable
computing capability for additional functions.

According to Will Strauss, president of Forward
Concepts (Tempe, Ariz.), a leading market research firm
specializing in multimedia technology: "Speech compression
is a driving force for the converging applications of
personal computers and telephony. However, having a speech
compression standard is critical to being able to use speech
easily and interchangeably. This move by Microsoft goes a
long way toward establishing TrueSpeech as the de facto

TrueSpeech evolved from years of work by DSP Group
on low cost, high quality speech compression for the digital
answering machine market. Since DSP Group pioneered and is
a leading supplier of digital speech chips for answering
machines, many of today's digital answering machines use
this same technology for storing and playing back speech.

"As next generation Windows operating systems and
TrueSpeech become widespread in the market, the benefit of
standard speech compression will become a given," commented
DSP Group's Gilo. "Microsoft has the opporunity to include
TrueSpeech in future versions of Windows."

Today, there are over 50 million personal computers
using Microsoft Windows and over 2 million new machines
shipping with Microsoft Windows each month.

In addition to today's announcement regarding
Microsoft operating systems, TrueSpeech is being included in
product development by a variety of personal computer and
semiconductor companies including Analog Devices, Compaq,
Intel, Motorola, Silicon Systems, VLSI Technology, and

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader
in software for personal computers. The company offers a
wide range of products and services for business and
personal use, each designed with the mission of making it
easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of
the full power of personal computing every day.

DSP Group, Inc. develops and markets enabling
digital signal processing and digital speech technologies
and products for the PC, multimedia, and communications
markets. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the
company offers digital speech and video algorithms, DSP core
technology, and integrated DSP-based solutions. DSP
Group's technologies and products have been adopted or
endorsed by industry leaders including Microsoft, Motorola,
Intel, VLSI Technology, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Philips,
Siemens, GEC Plessey, Matra, Alcatel, British Telecom,
France Telecom, Spain Telefonica, and others.


TrueSpeech is a registered trademark of DSP Group, Inc.
All other trademarks and registered trademarks are those of
their respective companies.


Industry Rallies Around OLE

Lotus, WordPerfect, Borland, Micrografx and 150 Other ISVs
Will Support OLE in Their Applications; 75 Companies in Open
Market Data Council Adopt OLE-Based Standards; New Windows
Platforms to Add 32-Bit OLE Capabilities

REDMOND, Wash. -- July 11, 1994 -- Microsoftr OLE
technology is gaining momentum as top software vendors
announce OLE support for their products and corporations
embrace OLE for enterprisewide applications. "OLE is an
important technology for Borland. We're developing
significant tools to help customers migrate their existing
applications to the OLE world," said Paul Gross, vice
president and general manager, languages, Borland
International, Inc. WordPerfect Corporation has also
announced it will be the first to offer OLE 2.0
functionality in five suite applications in its
PerfectOffice suite of products.

In the securities industry, the Open Market Data
Council, consisting of more than 75 leading vendors of
information technology, has developed a set of OLE-based
standards for supplying and accessing real-time data for
applications based on the Microsoft Windows(tm) operating
system. Called Windows(tm) Open Services Architecture
Extensions for Real-Time Market Data (WOSA/XRT), the
standard provides a mechanism for seamless exchange of

information between market data feeds and applications that
support OLE.

OLE Delivers Component Software

"OLE is a cornerstone of our overall systems strategy
and delivers the benefits of component software to users
today," said Jim Allchin, vice president of advanced systems
at Microsoft. Component software provides a standard means
of defining what a software component is and how components
can interact in a synergistic manner -- without the
developer having to know anything about how the individual
components work. Allchin added, "OLE can lower the cost of
computing by giving users and developers more software
choices and greater flexibility. Today's OLE applications
will run unchanged and work even better with our next
generation of Windows platforms, as a result of new levels
of integration between the applications and the system."

New Windows Platforms Offer 32-Bit OLE

The next release of the Windows NT(tm) operating
system, code-named "Daytona," will be released this summer
with the first implementation of 32-bit OLE, including
support for multithreaded applications. "Graphics-intensive
software requires the horsepower that 'Daytona' and 32-bit
OLE provides," said Tom Steele, president of Intergraph
Software Solutions. "Thirty-two-bit OLE will enable us to
innovate in ways that really differentiate our products in
the CAD marketplace."

The beta version of Windows "Chicago" shipped last
month with the same 32-bit OLE as "Daytona." "We've been
using the latest Microsoft Windows 'Chicago' beta, and it is
proving to be a fantastic enabling platform for our
professional graphics applications, Micrografx Picture
Publisher and Micrografx Designer," said Paul Grayson, vice
president of development for Micrografx, Inc. "OLE is a key
enabling technology for our entire suite of graphics
applications. Without OLE, features that are crucial to our
success would not be possible. One of our applications, ABC
Toolkit, is going to blow people's minds with its
implementation of OLE Automation." Both Windows "Chicago"
and "Daytona" support 16- and 32-bit OLE application

More OLE Applications Each Month

Microsoft released a new version of the OLE
applications catalog, which lists more than 300 products
that take advantage of OLE, including word processing,
spreadsheet, graphics, database, multimedia and decision-
support applications as well as a variety of programming
tools to make OLE development easy. CorelDRAW is one of the
catalog entries. "In 1992, CorelDRAW3 was one of the first
applications to fully embrace OLE technology," said Eid Eid,
director of CorelDRAW engineering at Corel Systems
Corporation. "Our early success with OLE encouraged us to
extend its benefits to all our key graphics applications.
Corel VENTURA5, scheduled to ship in late July 1994, will be
the first professional publishing program to support Visual
Editing. We feel OLE has given us competitive advantage and
enhanced features that are important to the success of our

The catalog also contains more than 20 OLE Custom
Controls add-in products. OLE Custom Controls is an
architecture that migrates the popular VBX architecture to
OLE technology, allowing applications to be built from
reusable components.

Windows "Chicago" Logo Means OLE Compatibility

To qualify for the Windows "Chicago"-compatible logo,
products must be OLE-enabled, which ensures consistency and
compatibility among applications and the operating system.
"The benefit to our end users is that when they obtain new
Windows-based 'Chicago' applications, they will
automatically know these applications will work together and
act alike," said Doug Henrich, director of developer
relations at Microsoft. "Consistency and compatibility are
what customers want, and OLE is the means to provide them.
OLE is here today, being used by ISVs, corporate developers
and users."

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ "MSFT") is the
worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The
company offers a wide range of products and services for
business and personal use, each designed with the mission of
making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take
advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.


Microsoft and Microsoft Press are registered trademarks and
Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft
Macintosh and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple
Computer, Inc.
Micrografx is a registered trademark and Micrografx Design
is a trademark of Micrografx, Inc.
Other product and company names may be the trademarks and/or
the registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Editor's Note: Windows NT is a trademarked product name.
Please do not abbreviate in any way.

* At the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference
(December 1993), 4,850 of 5,000 attendees produced an OLE-
enabled version of their products to run on Microsoftr
Windows(tm) Chicago."
* More than 25,000 "Inside OLE2" books have sold, placing
the series on the Microsoft Pressr best-sellers' list.
* More than 60,000 developers have the OLE SDK (includes 32-
bit OLE).
* More than 2,500 beta copies of the version of OLE 2.0 for
the Macintoshr were released at the Appler Worldwide
Developers Conference in May 1994 (including 1,000 that went
out in three hours).
* Microsoft Works for the Macintosh and Microsoft Excel for
the Macintosh, which include the version of OLE 2.0 for the
Macintosh are shipping today.
* More than 100 applications are shipping today with support
for OLE 2.0, and more than 200 are committed before Fall
COMDEX, representing more than 150 companies.
* A new version of the OLE applications catalog is produced
monthly; an average of 50 new applications are included with
each update.
* More than 10 million applications have shipped with
support for OLE.
A copy of Word 6.0 is shipped every four seconds. Word
includes five OLE objects -- that's one OLE object shipped
every .8 seconds!
* More objects in use today are based on OLE than on any
other object technology.
* OLE Custom Controls recently won the "Most Significant New
Technology" award at the Spring COMDEX in Atlanta. In
addition, OLE 2.0 has won numerous industry awards,
including the 1993 PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award,
the MVP: Software Innovation Award from PC/Computing, and
the Technology Award for Excellence from BYTE magazine.


Using WinNews and the MajorDomo Listserver

This newsletter is hosted on the Majordomo listserver
program. It's more than just an electronic newsletter,
however. It's also a respository of files that you can
access. Here's how:

You can send majordomo a number of different commands by
sending mail to [email protected] The commands
majordomo understands are:

subscribe WinNews [ADDRESS]
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unsubscribe WinNews [ADDRESS]
Unsubscribe yourself (or ADDRESS if specified) from

get WinNews FILE
Mail the FILE related to WinNews back to you at your
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Retrieve general introductory information on WinNews.

Retrieve the list of user commands that majordomo

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The files currently available on WinNews are:

welcome.txt - the welcome message you receive when you first

faq.txt - frequently asked questions about this newsletter

bigpic7.asc - which API's are implemented where? Win32 on
Chicago and Daytona vs. Win16 on Windows 3.1

msdnart.asc - a reprint of an MSDN article on writing Win32

winnews.idx - this index

inetqna.asc - a short Q&A on Chicago and the Internet

game2pr.asc - press release on WinG, the new Windows GAMES

oleqa.asc - a Q&A on OLE under Chicago

pr-agent.asc - press release on the backup agent
incorporated into Chicago

shivapr.asc - press release announcing collaboration between
Microsoft and Shiva Corp

wad11094.asc - Windows at Deadline - January 1994

wad426pr.asc - Windows at Deadline - April 1994

wfw394pr.asc - Windows at Deadline - March 1994

ch50mlpr.asc - Spring COMDEX 1994 announcement that Windows
sales have now passed 50 million units

wnhcpr.asc - press release about the Windows Hardware
Engineering Conference in Feb 1994

chpnppr.asc - plug and play press release from Spring
Windows World

creatpr.asc - announcement that Microsoft and Creative Labs
will work together

hppr.asc - Microsoft and HP announcement on the Laserjet 4

pionpr.asc - Pioneers Awards given out at Spring Windows

atwserpr.asc - Leading telephony vendors support TAPI

cutestpr.asc - announcement of first Chicago Beta shipments

dsppr.asc - announcement of Chicago DSP Resource Manager

pirac6pr.asc - massive police raids net pirates

winrelpr.asc - announcing WinNews!

lehman.asc - Gates speech to Lehman Bros. Industry futures,

gatcmx93.asc - Gates keynote address at fall COMDEX

bill_ema.asc - Gates keynote address to the EMA

tapiqna.asc - Q&A on Windows Telephony

tcpipqna.asc - Q&A on TCP/IP support in Chicago


Where can I get the latest information on Chicago, directly
from Microsoft?

Microsoft has established a number of easily accessible
electronic distribution points for new whitepapers, press
releases and other pertinent documentation. Use the
following electronic addresses to access further

On the Worldwide Web (mosaic)
On the Internet
On Compuserve
On Genie
On America Online

Here is a list of the files that are currently available on
the WinNews sites listed above. Each ZIP file contains three
versions of each of the content files -- one in Word for
Windows 2.0 format (.DOC), one in straight text (.ASC) and
one in postscript (.PS). Note that all of the files were
originally created in Word for Windows 6.0 format, so there
may be some formatting infelicitudes created by the

CHICOQA4 ZIP 51,086 06-29-94 2:52p

The May 1994 Chicago Q&A. Answers most basic questions
about the Chicago project, including networking, memory
management and others.

CHIC_MGT ZIP 133,422 06-29-94 4:34p

A whitepaper detailing Microsoft's strategy for making
Chicago a more manageable and easier to administer client in
corporate networks. Specifically talks about Chicago and
the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) spec, among other

CHIC_NET ZIP 248,600 06-29-94 3:04p

A whitepaper detailing how Chicago supports
networks,including details of the Client Service for

INETQ&A ZIP 6,306 06-29-94 2:17p Inetq&

A short Q&A on Microsoft and the internet.

MMEDIA ZIP 434,399 06-29-94 2:45p

A collection of files on developing multi-media apps for
Windows 3.1 and Chicago. Includes backgrounders on what
multi-media is, information on writing games using the new
WinG gaming libraries, and screen shots from ID Software's
upcoming version of the popular DOOM for Windows.

OLE ZIP 543,038 06-29-94 3:21p

3 files on Microsoft's Object Strategy, OLE 2, and questions
and answers about OLE 2, especially as it relates to SOM and

PNP ZIP 160,007 06-29-94 3:27p

A backgrounder document on plug and play.

PR ZIP 251,115 06-29-94 4:26p

A collection of Chicago related press releases from late
December of 1993 until now.

SPEECH ZIP 183,840 06-29-94 2:12p

Three speeches by Bill Gates on his vision of the computer
industry and where Chicago fits in.

TAPI ZIP 102,911 06-29-94 4:38p

Background information on Windows new Telephone API (TAPI)
and how this fits into Chicago.

TCPIP ZIP 7,573 06-29-94 10:45p

A short Q&A on Chicago and TCP/IP networking.

WIN32 ZIP 153,761 06-29-94 5:08p

4 documents on writing Win32 apps, including the Win32 API
comparison chart.

REVGUID3 ZIP 2,242,789 06-30-94 2:19p

The Chicago Beta 1 reviewers guide. A 300 page document
detailing all features of Beta 1.

REVWW6 ZIP 1,042,321 06-30-94 2:27p

The Chicago Beta 1 reviewers guide in its original Word for
Windows 6 format.

PR-AGENT ZIP 12,709 06-30-94 2:40p PR-AGENT.ZIP

Microsoft / Arcada press release on how Arcada's backup
technology is being integrated into Chicago.

RESKIT ZIP 816,378 07-12-94 11:36a RESKIT.ZIP

The Chicago Beta-1 Resource Kit. Contains implementation
information on setting up Chicago on networks, installing
Chicago over existing Windows installations, Chicago
security features and more.


If you know someone who might be interested in WinNews, feel
free to forward this document, provided you forward it in
it's entirety, as per the copyright notice below. If you
wish to stop receiving WinNews, send mail to
[email protected] with the text UNSUBSCRIBE WINNEWS
in the body of your message.


This document is provided for informational purposes only.
The information contained in this document represents the
current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues
discussed as of the date of publication. Because Microsoft
must respond to change in market conditions, it should not
be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft
and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any
information presented after the date of publication.

FREEDOM FROM INFRINGEMENT. The user assumes the entire risk
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following conditions: 1) All text must be copied without
modification and all pages must be included; 2) All copies
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Copyright c Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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