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This is an updated modem file for Norton PCAnywhere 5.0 DOS 04/95.
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This is an updated modem file for Norton PCAnywhere 5.0 DOS 04/95.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MODLIST.TXT 6768 2559 deflated
AWMODEM.MD6 173056 22432 deflated

Download File MOD50.EXE Here

Contents of the MODLIST.TXT file

Updated Modem List for pcANYWHERE
Last updated: January 10, 1995

Files included in this update:
MOD10.EXE includes: AWMODEM.DAT (for pcANYWHERE for Windows 1.0)
MOD20.EXE and MOD50.EXE includes: AWMODEM.MD6 (for pcANYWHERE for DOS 5.0 and pcANYWHERE for Windows 2.0)

Rename old modem file and copy this new file into pcAnywhere directory.

Modems included:

Acer Modem 2424
Anchor Signalman Lightning 24
Apollo V32turbo
AT&T 2224 CEO
AT&T 4000
AT&T 4024
AT&T Comsphere 3820
AT&T Paradyne DataPort 14.4
ATI 2400etc
ATI 9600etc/e
ATI Vigor 14400
AVTEK Megaplus Family V32bis
Banksia Bit Blitzer 124E
Banksia Bit Blitzer 1234E
Banksia Bit Blitzer MX-5/MX-6
Banksia My-Modem
Black Box 12345 MNP
Boca 14.4Kbps V.32bis
Bocamodem 28.8Kbps V.34
Calcom 14.4 Data & FAX
Calcom 28.8 Data & FAX *
CALPAK MX-2400/MXE-2400
Cardinal 14.4 DSP
Cardinal 14.4 V32 V42bis
Cardinal 9600 V32 V42bis
Cardinal MVP144IF
Codex 2234
Codex 2264 *
Codex 3220
Codex 3260/3265
Compaq Enhanced 14.4 Data/ Fax
Compaq Enhanced 2400 Data
Compaq Enhanced 9600 Data
Compaq Enhanced 9600 Data/ Fax
Compaq Internal 24/96 Data/ Fax
Compaq International 2400
Compaq Modem Advisor
Compaq PCMCIA 14.4 Data/ Fax
Compaq PCMCIA 24/96 Data/ Fax
Compaq Presario 14.4 Data/ Fax/ Voice
Compaq Presario 24/96 Data/ Fax/ Voice
Compaq SpeedPAQ 144
Compaq SpeedPAQ 144 (Cellular)
Compaq SpeedPAQ 144/I
Compaq SpeedPAQ 144/P (Cellular)
Complete Communicator
CompuCom Speedmodem Combo
CompuCom Speedmodem STAR *
Data Race RediCARD RC1414 PCMCIA
Data Race RediCARD RC1496 (Cell)
Data Race RediCARD RC1496 (Wire)
Dataplex DPX 222
Dataplex DPX 223
Dataplex DPX 224
Dataplex DPX 296
Dataplex DPX 496
Dataplex DPX 596
Datatronics Discovery 1200C *
Datatronics Discovery 1200P *
Datatronics Discovery 2400E *
Digicom 9624
Digicom Scout Classic 144
Digicom ScoutPlus 14400V.32bis
EasyData *
EasyModem 144
EasyModem PDC24E
ETech Bullet E2400
ETech Bullet PC2400MH
Etech Bullet E9696M
Everex Evercom 24E
Everex Evercom 24E+
Everex Evercom 96E+
Fastcomm FDX Series
Forval 9600 V32, 14400
Galaxy UFO V.32 Turbo/V.42bis
Gateway 2000 TelePath
General DataComm MNP5
General DataComm V.42bis
General DataComm V.F 28.8
GVC 9600
GVC 9600 V.42bis
GVC 14400 V42.bis
GVC 28800
GVC Super Modem 2400
Hayes compatible
Hayes ISDN - V.120 *
Hayes ISDN - X.25 *
Hayes Smartmodem 300
Hayes Smartmodem 1200
Hayes Smartmodem 2400
Hayes Smartmodem 9600 - V.32
Hayes OPTIMA 96
Hayes OPTIMA 14.4
Hayes OPTIMA 144
Hayes OPTIMA 28.8
Hayes V-series 2400
Hayes V-series 9600
Hayes V-series Ultra 96
Hayes V-series Ultra 144
Incomm Turbo 4800 *
Intel 2400EX
Intel 2400EX MNP
Intel 9600EX
Intel 14.4EX
Intel 144/144E
Intel SatisFAXtion
Intel SatisFAXtion 400E/400I
Interlink Base6
Interlink Fastbit IIbis
Interlink FaxModem-3
Interlink IQ1234
Interlink IQ1234MNP
Interlink IQ6
Interlink Voidax
Leading Edge Model L 1200 *
Lightning LightCom 96
Maestro 2400 XR, 2400 XR Duo
Maestro 9600XR Datafax
Maestro Data Optimizer/9642XR
Maestro Super Exec 96M/144FM
MaxModem 2400EI
Maxum Super Modem 2400 *
Megahertz 96/24 FAX/Modem
Megahertz CC3144 PCMCIA D/F
Megahertz CC324FM PCMCIA D/F
Megahertz CC4144 PCMCIA (Land)
Megahertz P296FMV FAX/Modem
Megahertz T3144 FAX/Modem
Megahertz XJ1144 PCMCIA D/F
Megahertz XJ2144 PCMCIA D/F
Megahertz XJ2288 PCMCIA
Microcom AX/1200-2400 series
Microcom AX/9600 *
Microcom AX/9612-9624 series
Microcom DeskPorte EP 28.8
Microcom DeskPorte ES 28.8
Microcom QX/12K & QX/V.32c *
Microcom QX/4232hs
Microcom QX/4232bis
MICC 4824
MICC 9600/9610/9620
Migent Pocket Modem
Mitsubishi PDL2000 PCMCIA (Land)
Mitsubishi PDL2000 PCMCIA (Cell)
Motorola CELLect (Cellular)
Motorola CELLect (Wireline)
Motorola UDS FasTalk 2400
Motorola UDS FasTalk II 14.4
MultiTech 1200 *
MultiTech 224
MultiTech 224E
MultiTech 224EH5/EH7
MultiTech 696
MultiTech MultiModem V32
MultiTech MultiModem II 1432
MultiTech MultiModem MT1432MU
MultiTech MultiModem MT1932ZDX
MultiTech MultiModem PCS
NEC N9631
Netcomm Automodem Family V32bis
NetComm Faxmodem 24
NetComm Pocket Rocket 1234, PA
NetComm Smart/AutoModem 1234
NetComm SmartModem E4, E5
NetComm SmartModem Family V32bis
Netcomm Smartmodem M11F V.Fast
Netcomm SmartModem M4/M5
Okidata OkiTel 9600
OmniTel Netcomm Q1200
OmniTel Netcomm Q2400
Omron Impala 14.4K Fax *
P.C. Logic FAX144DM
P.C. Logic FAX144I
Penril Alliance V.32
Penril Datalink 2400
Piiceon Dispatcher PCMCIA
Popcom X100 *
Practical Peripherals 1200
Practical Peripherals 2400
Practical Periph. 2400SA MNP *
Practical Periph. 2400SA V.42bis
Practical Peripherals 9600SA
Practical Peripherals 14400FXPKT
Practical Peripherals 14400FXSA
Practical Peripherals PM288MTII
Prometheus ProModem 1200 *
Quicktel 2400 V.42bis
Racal Milgo RMD 3222
Racal Vadic 9632VP
Rockwell RG 2400 PC Modem
Sharp 9624e
Shiva NetModem/E
SimpleModem 24f
SmartLink 1414BAV FaxModem
SmartLink 1496UM
Spirit II
Spirit Pocket Fax/Modem P1414MX
Spirit Pocket Fax/Modem P1496MX
Spirit Pocket Fax/Modem P9696MX
Spirit Thunder
Spirit Thunder V32terbo Mode
Supra FaxModem V.32 *
Supra FaxModem V.32bis
Supra FaxModem FaxModem 288
Telecom MODEM TEL424
Telecom V32bis
Telebit T1000
Telebit T1600
Telebit T2500
Telebit T3000
Telebit QBlazer
Telebit Trailblazer Plus
Telenetics TC921 *
Touchbase Worldport 1200
Touchbase Worldport 2400
Touchbase Worldport 9600
Twincom 14.4/DF
UDS DU170/FR *
UDS FasTalk 2400 *
UDS FasTalk II 14/4 V42/V42bis
UDS FasTalk V.32/42b
UDS V.32 *
UDS V.3225
UDS V.3229
USRobotics Courier 2400
USRobotics Courier 2400e
USRobotics Courier 28800
USRobotics V.32/V.32bis
USRobotics HST
USRobotics HST Dual Standard
USRobotics Sportster 2400 MNP
USRobotics Sportster 2400 V.42bis
USRobotics Sportster 9600 V.42bis
USRobotics Sportster 14400
USRobotics Sportster 28800
Ven-Tel Pathfinder *
Ven-Tel 9600 Plus/Plus II
ViVa 14.4/FAX
ViVa 9624e V.42bis
Western Datacom 432 Linebacker v.32
Xircom CEM2-10BC/10BT
Xircom PEM-10B2/10BT
Zoom 2400 V.42bis
Zoom FaxModem FX 9624V
Zoom FaxModem VFP 28.8
Zoom FaxModem VFX V.32/V.42bis
Zoom 2400
Zoom 9600 V.32 Turbo
Zoom 14400 V.32bis
Zypcom Z32b-SX
Zypcom Z32t-SX
ZyXEL U-1496

1. Modems marked with an asterisk are not supported by Symantec's technical

2. The US Robotics Sportster 2400 must be set for 19200 bps.

3. Newer ROM versions of the AT&T Comsphere 3820 modem may require an
additional modem init string of ATS85=1 in order to do a callback.

4. The Shiva NetModem/E can only be used for dialing out and "connection
ended by" should be set to "always connected".

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