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Robomail Version 1.31 (New Version) Full Release.

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ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.31 -- (1 of 1)
Database oriented offline QWK mail reader
from Parsons Consulting. Breaks new
ground with sophisticated database access
to your messages, internal editor, spell
checker, folders & modern interface.
Extensive support Internet E-Mail and
Newsgroups. OS/2 and Windows aware.
New version supports long conference names!

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Robomail Version 1.31 (New Version) Full Release.
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READ.ME 6958 2723 deflated
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RMAE.DAT 1916 762 deflated
RMHELP.DBF 3827 2073 deflated
RMHELP.DBV 136630 42177 deflated
RMOS2.ICO 874 191 deflated
ROBOMAIL.DOC 221894 55888 deflated
ROBOMAIL.EXE 954802 461394 deflated
ROBOMAIL.HST 17694 6102 deflated
ROBOMAIL.ICO 766 194 deflated
ROBOMAIL.PIF 545 143 deflated
ROBOMAIL.RTF 285 168 deflated
STD.DIC 284235 217097 deflated
TUTORIAL.DOC 25798 7788 deflated
TUTORIAL.QWK 27926 27164 deflated

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ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.31 -- (1 of 1)
Database oriented offline QWK mail reader
from Parsons Consulting. Breaks new
ground with sophisticated database access
to your messages, internal editor, spell
checker, folders & modern interface.
Extensive support Internet E-Mail and
Newsgroups. OS/2 and Windows aware.
New version supports long conference names!
ROBOMAIL 1.31 READ.ME 10/23/95

New User Installation

Create a sub-directory on your hard disk and unzip all files from
the RoboMail 1.31 distribution archive into the directory. Start
RoboMail by typing ROBOMAIL at the DOS prompt and then follow along
with the new user instructions in the ROBOMAIL.DOC and TUTORIAL.DOC
ASCII text files to learn how to configure and use RoboMail for
your QWK-based offline reading.

Upgrade Instructions

If you have already installed version 1.3, you should use the
upgrade kit to perform the upgrade. Download the file RM131UP.ZIP
from your local BBS or our customer support BBS at 310-374-7540 or
310-374-2367 and follow the instructions inside the zip.

If you are using RoboMail 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2 or you are using version
1.3 and you do not have access to the RM131UP.ZIP file, you can use
the files contained in this archive to upgrade. Unzip all the
files in this archive into your RoboMail directory and overwrite
all files EXCEPT ROBOMAIL.RTF (your tagline file). Then, delete
all files ending in CMX by entering the command DEL *.CMX at the
DOS prompt. When you start RoboMail for the first time, a data
file conversion process will run automatically.


o RoboMail now supports conference names up to 60 characters long.

o Added a Tally command to the pop-up conference listings. You
can now press "T" whenever a conference list is displayed and
RoboMail will quickly count up the number of messages in each
conference and add a new column to the display.

o Added {MM}, {DD} and {YY} merge macros for creating your own
preferred date formats in messages.

o Added a duplicate checking routine to the pop-up Pack menu.
Press "P" at the control panel and select "Eliminate Duplicate
Messages" to use this option. NOTE that this routine only
removes duplicates from the same message class. Duplicates
that are spread across recent,archive and/or folders will not
be detected. This option will be most useful if you realize
that you have mistakenly re-imported a QWK packet.

The dupe checking routines look at the BBS ID, conference,
subject, message number, from name, to name and message text
length to determine if a message is a duplicate. If any of
these items differs, then the message will not be flagged as a

o For the convenience of Internet listserv users, RoboMail now
allows blank subject lines in messages.

o Added a "B" command to the message viewing screen to "B"uild a
single MESSAGE.TXT file from a multi-part post. this command is
different from the "V" command because it does not translate
ANSI escape sequences.

o Added manual splitting for outgoing messages. In the internal
editor, use ALT-B (Break) to split an outgoing message at a
specific point. In external editors, include an ascii 12
character in column 1 of the message, or use the {SPLIT} merge
macro. The macro should be in upper case and must start in
column 1.


o Modified QWK packet importing routines to properly handle
conference numbers above 8192.

o Modified the QWK CONTROL.DAT parsing routines so that they will
trim off any leading spaces from the QWK packet ID. Some
non-standard packets (DELPHI) have this error.

o New DOS extender

o Changed the way PCBoard extended headers are presented in the
message text. They now appear as Internet format header lines.

o RoboMail will now skip past internet headers when reading mail in
an internet conference. You can view the headers by pressing
the UP or HOME keys. Note that if the message is short, you
may still get some of the header lines on the screen. RoboMail
will not skip past internet headers when viewing outbox
messages, so you can see where the message is going.

o Locked down the 3 leftmost columns in the message index view

o Completely new database driver. All index files now have a CDX
file name extension. The driver is a little bit faster in some
areas and a little bit slower in others, but much more powerful
from a programming standpoint.

o Improved lookup when pressing ALT-A or ALT-R when viewing an
OutBox message that has been exported and re-imported.


o Fixed bug which caused incorrect line to be highlighted when
viewing a message with PCBoard extended headers doing a query.

o Fixed a bug which caused the last line of a message to get
truncated whenever a PCBoard extended header was contained in a

o Optimized the initial message display routines to remove the
"ghosting" effect that could sometimes be seen when RM was
reformatting PCB extended headers.

o Fixed a bug in the message splitting on export routines.
Changed the message number display in the message subject to
include the total number of parts to the message. Re-worked
"message stitching" feature so that messages which pass through
Wildcat systems, fido and Internet can still be re-assembled.
RoboMail no longer uses the asci 250+255 token when splitting
messages, but will still recognize it when re-assembling
multi-part messages. This maintains compatibility with other
readers using the old method.

o Fixed a bug that caused mouse selection in the query
manager to always return the first query displayed in the

o Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when processing a
packet containing multiple zero byte attachments all with no
extensions on their file names.

o Fixed problem which could introduce ascii 255 characters into
the subject lines of outgoing messages.

o Fixed the -><- problem when editing quoted text. This fix
means that quoted text will not be highlighted when re-editing
outbox messages.

o Fixed a problem in the ineternet address grabber which could
leave a period at the end of the address.

o Fixed a rare problem which could cause the Interenet Email
conference to be assigned incorrectly during conference
reconciliation if Email conference was moved.

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