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Windows Utility for fast EXIT and RESTARTs.
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Windows Utility for fast EXIT and RESTARTs.
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FastExit 1.00a Revision note 02/10/95

This is a minor revision of my FASTEXIT 1.00 which
you can use it to EXIT or RESTART Windows instantly.
The revision added a feature that it can take a
command parameter of EXIT or RESTART when it starts,
making it easy to be used in some batch processes
to EXIT or RESTART Windows. For example, if you run
"fastexit" with a parameter of "exit" (fexit.exe exit),
it will cause Windows to exit right away. If you run
it with a parameter of "restart" (fexit.exe restart),
it will cause Windows to exit and restart. For more
information about FASTEXIT, read following text.


FastExit is a small Windows(TM) program developed
by Ping Huang and James Zheng. The program is about
9 KB in file size and requires only 10 KB when running.
FastExit is a handy utility to fast exit or *restart*
Windows instantly without going through many mouse
clicks and/or key strokes you normally do.

To fast exit Windows, double-click the icon
with your left mouse button. To restart Windows,
double click the icon with your right mouse button.
If you have unsaved work, it will prompt you
to save the work before you exit or restart Windows.


The program is mostly useful when it is loaded every
time Windows starts. To have Windows load FastExit 1.0
during the startup automatically, follow the steps

(1) Copy the program (fexit.exe) to any directory on
your hard disk;

(2) Open win.ini located in your Windows directory
using a text editor such as Windows Notepad;

(3) Find the line with "Load= xxxx" and append
"fullpath\fexit.exe" to it, here "fullpath" is
the full pathname where fexit.exe is located
(e.g. c:\fexit\fexit.exe);

(4) Restart your Windows.

Alternatively, if you are using Windows 3.1, you can add
fexit.exe to your STARTUP group. To do this:

(1) Run File Manager and find fexit.exe;

(2) Drag fexit.exe to STARTUP group in Program Manager.

For more information, please check your Windows manual.


This program is provided free of any charges with the
conditions that (1) no warranty of any kinds is provided,
(2) it is not for re-sale, and (3) use of this program is
at your own risk and authors decline any responsibilities
for any possible damages that may occur during the use of
this program.

Any questions or comments, please send e-mail to:
[email protected]

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