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DeskMenu v2.1 - A low profile, text based Program Manager for Windows.

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DeskMenu! 2.1 -- A low profile, text based
Program Manager for Windows
There is probably no other program you can
add to your system that will make better use
of it's screen and disk space than DeskMenu!
This easily configured program manager and
resource monitor speeds access to all your
applications. DeskMenu! places a menubar on
your desktop and allows you to setup the
menu headings to reflect how you categorize
your applications. An optional InfoBar shows
time, date and up to six different system
resources. DeskMenu! can be used in addition
to the Program Manager or it can replace it
as the Windows shell. All of this
functionality in a good looking, easy to use

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DeskMenu v2.1 – A low profile, text based Program Manager for Windows.
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CNVRT.EXE 10432 3583 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 20976 9870 deflated
DESKMENU.EXE 45856 17103 deflated
DESKMENU.HLP 78001 23834 deflated
DESKMENU.STP 10348 3767 deflated
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VENDOR.DOC 2694 1167 deflated

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Contents of the VENDOR.DOC file

DeskMenu! Version 2.1

This file contains information for anyone who wishes to distribute DeskMenu!.


Shareware versions of DeskMenu! may be freely distributed, subject to the
following restrictions:

* DeskMenu! must be distributed without modification, in its entirety.

* DeskMenu! may not be distributed by any for-profit entity which fails to
disclose the following points somewhere in their literature:

o The fee paid by the customer for an evaluation diskette is a dis-
tribution fee, and does not cover the cost of the program itself.

o Additional payment to the Author is required if a program is used
beyond the evaluation period prescribed by the Author.

Shareware is "Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free. We urge
all parties who distribute Shareware to help educate the public about
the true nature of Shareware distribution.

* DeskMenu! is not to be used as an enticement to purchase another product
without the explicit consent of the Author.

* DeskMenu! is not to be packaged for sale with its reference manual, or
other supporting documentation pre-printed for the end-user.

* DeskMenu! is not to be "rented" or leased

These distribution restrictions apply to anyone who wishes to distribute
DeskMenu!, whether they be commercial vendors, user groups, BBS operators,
or individuals.

All parties are hereby given permission to capture screen shots of DeskMenu!
for use in catalogs or newsletters listing or reviewing our product.
Please identify the image in some way as being from the DeskMenu! program.

Notes to BBS Sysops:

Please post DeskMenu! using the following keywords:



Suggested one-liner:

The most efficient Program Mgr replacement and Resource Monitor.

Other Information:

Name: DeskMenu!
Version: 2.1
Category: Windows Utility
Registration: $15
Requirements: Windows 3.X

Author: Bob Dolan
Company: Bob Dolan Software
Address: P.O. Box 16514
Rochester, N.Y.
14616 U.S.A.

Telephone: 716-865-8248
CIS: 71075,3256


After installing, see the online help for a full listing of
changes made in recent releases.

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