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Political magazine--tecnology related.
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Political magazine–tecnology related.
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Contents of the COPYRITE.TXT file

This file is part of a series which I wish to write once a month until
my friend, the corporate president, and my employer, starts his publication.
These are editorial commants, not necessarily bearing the opinion of BMW
Communications or of the boards on which it is posted. It may be freely
distributed, provided this copyright notice is included and the file itself
is not tampered with. I am not being paid for these postings.
If you find this file, and the remainder of the series, of continuing
interest, I am requesting a $5.00 donation to the board on which it is
located. I can be reached only through Admiral Coeyman. The society for the
preservation of intelligent life, which I founded, retains its anonymity
irreguardless of this files use or abuse. I will not reply to challenges
against my honor, person or relatives.
{ADMIRAL COEYMAN is a Remote of STAR WARS BBS (410)760-3688
Up 24 HOURS at 28.8 K baud with nearly a gigabyte online and adult files for
the validated adult users.
If you wish to contact me through him, please donate $5.00 to the sysop,
LUKE SKYWALKER. The address is online there.}
NOTICE: It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that, as of July 15, 1995, Star Wars BBS has gone down, possibly for good. Admiral Coeyman, my leason, can now be reached only at Pooh's Corner: 1-(410)284-1158
Programmer's Corner 1(410)995-6873
Cyberlink: 1-(410)551-4146
Presently, the Admiral and I do not have enough between us to start our own BBS. If future conditions permit, we will establish a BBS in due time. Donations may be made to the sysops of these boards, as an enticement to keep allowing my issues to be posted there or to the Admiral. You can find his address in anything that you get from Animal Tech Games, his shareware enterprise.
-Me Andue

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