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Winding routines for turbo pascal.

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GUI for programming in TP6.0 and above

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Winding routines for turbo pascal.
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Contents of the SWINDOW.TXT file

sWindow By Steve Poulsen
Graphical User Interface
Copyright 1993

This is a set of units that provide a GUI that will allow the programmer
to write a program with little worry about the graphics and event handling.
It work much like TurboVision and TP for Win. The advantage is that it
is graphical and provides a stand alone DOS program. This is a Beta version
in that I am looking for suggestions. If this is a good idea, here is what
will be added:

Movable windows.
More functions for using windows.
Link to Streams.
Better redrawing.
Extensive documentation with methods for complete customization.
Menu system.
Help system.

If you are interested, contact

[email protected]
[email protected]

If you like this and would like more documentation, send $5.00 to

Steve Poulsen
1227 Devonshire
Rolla, MO 65401

$5.00 will entitle you to complete documentation and the completed release.
The completed release will be sold for more than $5.00 and this offer will
be void upon release of version 1.0

It WILL be released! I will finish it for my own personal code as well as
for marketing.

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