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NV's Button Bar 1.1 -- Application Launcher for Windows 3.1. Features include: Launch menus, import from program manager, comand line, file selector, Drag and Drop launch, always on top.

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NV's Button Bar 1.1 ( aka NVBar )
Application launcher for Windows 3.1 in
the form of a row/column of icons.
Features include: Launch menus, Import
from Program Manager, Command Line, File
Selector, Drag and Drop launch, Multiple
instances, Move/Resize launched apps,
Always on Top, and more...

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NV’s Button Bar 1.1 — Application Launcher for Windows 3.1. Features include: Launch menus, import from program manager, comand line, file selector, Drag and Drop launch, always on top.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
123.BM_ 129 129 stored
3D.IC_ 220 220 stored
AD.IC_ 333 333 stored
ANTI_VIR.IC_ 370 368 deflated
ARROW.IC_ 306 306 stored
ARROW1.BM_ 143 143 stored
ARROW2.BM_ 156 156 stored
BELL.BM_ 155 155 stored
BINOCULR.BM_ 153 153 stored
BLANK.BM_ 105 105 stored
BRUSH1.BM_ 185 185 stored
BRUSH2.BM_ 164 164 stored
CAMERA.BM_ 153 153 stored
CARDDECK.BM_ 152 152 stored
CHARMAP.IC_ 360 354 deflated
CLIPBOAR.IC_ 266 266 stored
CLOCK.BM_ 154 154 stored
CLOCK.IC_ 343 341 deflated
CMDIALOG.VB_ 10865 10385 deflated
COFFEE.BM_ 161 161 stored
COMMENT.IC_ 233 233 stored
CONTROL.IC_ 386 383 deflated
CTL3DV2.DLL 21648 10089 deflated
DISK.BM_ 132 132 stored
DISK_IN.BM_ 157 157 stored
DISK_OUT.BM_ 155 155 stored
DOCUMNTS.BM_ 136 136 stored
DOLLAR.BM_ 125 125 stored
DOS.BM_ 127 127 stored
DOS.IC_ 245 245 stored
DRAGDROP.VB_ 18607 16838 deflated
ENVELOPE.BM_ 132 132 stored
ERASER.BM_ 161 161 stored
EXCEL.BM_ 176 176 stored
EXCEL.IC_ 337 337 stored
EXCLAIM.BM_ 115 115 stored
EYE.BM_ 176 175 deflated
EYE.IC_ 412 401 deflated
E_TRASH.IC_ 328 328 stored
FILE1.BM_ 154 154 stored
FILE2.BM_ 165 165 stored
FILE_ID.DIZ 304 223 deflated
FOOTPRNT.BM_ 175 175 stored
FOXPRO.BM_ 187 187 stored
F_TRASH.IC_ 401 393 deflated
GLASSES.BM_ 170 170 stored
GLASSES.IC_ 237 237 stored
GRAPH.BM_ 136 136 stored
GRAPHIC.BM_ 158 158 stored
HAMMER.IC_ 324 324 stored
HAND.BM_ 157 157 stored
HAPPY.BM_ 164 164 stored
HEART.BM_ 146 146 stored
HELP.IC_ 364 364 stored
ICONMAN.IC_ 283 283 stored
INFO.BM_ 158 158 stored
INI.IC_ 215 215 stored
INSTALL.EXE 144640 56172 deflated
KEY.BM_ 129 129 stored
KEY2.BM_ 187 187 stored
KEYPRESS.BM_ 172 172 stored
LETTERS.BM_ 156 156 stored
LITEBULB.BM_ 165 165 stored
LOCK.BM_ 151 151 stored
LOOK.BM_ 161 161 stored
LOOK2.BM_ 166 166 stored
MAPLE.IC_ 389 389 stored
MATH.BM_ 155 155 stored
MICROPHN.BM_ 159 159 stored
MOREBARS.IC_ 193 193 stored
MPLAYER.IC_ 370 357 deflated
MUSIC.BM_ 142 142 stored
NOTEPAD.IC_ 324 324 stored
NVBAR.EX_ 50555 48778 deflated
NVBAR.HL_ 81452 73537 deflated
NVBAR.IC_ 254 254 stored
NVBAR.IN_ 1562 1484 deflated
PALETTE.BM_ 192 192 stored
PASTE.BM_ 134 134 stored
PBRUSH.IC_ 498 489 deflated
PENCIL.BM_ 144 144 stored
PENCIL.IC_ 278 278 stored
PHONE.BM_ 175 175 stored
PHONE.IC_ 283 283 stored
PIFEDIT.IC_ 268 268 stored
PIG.BM_ 166 166 stored
POINT.BM_ 158 158 stored
PRESSKEY.IC_ 371 371 stored
PRINT1.BM_ 152 152 stored
PRINT2.BM_ 165 165 stored
PRINTMAN.IC_ 295 295 stored
PROGMAN.IC_ 297 297 stored
QUESTION.BM_ 146 146 stored
README.TXT 6320 2729 deflated
RUN.IC_ 309 309 stored
SAD_FACE.BM_ 163 163 stored
SCANNER.IC_ 307 307 stored
SCISSORS.BM_ 149 149 stored
SETUP.EXE 32256 13368 deflated
SETUP.IC_ 401 394 deflated
SHAPES.BM_ 163 163 stored
SOL.IC_ 298 298 stored
SORT.BM_ 178 178 stored
SPCH_BLN.BM_ 138 138 stored
SPEAKER.BM_ 181 181 stored
SPELL.BM_ 170 170 stored
SPINNER.VB_ 3062 2947 deflated
STOP.IC_ 251 251 stored
SWITCH.BM_ 164 164 stored
SYSEDIT.IC_ 247 247 stored
TECHDRAW.BM_ 173 173 stored
TERMINAL.IC_ 387 387 stored
THMBTACK.BM_ 159 159 stored
THUMB.IC_ 342 342 stored
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TRASH.BM_ 127 127 stored
TUTORIAL.HL_ 27986 25698 deflated
UNDELETE.IC_ 349 349 stored
UNINSTAL.TXT 1560 823 deflated
UNIXCORN.IC_ 271 271 stored
UU.IC_ 218 218 stored
VB.IC_ 369 369 stored
VIDEOCAM.BM_ 170 169 deflated
WAND.BM_ 152 152 stored
WINFILE.IC_ 294 294 stored
WINGIF.IC_ 383 383 stored
WINMINE.IC_ 360 356 deflated
WINSTALL.INF 2938 1199 deflated
WINSTALL.TXT 1603 877 deflated
WINSTALP.DLL 26368 12152 deflated
WINWORD.BM_ 161 161 stored
WINWORD.IC_ 419 416 deflated
WRITE.BM_ 157 157 stored
WRITE.IC_ 315 315 stored
ZIP.BM_ 165 165 stored
ZIP.IC_ 328 328 stored

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Contents of the README.TXT file

NV's Button Bar 1.1 ( aka NVBar )
Application launcher for Windows 3.1 in
the form of a row/column of icons.
Features include: Launch menus, Import
from Program Manager, Command Line, File
Selector, Drag and Drop launch, Multiple
instances, Move/Resize launched apps,
Always on Top, and more...
NV's Button Bar (aka NVBar) Version 1.1
Copyright Nick Varacalli, 1994-1995
1)Before proceeding with the installation, please exit any
currently running copies of NVBar. If NVBar is your shell,
restore the old shell, and restart Windows (with the old shell).
Failure to do so may lead to serious problems.
2)If you are installing to a directory that already has a copy of
NVBar, be careful not to overwrite your existing NVBar.ini file.
I strongly suggest you make a back-up copy, just in case.
3)This program requires VBRUN300.DLL in your windows\system
directory to be able to run. If you do not have it you can
do either of two things:
a)Download it from:
b)Notify me by e-mail of your problem at
[email protected]
4)A quick tutorial will run once NVBar has finished installing.
Even ifyou are an advanced user, I suggest you read the
"NVBar Features" and "*New This Release*" sections.

****** Introduction ******

NV's Button Bar, or NVBar for short, is a simple application launcher,
aimed at making it easy for you to launch your applications in MS-Windows
(compared to Program Manager). It is presented in the form of a row
(or column) of buttons, each button having a small drawing (icon) to
indicate what it launches.

All documentation, order forms, etc. are contained in the main help
file, with the exception of this readme.txt file and uninstal.txt.

****** Installation ******

Intermediate to Advanced users:

Run the file install.exe or setup.exe from Windows.


0)If you are reading this, then you have already un-zipped
the software.
1)Start MS-Windows.
2)In the Program Manager or File Manager Select the "File" menu item.
3)From the drop-down menu that appears, select the "Run" item.
4)In the dialog box that appears, type in the full path to the
installation program - i.e. the directory name where you unzipped
the .zip file in which you found this file, (eg. c:\tempdir\install)
or the drive in which the distribution disk is in (eg. b:\install).
5)Soon, you will see a window titled "NV's Button Bar Installation"
6)Unless you want to change the destination directory, press the
"Start Install" button.
7)You will see a status display in the middle of your screen.
8)A dialog box may appear that asks you if you want to replace a
file already on your system.
If the file exists in your windows or system directory
(usually C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM) it is a good rule of
thumb to replace the target file only if the source file is newer.
If it exists in the directory you chose to install NVBar to (i.e.
you probably have an older version of NVBar on your system) then
you should choose to replace the file.
9)Once the installation program is finished, it runs NVBar and a
short tutorial, which should show you the main features of NVBar.
10)If you want NVBar to start every time you start windows then see
the tips section below.


The following files are written to the windows\system directory.
If you already have similarly named files in this directory, the
installation program will ask you if you wish to change the files
only if the files currently on your system are newer.

***** Philosophy Behind NVBar *****

When playing around with Windows, and hence, the Program Manager, I found
I didn't like hunting through the various group windows of the Program
Manager to have to double click on the appropriate icon. I also didn't
appreciate the space Program Manager took up, both on my desktop and in
memory. I tried various other button bars, but they were either too simple,
too complex, or just not my cup of tea.

With that in mind, I designed NVBar with a simple philosophy:

- One click application launching:

The left, right, or even middle mouse buttons can be used to launch an
application with a single click of a button. Depressing the Alt or Shift
key while clicking leads to even more options.

- Ease of Use:

Once you are past setting up NVBar (which admittedly takes some work) it
is easy and quick to use and configure.

NVBar is ShareWare, $10 for commercial use and $5 from personnal use.

***** Features Include: *****

* Launch Files From:
Drop-down menu
Command line
File selector
Drag and Drop from File Manager.

Launch data files with the associated application.
Move/resize launched applications

* Configuration
Import from Program Manager
Always On Top option
Position anywhere on screen (fixed or floating)
Support for various picture formats
Sizable Buttons.

* Windows Functions
Exit Restart Windows
Reboot System
Run File outside windows
Display system resources
Full Shell capabilities

* Other
Full Context Sensitive Help & Introductory Tutorial
Run multiple instances of NVBar using different initialization files.
Low disk space/ resource usage.
HotKey to bring NVBar quickly to the top.

* And more...

****** Contacting The Author ******

If you have any problems, I can be contacted at
1)[email protected]
(Eastern Time, please be considerate, this is a home number.)

***** Tips: *****

Help can be obtained by clicking on the question mark button, or
by pressing .

If you want NVBar to run each time you start windows, then edit your
win.ini file (in the Windows directory). look for a line near the
beginning of the file that starts with "run=" and add the path to
NVBar at the end of the line. (eg. run=oldstuff.exe c:\nvbar\nvbar.exe)


Copy the NVBar icon created in the Program Manager to your startup group.

Thank You

- Nick Varacalli

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