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Converts *.QWK packet to ordinary text files.

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QTXT v1.00 - DOS Utility: Converts .QWK
packets to text files. Freeware (c) 1995
[95/02/24] by DDA - Reign Ware. W/.PAS src.

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Converts *.QWK packet to ordinary text files.
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QTXT v1.00
DOS utility: Converts .QWK packets to text files.
Freeware, copyright (c) 1995 [95/02/24]
David Daniel Anderson
Reign Ware


QTXT converts the messages in one or more QWK packets to individual text
files. The text files can then be scanned, read or edited with standard
DOS text programs, such as MS-DOS's FIND and EDIT.

Usage: QTXT
Example: QTXT c:\qwks\*.qwk

Note: DOS wildcards may be used when specifying the QWKpackets.

Additional notes:

1) The original QWKs are not modified in any way.

2) The resulting text files will have the same names as the specified
QWK files, except that the first letter of the extension will be a
'T', indicating that it is a "T"ext file. For example:

channel1.qwk becomes: channel1.twk
execnet.qw0 becomes: execnet.tw0
niftybbs.qwa becomes: niftybbs.twa

3) The temporary work files and resulting text files will always be
placed in the CURRENT directory. If you want the text files to be
put in a specific directory, you have to change to that directory
*before* running QTXT.

4) Edit QTXT.CFG if you wish to modify the extractor options. Default
extract command is "pkunzip -# -o".

5) QTXT tries to avoid overwriting existing files, but use caution with
important data nonetheless.

6) If QTXT is unable to extract a MESSAGES.DAT file, it skips that QWK.

7) QTXT looks at the CONTROL.DAT file in the QWK packets to get the BBS
name and conference names. If the CONTROL.DAT is not found, then
those fields will be blank.

8) You will get unpredictable results if the highest conference number
in the CONTROL.DAT file is greater than the maximum that QTXT v1.00
handles (which is 5337).

9) The format of the header matches that of SPEED READ. I choose this
format since I have just finished writing a program that does the
exact opposite of this one:

SRQ turns SPEED READ text files into QWKs, and
QTXT turns QWKs into SPEED READ text files.

The two work well together!


Not much can go wrong. Just double check your command line parameters
if you get an error message.

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