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Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third part interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part C of 6 parts.

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MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 47
A Comprehensive listing of interrupt
calls, both documented and undocumented.
Contains some 7400 entries (plus more
than 2700 tables) in INTER47A to
INTER47D, conversion programs to create
hypertext databases as well as other
miscellaneous programs in INTER47E, and
WinHelp utilities in INTER47F.

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Ralf Brown’s comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third part interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part C of 6 parts.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
86BUGS.DOC 1315 687 deflated
86BUGS.LST 119004 32102 deflated
CMOS.LST 45360 12462 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 339 229 deflated
INTERRUP.I 352241 80144 deflated
INTERRUP.J 267786 55324 deflated
INTERRUP.K 351559 68534 deflated
INTERRUP.L 293760 69471 deflated
OPCODES.LST 117029 29120 deflated
README.3 230 154 deflated

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Contents of the 86BUGS.DOC file

Hamarsoft (R) 86BUGS list, supplemental programs.
The 86BUGSxy archive should contain the following files:

- 86BUGS.HLP Microsoft QuickHelp hypertext version of the list.
- 86LISTnn.LSTThe text version of the 86BUGS list.
- FILE_ID.DIZ An upload description for Bulletin Boards.
- iAPX122.ZIP Testing software archive from Chris Lueders, Germany.
- INFO.EXE CPU info program with various information regarding your
- STAT.EXE Pentium Processor Pipeline & features performance monitor.

Both STAT and INFO are provided by Christian Ludloff. These programs are
based on his article in the german C't Magazine of November 1994 (issue 11).

iAPX122 is a testing program provided by Chris Lueders. It tests for some
of the bugs mentioned in the 86BUGS list.

All programs are provided with this list as a service from Hamarsoft to the
readers of the 86BUGS list. Hamarsoft does not accept any liability for
these programs whatsoever.

The 86BUGS list is also distributed with Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.

[86BUGS.HLP has been omitted for space reasons, and the other files except
for 86LISTnn.LST are located in INTERrrD.ZIP. 86LISTnn.LST has been
renamed to 86BUGS.LST for compatibility with hypertext conversion
programs expecting that name.]

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