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The FILE VIEWER for many word processing formats.

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VIEW 9.9c - DOS VIEWER for WordPerfect
5.0-6.1, Word 4-5, WinWord 1-6, Win Write,
Notepad, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Windows clip-
board, ASCII, ANSI, and HTML. Text search,
print functions. Direct link to JETCOL,
2COL and HLP2DOC. Convert and print files
directly, including save to UNIX format.
deal for DOS and Windows shells (including
e-mail). Customizable.

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The FILE VIEWER for many word processing formats.
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Contents of the HOWDOI.DOC file

VIEW 9.9c - HOW DO I?

Q. I have a text file for which the line wrap is not what I want. It
wraps at column 76 and I want it to wrap at column 64. Can VIEW
handle this for me?

A. Yes. If the file is WordPerfect, Word or any other wordprocessing file
you must first convert it to ASCII by pressing F6 and choosing "Save
as" at VIEW's menu. Suppose you save the file as "myfile.doc",
then from the file selection menu press F2 and set your required line
wrap, then make sure you toggle F3 so that the message "ASCII line wrap on"
appears above the list of files. Then select myfile.doc to view. If
it appears the way you want it, press F6 and chooses "Save as" again.
You can give it the same name or a different one.


Q. I obtained a file from a UNIX server. It contains accented characters,
but they don't look right. Can VIEW help me?

A. Yes. UNIX files use the ANSI character set and DOS uses the ASCII set.
To convert all you need to do is press F10 while viewing the file, then
F6 to save it in its converted form.


Q. I have a Windows Notepad file containing accented characters, but they
don't look right. What can I do?

A. See the answer to the previous question. Notepad also uses the ANSI
character set.


Q. I have a document containing accented characters that I want to send to
a UNIX server. Can I translate the characters to UNIX (ANSI) format?

A. Yes - just press Shift-F10 while viewing the file, then press F6 and
choose "Save as"). To convert the saved file further, use the utility
dos-unix, which is provided to those who register VIEW. This
utility converts from the DOS line feed format to the UNIX format.


Q. I want to do a text search in a lot of files. Do I have to load them
individually in VIEW?

A. No. Suppose you want to find the word "California". All you need do
is type view *.* California. Then the text search function will be on
for all files you view. To find each occurrence of California, keep
pressing F2. To switch the text search function off, press F4.


Q. Can I convert from one word processor format to another?

A. No, VIEW converts to ASCII (or ANSI). However, using the "save for
word processor" (F4 at the print menu or directly from the command line
with the /C switch), you can save a file in a formatthat your word
processor should be able to import without a hard return at the end of
every line.


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