Dec 082017
2SHOW v2.03 - graphics file viewer.

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Release 2.03a of CompuShow 2000!
The full-featured graphics display (and
convert!) system for GIF, RLE, MacPaint,
PC Paint, PC Paintbrush, ColoRIX, EGA Paint,
IMG, Dr. Halo, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, BMP, Tiff,
JPEG, RIP Icon, PBMPLUS, and PNG graphics on
IBM compatibles with Hercules, CGA, EGA,
MCGA, VGA, 8514/a, XGA, VESA and Super-VGA
adapters including hi-color SVGAs.

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2SHOW v2.03 – graphics file viewer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
2SHOWA.EXE 257957 257485 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 378 278 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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