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Deprotect for dos .DIZ description.

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-= The Dprotecter V3.2 for DOS Update! =-
-= Released 12/10/93 =-

With this release of The Dprotecter
for DOS comes a host of utilities along
with many new unprotects. This version
will allow users to add their own unpro-
tects to the database, quickly and easily
with a built in file compare routine.
Compare the cracked file to the original
and voila, a new unprotect! Adds the
ability to export your own database to
a file that can be uploaded to other
BBS's. This should allow many third
party crackers to add to the growing

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Deprotect for dos .DIZ description.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLASSIC.DBA 14964 3801 deflated
CLASSIC.IDX 6526 1129 deflated
DPRO3DOS.EXE 238864 139502 deflated
DPROTECT.DBA 54206 14961 deflated
DPROTECT.IDX 9326 1819 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 702 351 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 1665 774 deflated
INSTRUCT.TOO 2950 1257 deflated
INSTRUCT.WRI 9472 3658 deflated
LIBRARY.NAM 180 62 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TSRLIB.DBA 21753 6930 deflated
TSRLIB.IDX 1326 309 deflated

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Contents of the INSTALL.TXT file


Installation of the Dprotecter is very straightforward. Simply unzip
the archive into a directory on your hard drive. Type DPRO3DOS to start the
program. The first time you run the program, you will have to enter the paths
to where you installed the program. Enter them then click on SAVE.

To get instructions on how to use this program, click on the
INSTRUCTIONS menu option and choose HOW TO USE. This will display complete
docs on how to use The Dprotecter.

If you like The Dprotecter, and would like updates to the databases,
registration for it is only $15.00! To register, either send a check or
money order to: (You will need to call the BBS for your update)

Tim Trahan
1073 HWY 1 South
Greenville, MS 38701

Or, you can give my BBS a call and register by credit card and
immediately get your registered copy right then and there. You will get
the latest version of The Dprotecter, along with any libraries currently
in existance. Once logged on to the BBS, type DPRO3REG at the main menu,
and it will take care of you. The BBS numbers are:

The Motherlode BBS

Node 1 - 601-332-4827 - US Robotics 16.8 DS W/V32 Bis
Node 2 - 601-332-4975 - US Robotics 16.8 DS W/V32 Bis
Node 3 - 601-332-5257 - US Robotics 16.8 DS W/V32 Bis
Node 4 - 601-332-5055 - US Robotics 14.4 Sportser W/V32 Bis
Node 5 - 601-332-4971 - US Robotics 14.4 Sportser W/V32 Bis

We are currently running 3 gigs online with thousands of files for you! Give
us a call!

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