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Screen shots from Quake, include two 640x480 TIFF's.
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Screen shots from Quake, include two 640×480 TIFF’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DE1M5-A.GIF 18254 18182 deflated
DE1M5-B.GIF 18450 18442 deflated
DE1M5-C.GIF 22966 22901 deflated
DE1M5-D.GIF 18596 18497 deflated
Q1.GIF 35291 34921 deflated
Q10.GIF 32708 32478 deflated
Q11.GIF 27805 27672 deflated
Q12.GIF 38850 38516 deflated
Q13.GIF 35467 35163 deflated
Q14.GIF 27520 27355 deflated
Q15.TIF 451444 447147 deflated
Q16.TIF 264592 263937 deflated
Q2.GIF 31582 31363 deflated
Q3.GIF 30205 30049 deflated
Q4.GIF 29722 29503 deflated
Q5.GIF 34079 33849 deflated
Q6.GIF 31010 30679 deflated
Q7.GIF 28210 28075 deflated
Q8.GIF 33458 33229 deflated
Q9.GIF 31889 31598 deflated
QE1M5-A.GIF 33613 33322 deflated
QE1M5-B.GIF 39598 39084 deflated
QE1M5-C.GIF 40655 40091 deflated
QE1M5-D.GIF 39696 39178 deflated
README.TXT 1905 884 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Quake screen shots
Released August 3rd, 1995

Here they are - at long last! The very first screens shots of Quake, taken at 320x200 resolution. Screens q15.tif and q16.tif are high-res 640x480 24-bit TIFF color screens, just so you can see the awesome lighting. The cool Quake lighting can be seen in all these screen shots (except the de1m5-? ones, which are DOOM screen shots) and a couple sprites and an Alias model as well. We don't have any Alias models working in the game at this point, but we're >this< close to getting them fully implemented with movement, proper light sourcing and animation. Screen q6.gif has our dragon hovering above a bridge above a moat.

The screen shots prefixed by qe1m5 are to be compared against their DOOM counterparts, the screen shots prefixed by de1m5. Obviously, these are screens from DOOM episode 1, level 5. I duplicated the level and Quakeified it and you can see for yourself how cool it looks compared to the original.

In q3.gif, you will see a couple torches at the end of the hall. Those are old DOOM torches, just holding a spot for the new ones, so don't worry - we're not shabbing out some old graphics on ya. The same goes for the numbers at the bottom of every screen shot, which are DOOM's status bar number graphics.

In the screens where you see some pink/purple sky - that sky parallaxes and is spherically mapped. You can just imagine the wind whistling in your ears...

You should see these screens in action. 🙂

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