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Symantec's Norton Navigator for Window's 95 Trial Edition.

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Symantecs' Norton Navigator for Windows 95
Trial Edition. Special Shareware Edition.
This contains most of the programs of the
Commercial Edition. See Readme.txt for details.

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Symantec’s Norton Navigator for Window’s 95 Trial Edition.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CTL3D32.DLL 26112 12116 deflated
DISKS.INF 8800 1702 deflated
END-USER.TX_ 2350 2205 deflated
FILEMGR.CN$ 1371 1344 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 183 134 deflated
FMTRIAL.EX$ 112480 111786 deflated
FTP.REG 7044 612 deflated
INST32.EX_ 172596 167166 deflated
INSTALL.INF 21979 4716 deflated
MAILBUSI.CT$ 841 810 deflated
PIPELINE.DL_ 83448 80514 deflated
PIPELINE.IN$ 398 362 deflated
README.TXT 6404 2194 deflated
S32BUTIL.DL$ 63395 63395 stored
S32RAP8.DL$ 26795 26747 deflated
SETUP.EXE 40912 17965 deflated
SIWDLL32.DL_ 38976 37394 deflated
SIWFMOD.EX_ 4007 3801 deflated
SIWFMTRL.DL_ 141335 135214 deflated
SIWPIPL.EX_ 20979 20109 deflated
SSLIB.DL_ 19445 18339 deflated
SUNZIP32.DL_ 36325 34967 deflated
SYMEMS32.DL$ 94718 94655 deflated
SYMEMS32.HL$ 9967 9955 deflated
SYMFDLG.HL$ 101100 101100 stored
SYMFDLG4.DL$ 378369 377687 deflated
SYMFSV4.DL$ 161190 161190 stored
SYMIDX32.DL$ 25410 25404 deflated
SYMRAP8.VX$ 2403 2367 deflated
TRIAL_UN.INF 10022 2832 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Symantecs' Norton Navigator for Windows 95
Trial Edition. Special Shareware Edition.
This contains most of the programs of the
Commercial Edition. See Readme.txt for details.

Norton Navigator File Manager Trial Edition for Windows 95

*********************Release Notes************************
Copyright c 1995 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.

You can use the Norton Navigator Trial Edition for 30 days.
At the end of the 30 day trial period, it stops working and
you are prompted to uninstall it.

To uninstall Norton Navigator File Manager Trial Edition, open the
Win95 Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs. Then select
Norton Navigator File Manager Trial.

The Norton Navigator Trial Edition is not eligible for technical

To buy the complete Norton Navigator, visit your local software
retail store, or call Symantec at (800) 806-3477.

System Requirements
IBM PC or 100% compatible
Windows 95
Intel 80386 DX or higher (486DX recommended)
4 MB of RAM required (8 MB recommended)
4 MB hard disk space required

Additional Requirements
For viewing files:
For full viewing support with Norton File Manager, the
Microsoft Windows 95 Quick View must be installed. To add Quick
View, open the Windows 95 Control Panel. Then use Add/Remove
Programs to select the Windows Setup tab. In the Accessories
program category, check Quick View. Click OK to copy the
required files to your disk.

For FTP connections:
You must have an existing Internet connection that runs Winsock
1.1 or later. Check to make sure that the WINSOCK.DLL is in your
Internet provider's folder on your system.

In Norton Navigator Trial Edition, you get:
Norton Zip/Unzip - Compresses files to save disk space
and file transfer time
UUEncode/Decode - Uses a standard method to encode files
to upload to a USENET group or FTP
site, or attach to e-mail.
Decodes files you download from the
Norton FastFind - Searches quickly through megabytes of files
on your hard disk for files you can specify
by name, date, type, and text within a file.
Encrypt/Decrypt - Encodes files and folders to protect
sensitive information from unauthorized
Synchronize folders
- Updates the contents of one directory from
another directory, or updates two directories
so that they are identical.
Compare folders - Compares the contents of two folders and
highlights the names of files that meet
the criteria you specify.
Compare files - Displays the contents of two files and
highlights differences.
SmartTabs - Saves commonly used File Manager display
settings so that you can click a tab
to switch instantly to a different view.
FTP sites - Default FTP sites appear in the File
Manager tree list. If you have an
Internet connection, double-click an
FTP site name to connect and use its
directories and files as you would use a
mapped network drive. You can also set up
other sites that you want to connect to.
Customizable toolbar, menus, and shortcut keys
- Customize the toolbar and menus to add
commands and change the toolbar style and

When you buy the full version of Norton Navigator, you also get:
Norton Taskbar - Adds multiple desktop and QuickLaunch
capability to the Windows 95 Taskbar.
Multiple virtual desktops
- Lets you add project-oriented or other
desktops and click their icons in the
taskbar to switch between them.
Norton File Manager
- Includes all of the features described for
the Trial Edition, as well as Unerase, and
full network browsing functionality.
FileAssist - Provides file management commands, and
program-specific recent file history and
folder lists from almost any program's
Open and Save As dialog boxes.
Long file name support
- Gives most Windows 3.x programs the ability
to use long file names.
NOTE: Does not work with programs that
use non-standard dialog boxes, such as
Microsoft Word and Excel, and Intuit's
Explorer Extensions
- Adds file management commands to the Windows
95 Explorer popup menus.
Folder Navigator - Lets you navigate through a folder branch to
open, copy, or move files without opening
folders you don't want.
File Archive Wizard
- Guides you through the process of zipping,
moving, or deleting out-dated or unused
files from your hard disk.
QuickMenus - Expands the Windows 95 Start menu by
cascading Control Panel applets, the Run
history list, and program-specific Document
SmartFolders - Sets up folders that create and maintain
shortcuts to specified files in several
Norton Control Center
- Provides a central control window where
you configure all of the Norton Navigator
programs except File Manager.

Make sure that you uninstall the File Manager Trial Edition
before you install the complete Norton Navigator.

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