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A QWK mail reader very good.

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| ======================= |
| UniQWK 3.3a Registered. |
| ======================= |
| 'Change TagLine' |
| command now available. |
| => Complete Package! <= |
| Ready for Installation |
| or Upgrade. |
| Cortesia BlackBerry BBS |

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A QWK mail reader very good.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BCWTERM.FO_ 38913 35852 deflated
ENGL.DC_ 75648 72532 deflated
ENGL.IN_ 779 748 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 319 170 deflated
LEIAME.TXT 14971 5984 deflated
MRPACK.PI_ 192 192 stored
MRUNPACK.PI_ 203 203 stored
PORT.DC_ 67398 64778 deflated
PORT.IN_ 1068 1028 deflated
Q&A-E.WRI 14464 5286 deflated
Q&A-P.WRI 14208 5614 deflated
README.TXT 14055 5513 deflated
SENDME.TXT 1316 474 deflated
SETUP.EXE 130064 18070 deflated
SETUP.MID 31544 17448 deflated
TALK.TXT 14164 3797 deflated
UNIQWK.EX_ 178290 170081 deflated
UNIQWK.HL_ 48640 44969 deflated
UNIQWK.TA_ 875 772 deflated
UNIQWKP.HL_ 54072 49937 deflated
WHATIS.NEW 3026 1237 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

| ======================= |
| UniQWK 3.3a Registered. |
| ======================= |
| 'Change TagLine' |
| command now available. |
| => Complete Package! <= |
| Ready for Installation |
| or Upgrade. |
| Cortesia BlackBerry BBS |

UniQWK - .QWK Offline Reader
1992-1994 UniKEY Informtica Ltda.
All Rights Reserved

UniQWK is an off-line reader compatible with QWK message packets,
developed for Windows 3.1. With UniQWK, you can process messages
quickly, using the traditional facilities of DOS readers, as well as
the intrinsic advantages of Windows.

UniQWK Version 3.3 allows you to incorporate some of Windows
3.1's multimedia facilities into your messages. Using UniQWK, you can
send messages containing sounds that you have recorded or .WAV or .MID

This revolutionary novelty joins other important features, such
File Attachment for BBSs with Cam-Mail or Tomcat doors.
Automatically sending UU/XXencoded messages.
Decoding messages with XX/UUencoded files.
Spell check for English.
Decoding messages with XXCODED files.
Automatic message selection based on keywords.
Returning to package processing in case of involuntary
Automatic conversion of accented characters, letting you
correctly read messages in both CP860 and CP850. UniQWK also
supports CP473 (US default) or ANSI (Windows default). Code
page 850 was used to accent this text.
Messages with ANSI commands are supported without animation.
Incorporates internal ZIP/UNZIP. In this mode, UniQWK can be
run under WIN/OS2 without problems.
UniQWK also can be run under WINDOWS NT, our internal ZIP or
any other external compactor/extractor (PIF).

We would like to thank everyone who patiently tested and made
suggestions during development of this program. There are so many that
naming them here would undoubtedly result in our overlooking a few.

UniKEY Informtica Ltda.
Rua Canuto Saraiva, 3 - Muda
Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL
CEP 20530.000
Telephone: (055)-(021)-278-0821 and 571-7701

You can also contact us by e-mail:

Carlos Pires:
[email protected] (Internet)
cpires%[email protected] (alternate)
Julio Botelho:
Julio Botelho - fidonet 4:802/1 (Fido)
jbotelho%[email protected] (Internet)
julio.botelho%[email protected] (Internet)

Or: Inside BBS (former HotLine)
Rio de Janeiro - Fido 4:802/1
BBS (55) (021) 537-1603 - 20 lines,
14400,9600,2400. 8N1. V.42bis, V.32bis. 24 hours.


Brasil BBS - Florida - Fido 1:18/90
BBS 1-813-452-6784 8-N-1 24 h.
Leslie C. Scofield III - UniQWK Distribution Site
Voice 1-813-452-5933 after 7:00 PM EST.
P.O. Box 192 LusoNet 30:30000/100
Avon Park, FL 33825 U.S.A.

Feel free to upload this program to any BBS and show or give
copies to potential users so that others may have the opportunity to
use it in accordance with the licensing agreement at the end of this


UniQWK is distributed as UNIQWK33.ZIP, with the following
files included:

UNIQWK.EXE Windows 3.1 executable.
UNIQWK.HLP Help in English.
UNIQWKP.HLP Help in Portuguese.
UNIQWK.TAG Tagline file (examples).
BCWTERM.FON Display fonts.
MRPACK.PIF PIF for compressing replies (Windows).
MRUNPACK.PIF PIF for extracting messages (Windows).
README.TXT This file.
LEIAME.TXT This file (Portuguese).
Q&A-E.WRI Questions and answers (English)
Q&A-P.WRI Questions and answers (Portuguese)
SENDME.TXT Registration form.
TALK.TXT How talklines function.
UNIKEY.QWK Sample message packet.
SETUP.EXE Installation program.
SETUP.MID Used during installation.
ENGL.INI Used by spell check - English
ENGL.DCT Used by spell check
PORT.INI Used by spell check - Portuguese
PORT.DCT Used by spell check

UniQWK must be copied without modifications and containing
all of the above-mentioned files.

About UniQWK:

UniQWK is not freeware. You may test it for one month. If you
decide to continue using it after the evaluation period, you must
register your copy.

You can obtain a usage license for UniQWK by paying only US
$30.00 (thirty US. dollars), or the equivalent in Brazilian currency.
See details on SENDME.TXT file.

The shareware version is completely operational. The only
restrictions are that you only have two taglines advertising UniQWK
and an occasional screen reminding you to register your copy.

You only pay for the license once. Besides getting rid of our
registration reminder, you can then change taglines. Licensed users
will receive ALL future version at no additional charge, as well as
have technical support whenever needed.

Registering UniQWK version 3.3 will you 30-days use of Inside BBS
as an associate user, as of the date UniKEY Informtica Ltda receives
your registration.

Our best incentive for continuing to develop this program is your
registration. Knowing that people like and use a program is always
good, but it is even better if you receive some financial compensation
for your work. Regardless of being registered or not, all comments
and suggestions are welcomed.

Sellers and distributors of public domain software CANNOT CHARGE
for the use of UniQWK, though they may include UniQWK on a diskette or
any other media and, subsequently, charge a fee for the use or
distribution of the media used. Whoever buys that diskette should be
informed that the price is for the diskette and not for registering


BBS system operators (SYSOPS) may make UniQWK available for their
users as long as they meet the conditions described in the preceding
paragraph, or rather, the BBS may charge an access fee, but cannot
charge specifically for downloading UniQWK. SYSOPS making UniQWK
available for "free downloading" can receive a free registration.
Please contact us for further details.


As of version 3.0, we have included an auxiliary installation
program in the packet. Proceed as follows to install UniQWK using
this program:

Unpack the file in any directory, for example, C:\ZZ.
Enter Windows and run the program C:\ZZ\SETUP.EXE.
Follow the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: If you want to set only the dictionary, use option /D at
setup command line.

If you use an external unpacker, or you want to install the
program manually, proceed as follows:

Unpack the file in any directory, for example,
Copy MRPACK.PIR and MRUNPACK.PIF to your Windows
The first time you run UniQWK, it will make a working
directory under the directory in which you have placed
the program. Ex: C:\UNIQWK\UNIWRK. Leave this
directory empty; never use it for any reason. UniQWK
will delete its contents.
Using the Program Manager, install UniQWK in the group
of your choice.
Run UniQWK.

You MUST complete the configuration menus before opening any .QWK
packet in order to:

Select default directories for uploads, downloads,
saving files and messages, etc.
Select reply options, such as editor, margins, "quote"
character, code page, etc.
Choose other assorted options.

If you use an external compressor (Zip, ARJ, etc.), take note of the

Using the PIF Editor, confirm that the .PIF files are
correct for your system;
Confirm that your compression/extraction programs are
correctly selected;
Confirm that these programs can be accessed using your
current PATH. For more information about .PIFs, see
Copy MRPACK.PIF and MRUNPACK.PIF to your Windows

After installation, open any .QWK packet (or the example file)
using the File menu and test to see if any problems occur while
reading your packet.

Remember that UniQWK does not need the index files (.NDX). You
may therefore configure your BBS door to not send them, saving
transmission time.

We emphatically recommend that you use the internal ZIP/UNZIP.
UniQWK supports files packed with PKZIP version 2.0. There is,
therefore, no reason to use an external packer, since the ZIP format
is supported by virtually all BBSs.

Upgrading from Version 2.1 or 3.0

If upgrading from Version 2.0 or 3.0, you need only exchange the
old UNIQWK.EXE, UNIQWK.HLP and BCWTERM.FON files for the new ones.

Upgrading from Version 1.x or 2.0

In this case, we recommend reinstalling the program.

ATTENTION: If you are a registered user:

The registration codes were changed as of Version 3.0, and you
should receive your new code through the mail. If you do not, please
contact us. Your registration is still in effect.

Licensing Agreement:

("sendme.txt") TO UniKEY INFORMTICA ("UniKEY").
1. CONCESSION OF LICENSE. UniKEY grants you, as an individual
user, non-exclusive right to use a copy of this version of the
SOFTWARE code associated with this license for personal your
in your computer. This license to use the SOFTWARE is
conditional to fulfilling the terms of this license. You have
the right to evaluate the SOFTWARE, free of charge, for a
period of thirty days. Use after that period is conditional
upon payment of the license, as specified in this file. You
agree to copy the SOFTWARE only for your use, and according to
this license.
2. COPYRIGHT. The SOFTWARE is protected by Brazilian copyright
laws and international treaty. You may not transfer any
intellectual property rights of the SOFTWARE. The all rights
to UniQWK remain the property of UniKEY or its suppliers, and
you are acquire no rights to the SOFTWARE other than those
expressly established in this license. You also agree that all
copies of SOFTWARE must contain all proprietary notes about or
accompanying the SOFTWARE.
3. REVERSE ENGINEERING. You agree that you will not attempt to
decompile, modify, translate or disassemble the SOFTWARE,
either as a whole or in part.
4. LIMITED GUARANTEE. UniKEY guarantees that the SOFTWARE will
perform according to the description furnished (written or in
the UNIQWK.HLP file) for a period of 90 days, beginning at the
date of purchase. All guarantees implied in the SOFTWARE are
limited to 90 days.
5. ALTERNATE GUARANTEE. If this SOFTWARE does not meet the
specifications stated in Item 5 (LIMITED GUARANTEE), UniKEY
may either:
- Correct the error.
- Assist you in using the program in order to avoid the error.
The SOFTWARE guarantee is considered null if the error
arises from operational error, hardware failure, or improper
use of the SOFTWARE. In case of an exchange of the SOFTWARE,
the guarantee will be valid only for the remainder of the
original period.
6. NO OTHER GUARANTEES. UniKEY does not guarantee the SOFTWARE
to be totally free of errors, except those expressly stated in
the limited guarantee (Item 4). This includes, but is not
limited to, guarantees of marketability, use for a particular
purpose or damages provoked by a third party. Certain areas
do not allow limited guarantees. Thus, the limitations
described above may not apply to you. This guarantee may give
you other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
7. SEVERABILITY. In the case that some clause of this license
loses validity, both parts agree that all remaining clauses
remain valid.
8. RESPONSIBILITY. UniKEY assumes no responsibility for damages
from improper use of SOFTWARE. In no case may UniKEY or its
distributors be held responsible for direct or indirect
damages arising from the use for this program, even if UniKEY
has warned of the possibility of these damages. In no case of
complaints, both those foreseen in this contract and those
stipulated by law, will UniKEY's responsibility exceed the
value paid for this license, if anything has been paid.
9. LEGAL FORUM. This agreement is administered under the norms
prescribed in Brazilian law. The United Nations Convention on
Contracts for the International Sales of Goods has no validity
for this license.
10. AGREEMENT. This legal agreement between you and UniKEY
shall prevail over any later agreement or understanding, oral
or written, related to the object of this license.

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