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PC Magazine Vol. 14, No. 9. Contains GUIToons, Pecho, and Dialer.
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PC Magazine Vol. 14, No. 9. Contains GUIToons, Pecho, and Dialer.
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Contents of the GUITN.DOC file

GUIToons (VERSION 1.0)
Copyright (c) 1995, Neil J. Rubenking & Carl Ranklin
First Published in PC Magazine May 16, 1995 (Utilities)

GUIToons by

GUIToons is a Windows screen saver written in Visual Basic.
Unlike most screen savers, GUIToons lets you specify which image files
to use for display or animation.

To install GUIToons, copy GUITOONS.SCR to your Windows
directory (usually C:\WINDOWS). If you don't have Visual Basic 3.0 on
your system, then you must also copy VBRUN300.DLL and CMDIALOG.VBX to
your Windows System directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

GUIToons' Setup window is accessed via the Windows Control Panel's
Desktop applet. Select GUIToons from the list of screen savers, and
then click the Setup button. Select the bitmap file(s) to be used for
animation by clicking the Add button.

The Animation Speed slider lets you control how fast the frames are
displayed. The Screen Movement slider lets you set how quickly the
animated bitmaps move about the screen. With the Background option,
you can tell GUIToons to clear the screen before animating or leave
it alone. Password protection is optional.

FILES:GUITN.DOC is just the documentation file for GUIToons.
GUITN.ZIP contains just the files necessary to run the
GUIToons screen saver: the .SCR and .BMP files.
GUITSC.ZIP contains all of GUIToons source code as
well as the program files.

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Neil J. Rubenking is Technical Editor of PC Magazine.
Carl Ranklin is a Computer Programmer.

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