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Time & Chaos Personnel Information Manager (ver 4.06) excellent.
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Time & Chaos Personnel Information Manager (ver 4.06) excellent.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1s,111112Please ensure that an old copy of T&C is NOT running already on your machine, before you
run INSTALL.EXE - As a precaution, it is always recommended that you perform a backup of
your data prior to installing an update.

T&C updates are designed to be installed in the same subdirectory as the old version.
Data Files will be maintained. If conversion is required, it will be automatic upon the
initial startup. Previous security codes from v4.x will be automatically
maintained. If you have registered a v4.x product, this is a no charge update.

If you are running on Windows NT or Windows 95 you should install T&C to a new
subdirectory and restore your datafiles.

We have new Internet addresses.

* send MAIL to either [email protected] or [email protected]
* Our HOME PAGE is (you can get updates here)
* FTP - files are located in cd/pub/isbister

Thank you all very much for your continued support!

Changes in v4.06

*Printing Enhancements include ...
* T&C can now utilizes the available paper. If there is room on a page for a
additional virtual pages it will print them on the same page.
* Ability to print out a range of calendars. eg. 3 months of calendars
* Ability to print each Letter of the alphabet on a separate page
* Ability to print a letter range eg. F through M
*Many more repeat options for Todo's and Appointments.
*Julian Dates are now displayed on the main screen by holding down the mouse on a date
*More secure passwords. The passwords are now stored in binary format in the database header. Your passwords will be deleted and you will need to rekey them.
*Multi-Disk Backups/Restores are now supported
*Report Writer Enhancements include ...
* Category Sorting
* Compare Field now does not need to one of the reported fields
* Ability to Save the Report as a TEXT file, including full NOTES.
* ALT C will remove a Column both on the screen and on printout.
*Multiselect in the ToDo List, Appointments List, Phone List on main screen. This allows you to
select multiple items for deleting, marking done, moving.
*Importing now uses a user specified file, not just IMPORT.TXT
*Dragging a Todo to the appointments will now drag with it notes, priority and description.
*Much More little nitty things.....

Changes in v4.05

*We now have very tight integration with MS Word, AmiPro, and WordPerfect for Windows
*Phonebook now supports ATTACHED FILES to contacts. You can attach spreadsheets, documents,
*New option under preferences setup to handle EUROPE, this will have postal code print on
the envelope BEFORE the city.

Changes in v4.04b

*Optional Modem initialization string
*Allows users with very large phonebooks to define a set of phonebook categories for startup
*Due to popular demand the 'Spinning Top' has returned to the T&C icon
*The 'bug' that prevented T&C from working with Norton Antivirus has been corrected.
*Export from the search screen is now based on 'selected highlighted records'
*The YearView Screen now supports tabs to jump to previous and next years.

Changes in v4.04a

*Maintenance Update that corrects all reported/confirmed bugs in v4.04
*Adds small monthly calendars to the top of the Todo List and Appointments Printouts
*Program no longer requires any iii*.DLL files. These may now be deleted from your
chaos subdirectory if desired.

Changes in v4.04

*2 new phone fields
*Year View option
*New Day View Screens
*Auto refresh frequency for LAN users
*Timebar now supports scrolling over full day
*Time & Chaos is now a full DDE Server Application.
*Now Supports Drag and Drop into Future/Past Months
*Importing now supports TAB delimited Files.
*Telephone Book now supports multi-select
*Custom Todo priority.
*Categories now support both the AND logic and OR logic
*Extra Line inserted between names in telephone book printout
*Weekly calendar now prints full line in 1 column rather than 2 columns.
*Print Layout captions now support the name of the layout
*NOTES now has it's own Page Layout options
*Completed Transition from Business and Home to Primary and Secondary Addresses
*Backup will now create a directory if an non-existant directory has been specified.
*Backup now has an option to automatically prompt for backup on exit
*The box over the phone numbers on the main screen, now reflectboth the company name
and the contact.
*The Button to switch between white and yellow pages on the LINKING screens has been
replaced with option buttons.
*autodialer screen on the todo items has been removed as it is now redundant.
*Telephone book now supports the ENTER key to call up the record from the main screen.
*ToDo list will now stay on the last line edited rather than jumping back up to the top.
*DEL Key now works on front Screen to remove Appointments, ToDo's, and Phone Listings.
*Short-Cut keys for most everything. Esc key works on all screens to close the screen.
*Password file is now encrypted for improved securityalendars
* ^wso7kMgkc_[WSOKT`Lw-sbofkvgc_


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*Much More little nitty things.....

Changes in v4.05

*We now have very tight integration with

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