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Celebrity address book...
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Celebrity address book…
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Thank you for downloading this, please feel free to upload this onto your
favorite Bulletin Board, or on-line service. and give copies to your friends!
This is shareware, please register. Thanks for your support.

Technical Help

Hopefully, you're not having trouble operating your copy of our Celebrity Address Book,
if you are, then this file should help you.

The most common problem is the mouse not working with the program, here's what you do.
This is technically a DOS application, but it's fully Windows compatible, if your mouse does not
work, than your system is either very low on memory, or your mouse driver is not installed. The
mouse driver is usually named "MOUSE.COM", or "LMOUSE.COM", it should be located in
your Windows directory. if you would like to use the mouse, you should exit windows, and type
the following at the DOS "C:\" prompt:

"CD Windows" (or whatever directory "MOUSE.COM" is located)

then at the "C:\WINDOWS\" prompt, type the following:

"MOUSE" (or LMOUSE, which ever you have)

At this point you should get a message stating that your "Mouse driver has
been installed" after that, type "WIN" to return to Windows, but do not
re-start your computer. Now start the program, and this should now work with your mouse.
We're not computer geniuses, but for some reason, this happens on some computers. The
"Mouse driver" (MOUSE.COM) should load up automatically when you start your computer, one
of the most common reasons that it doesn't is that you have re-installed your Windows software,
and the necessary file was installed, but not configured to work when you boot
your PC. Even though you can use your mouse with other applications, you need to have the
Mouse driver installed to use a mouse with DOS applications in Windows. If this is all to hard for
you to figure out, you can also get through the program by just using the TAB key on your
Keyboard, to highlight the title bars. If you'd like to know how to get you Mouse driver
to automatically start when you start your PC, then you'll have to refer to your Windows manual,
Under the "Mouse wont work with DOS applications" section.

That's pretty much it, This program can also be viewed directly from the disk if you'd like to save
space on your hard disk. Just select the file named "CELEBRTY.EXE" from your file manager.

The creators of this program will NOT be held accountable if this program causes any damage
to your system. This disk has been tested in many IBM, and IBM compatible computers, and we
have found no bugs. So you basically have nothing to worry about. (Hopefully)

Please send all technical problems to:

Stupid Loser Productions
22 Dorchester Ave.
Geneva, NY 14456-2315

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