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Recipe program can import Meal Master files...

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MicroCook v1.3 from NORSKI Software.
Recipe collection database for DOS. Easy to
use menus and editors with full mouse
support. 2000+ recipes per database and
number of databases only limited by disk.
Export and Imports. Import Meal-Master(tm)
ASCII recipes. Duplicate recipe checking.
Recipes included. Works great in Windows too.

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Recipe program can import Meal Master files…
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXTRA.MCD 175956 16732 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 349 245 deflated
GENIE.LMP 2874 1320 deflated
MCFORMAT.DOC 5535 2096 deflated
MCOOK.EXE 332354 160319 deflated
MCOOK.HLP 1816 610 deflated
MCOOK.MAN 57067 15905 deflated
MCOOK.MCC 4142 1310 deflated
MCOOK.REG 2437 836 deflated
MCOOK1.ICO 766 179 deflated
MCOOK2.ICO 766 197 deflated
MCOOK3.ICO 766 223 deflated
OS2-HOW.DOC 1760 814 deflated
PRINTDOC.BAT 933 444 deflated
README.1ST 8764 3229 deflated
RECIPES.DOC 4592 1679 deflated
RECIPES.MCD 429660 24433 deflated
RECIPES.REG 2176 677 deflated
REGISTER.BAT 349 208 deflated
WHATSNEW.130 1556 781 deflated
WHATSNEW.132 1283 604 deflated
WINDOWS.DOC 2022 815 deflated

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MicroCook v1.3 from NORSKI Software.
Recipe collection database for DOS. Easy to
use menus and editors with full mouse
support. 2000+ recipes per database and
number of databases only limited by disk.
Export and Imports. Import Meal-Master(tm)
ASCII recipes. Duplicate recipe checking.
Recipes included. Works great in Windows too.

******* MicroCook (C) Copyright 1993

Written & Published by

Gus Skiaker
NORSKI Software
P.O. Box 76
Franksville, WI 53126-0076
Telephone : (414) 632-9815 (6-9 P.M. CDT ONLY)

I can also be contacted on the following on-line
CompuServe.....: 72713,1667
GEnie..........: NORSKI
America On Line: NORSKI
Internet .... : [email protected]

____|__ | (R)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

*** All Rights Reserved

*** Published in the United States of America

No parts of MicroCook manual may be copied in part or in whole,
except as provided in the License in the following pages.

----- Disclaimer -----

NORSKI Software and Gus Skiaker, The Author of MicroCook, makes
NO warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including
but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to this software
and accompanying documentation.


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This program is produced by a member of the Association of
Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the
shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but
does not provide technical support for members' products. Please
write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI
49442-9427 USA, FAX 616-788-2765 or send a CompuServe message via
CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


MCOOK.EXE is Copyright (c) 1993 by NORSKI Software.

MicroCook is not, nor has ever been, public domain or free
software. MicroCook is distributed as Shareware. Shareware is the
best type of software, it's software you can try before you pay
for it! Paying for Shareware is called "registering." If you
bought a copy of this software through a disk vendor, paid to
download the software from a BBS, or got a copy from a friend;
you did NOT register it.

The registered version of MicroCook may not be duplicated
other than for backup purposes. A registered copy of MicroCook
must be treated like a book, in that the same registered copy of
MicroCook may not be used in more than one computer at the same
time, just as a book cannot be handled and read by more than one
person at the same time.

When you register MicroCook, you are paying me for the time
and effort that went into, and continues to go into developing
MicroCook. It is also the ONLY legal way for you to continue
using the program after the 30 days trial period.

To register, type in REGISTER from the directory where all
the MicroCook files are. This will execute a batch file which
will print 2 sheets with the necessary information for
registration of the MicroCook and the accompanying recipes. We
hope you will register for both, but please register at least the
part of this program package you will be using. See RECIPES.DOC
for information about future addition of recipes and the upgrade

Registered users of the MicroCook database program will
receive at least one (1) free upgrade during the first year after
registration, and unlimited technical support. But PLEASE only
call between 6 and 9 PM CDT weekdays! Users that have questions
during the evaluation period can contact me by mail, or on GEnie
(TM) (GE Information Services) or CompuServe (TM). And of course,
registered users can also contact me there.

You are granted a limited license to use the Shareware
version of MicroCook for a limited evaluation period of up to 30
days, in order to determine if it suits your needs. Any other
use of MicroCook or use past this period requires registration.

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You are granted a limited license to copy the Shareware
version of MicroCook only for the purpose of allowing others to
try it, subject to the above restrictions as well as these:
MicroCook must be distributed in absolutely unmodified form,
including ALL program, documentation, and other files.

MicroCook may not be included with any other product for any
reason whatsoever without a license from NORSKI Software.
No charge or payment may be levied or accepted for MicroCook
without written permission from NORSKI Software.

Bulletin Board system operators may post the unregistered,
Shareware Edition of MicroCook on their BBS for downloading by
their users without written permission only if the above
conditions are met, and only if no special fee is necessary to
access the MicroCook files.

Distributors of User Supported and Public Domain software
can distribute MicroCook without permission from NORSKI Software,
as long as only standard copying, shipping and handling fees are
charged to the customer. But please notify NORSKI Software that
you are distributing MicroCook, so I can supply you with the most
recent version and upgrades.

When you register you will receive a small "key file" with
the serial number and your name. Place this file in the SAME
directory as MCOOK.EXE. This file is for YOU only, and must NOT
be distributed with any copies you give to your friends or upload
to BBS's (which you are encouraged to do). The Key disables all
the "Please Register!" messages and the time delayed opening and
ending screens so the program will start running without delay.
I added these "features" as reminders to unregistered users, not
to harass them. The unregistered version and the registered
version are identical in functions, except for these messages.
Please keep a copy of the Key file in a safe place, since you
have to pay a $5.00 S&H fee to get a new one.
Also, registered users will receive an ASCII Editor for
editing of ASCII recipe files in other formats than MicroCook's.
This editor is NOT to be given away, uploaded to bulletin boards
(BBS), or distributed in any way.
To print out the documentation included with MicroCook, type
PRINTDOC from the directory where all the MicroCook files are
located. This will execute a batch file that will print out the
documents and the manual that's included with MicroCook. If you
are printing to a continuous feed printer (DOT-Matrix), you
should locate the first page perforation about 1 inch above where
the print head is located. This will format the text better on
the page.

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